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  1. all my buddy has told me is that we are going to be around newport..... we are just using our snorkeling equipment, neither of us have tried scuba yet... we are most likley going for blackfish, atleast that is what my buddy is telling me, i searched the net looking for fishing restrictions on stripers and did not see anything stating that you could not take a striper with a spear gun..... is anyone aware of Rhode Island's laws??? any one know the water clarity around newport this week?
  2. anyone been down to rhode island recently? can anyone provide a forecast for this week's water clarity??? my buddy and i are planning on going down to RI this week to do some spearfishing and were hoping to find out if we were going to be able to see anything thought i would post here since it seems there is not much conversation in the RI forum thanks
  3. i am planning a trip down to rhode island to do some spear fishing this week with one of my buddies, i was hoping to get some information on the water clarity down there recently... how has it been??? thanks.
  4. hey ridler72 or anyone else who can help me out.... does anyone have easy directions of how to get to deer island??? is there accessible parking??? SPIDERMAN
  5. hey northstar, my buddies and i have always parked beside the town library where the street signs say 10 minute parking... knock on wood i have not gotten one ticket over the last two years!!!!!!! you have to walk about a mile to get to the fishing destination, but you will def. not be towed...... i am not sure what the name of that main road through nahant is, but you want to look for the library on the left before you approach the sharp right turn beside the rocks and cliffs.... make a left on the road just before the library, you will see the 10 minute signs....
  6. me and three of my buddies were fishing the end of the Nut Island pier last night(6/26, 7pm to 9:30pm)....unfortunately we had just run out of bait when the action got started, one gentleman reeled in a nice, fat 32 incher, then, about 30 minutes later, I got a nice 24 inch schooly with our last clam... next time we will make sure to bring more bait!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Door #3, I will look into Popham beach in a few weeks when I am back up there... I am glad I am not alone in the no fish category at Hermit Island..... it looks like such a good place.... thanks! SPIDEMAN
  8. This will be the third year I have gone camping at Hermit Island. I am going to be there July 17-20. The rock formations look like a great place for some keepers to be hanging out, but I have come home empty handed the last two years. I have fished plastics, lures, chunked mackeral, and even live mackeral. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for fishing from the shore at Hermit Island, ie bait, tide, etc.... Thanks, SPIDERMAN
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions!!!!! I am actually going to be moving in one month and will be within .5 mile of FISHING FANATICS, so I will be able to pick up bait before heading to any location........ I have visited PETE's BAIT and TACKLE... but when I have been fishing out of Salem I will let eveyone know if I have any luck the next time I am fishing off the rocks in Nahant SPIDERMAN
  10. thanks for the advice "fishsticking"... yeah, hyefly is actually a friend of mine and he was being a prick, we actually went to nahant last night together...... and got nothing from the rocks.... we ended up getting bait from the "Mass Bait Shop," located in the traffic circle where rt 60 and rt 107 intersect.... my adivce, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE if you need bait and tackle!!!!
  11. i was actually looking for some serious help, not smart ###### comments from someone who just got his first keeper this past weekend..... any ways, ignoring "hyefly"... any suggestions would be great
  12. i want to start out my first post by saying hello to everyone, i have enjoyed everyon's tips the enitire summer and hope i can share some in the future..... any ways, i am fishing nahant tonight, 6/24, and I was wondering where the closest/best bait store is in relation to the town... in lynn perhaps? or actually in nahant??? any help would be great.... SPIDERMAN