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    Long range beach casting pendulem style, teaching long range casting. Qualified electrician and plumber. likes to get hands dirty. Also rated as a chef (cooked for the royal family and Tony blair in my time).
  1. Once again, I am putting a shout out to those that fish the cape and occasionally drop into the best kept secret site for cape and surrounding area fishing. Things must have been tough in the USA over the last few years if visitors can't afford to post a line or two. Anyhow to those that helped two years back your advice was greatly appreciated and yes i am coming back as per usual late may early june. after twelve years of visits I think it is about time that I give the ditch a good go. I have in my armoury 2 12'6" beachcasters 11'6" bass rod and a couple of 7-8ft lure rods matched to multiplier reels. i am seeking advice on how to fish the ditch, when to fish the ditch and most importantly where to fish. On the plus side i am a competent caster resonably fit but do not have access to a pushbike so plese keep the walks down to 15 mins from parking. If any of the strong silent types are reading and think there are spots that i should try within 3hours drive of chatham i would be more than happy to hear, as it may well make a day out for the family and I. To all those looking in I wish you and yours all the best that life can offer and a productive fishing year many thanks in anticipation Mark.B PS I have become quite attached to this site despite the periods of deafening silence if there is another site covering cape fishing that you have occasioned on please feel free to give me the heads up
  2. Yeah, be very careful of spot burning i hear there are some anglers lurking in the background who are willing to cross the atlantic to catch fish like that. It looks like your offerings to the fish gods pleased them greatly see you soon (at your super secret spot maybe????) regards mark.B
  3. What is the cod fishing from the shore like up your way, and what time of year is best Regards Mark.B
  4. 2 out of the five are reachable, one on our doorstep. Many thanks and speak to you soon regards Mark.B
  5. Many thanks the wife and daughter have approved. just waiting to hear if our flight is a confirmed casualty of the BA strike. Given that we have flown with them once twice sometime 3 times per year over the last ten years they are very close to losing a transatlantic customer, all because W Walsh does not wish to look anything less than the macho leader. All he has to do is talk to workibg class rather than posture. Outlook not too good. Regards mark.B
  6. Will do, As soon as we settle late sat early sunday 22/23may i will find an internet cafe and post a shout. I will have my cell phone with me so i won't be completely in the dark. Many thanks Mark.B
  7. Thanks for the heads up guys , really appreciate it. Been to surfland a few years back. I travelled up from the cape and helped plum island fishing club with thier casting open day on the village green. Met some good and friendly people that day. Mr moore and his good lady among them. Afterwards I called into the shop for bait and got some sound advice thrown in. Kytara7 been to RI fished barrington beach and blanked, got lost in the wrong part of providence and felt a tad uncomfortable (fish out of water syndrome) about being in a neighbourhood without a sat nav or any clue as to where I was going. With regard to tourist trap are you referring to a full beach of holidaymakers or plenty of shopping to keep the wife and daughter occupied while i fish. PS i am not too fond of fishing shoulder to shoulder, if I can avoid it i would. It is hard to relax when you are more worried about catching another angles line rather than a striper. Once again many thanks regards Mark.B
  8. I am told you need to bang a bucktail a fair way out up tide, flirt with disaster by letting it bounce on or very near the bottom and hope and pray that the rip works in your favour if you get picked up. This welshman can bang it a fair way but not hit the other side of the ditch unlike a certain Mr Dave T whom i am pleased to say i have had the pleasure of fishing with. The advice Not from Dave I might add left me lighter a number of bucktails a sore shoulder and one fish of 20/23inches. bear in mind that I started fishing at the crack of midday (mad dogs and englishmen in the sun) so prehaps it was not the best time? failing that, the advice I was given could have come from a Ditch Troll putting one over the old enemy for a laugh.I would suggest that those troll types seem a good natured bunch and would prefer to help rather than hinder the old enemy. It is much more likely that the lack of fish was down to my lack of expertise or ability to get out of bed earlier that morning. Hope you go back and do well regrds Mark.B
  9. Always have a good time. Compared to fishing over hear a poor days striper fishing is dreamland compared to back home. Booked three weeks but now have to sweat it out over British airways and the unions having a P!$$!ng contest over wages and conditions. All I care about is arriving on time, i care not if i have to wait longer for a drink on the plane or whether the stewardess continues to buy silk underware rather than the cotten us working class types can afford. Anyway thanks for the replies just got a ten days of plumbing work to do and then I will start to unwind and get ready for some thumb blisters. Will be travelling off the cape and suggestions for spots within 2 hours drive of the cape will be appreciated Cheers all Mark.B
  10. Ok all you strong very very quiet types, time to speak up and tell all. What fish are being caught on the cape and where? Now don't be afraid of giving away good haunts for fear of being overun by fairweather fishermen, there are so few posts on this board of late that it is fast turning into the cape's best secret... Will be coming over from sunny Wales (late May) Yet again for my annual fix of striper fishing on the cape, only this time I got three weeks. I say it every year it would be nice to met up with some of you but it don't happen. Anyhow will be visiting PI this year so a heads up on where to fish up there will be greatly appreciated. Hope the fishgods smile on you and yours and here's to another bountifull season for all Regards mark.B
  11. Just seeking a bit of help in order not to fall foul of the law. All advice gratefully acknowledged and appreciated. This seasons minimum keeper size? (stripers & blues) bag size/fish limts? (stripers and blues) are circle hooks mandetory or just a desirable option? Can I use a rental(4x4) on state beaches? I can in Tx, but to date not allowed in Mass What are the rules for night fishing, permits, parking on/off beach etc. Is there a requirement for a saltwater licence? Good guest house on PI? that welcomes a five year old,one redhead and a fisherman. one night two days Don't need tackle shops Use surfland on PI and riverview on the cape. whats a gallon of gas currently cost. Bet it aint $10 like over here in Wales Finally a decent place to fish in and around boston with car access, safe for a five year old and good links to the shopping for my wife. needs to provide at least 6 hours of good fishing to dull the pain of my credit card bill. This advice would apply both to PI and the cape, I will spend most of my time at the cape but do plan to fish Pi at least one weekend/two day option. Many thanks regards Mark.B
  12. Congratulations on the one hand, commiserations on the other. I trust your injury was not down to the fish alone. Any how I wish you a speedy recovery, personally I chose the physio route. When offered the surgeons knife, the thought of having him remove some of the bodies natural shock absorbers from my shoulder did not seem an ideal solution. still get some pain after a hard days graft. Nothing some basic analgesia and stretching exercises don't fix. Good luck to you and make it back to the beach soon Regards Mark.B
  13. Defininatly not before the 22nd May. No stripers here in Welsh, or UK waters for that matter. Come the morning of May 23rd I hope to be slaying them along the cape Starting at nauset, down to bass river and then back to chatham fish pier at about 1am til the early hours. Not sure how long I can keep it up or how long the good lady will let me. If you are out on the beach I will be the one with a tripod, two 13ft rods, 1 popping rod and speaking the queens english in a funny accent. Hope you all have as much enjoyment all season as I get from my two weeks bassing each year. good luck all regards Mark.B
  14. Ok thanks for that, I don't think i will be trying a winter codding trip to the cape just yet. The odds are far better in denmark october to january. Regards mark.B
  15. Granted, but i am used to getting 1 fish (2-4lb) per 6 trips. That is regarded as a good strike rate over here. Assuming some fish are still treading the boards along nauset what bait and tactics would you suggest? regards Mark.B