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  1. I dont remember exactly where this was but on my way to Cape Hatteras NC there was a roadside diner that sold nothing but bluefish and chips.. It was the best fried fish I ever had. I bought a blue fish recipe cook book at one of the lighthouses when I was down there and now my wife would rather eat bluefish over striped bass anyday... and I have to agree... The main trick is to cut them in small cubes around 1-2" square... dont (yes.. do not) remove all the fat, flour heavily and deep fry in beer batter...
  2. Thats what I thought they were.. I have seen the Storms before.. Are they wieghted in any way ? or do you add your own wieght ? how castable are they ?
  3. Does someone have a link to a photo of these two products... I have no Idea what you are talking about... and Im always looking for somthing new.. Thanks
  4. Westport... not to far from the mouth of the river.
  5. Got my first keeper last night... 32+". Two or three other keepers taken by others over the last few days on fress herring chunks..
  6. Hmmm... Catch and Release ? :banana:
  7. Hey Spence... Im in Adamsville.. do you fish local.. howlands, wesport town beach, South Shore. I was going to toss some live herring tonight but the wind kind of turned me off.. Heard of anything local yet ? Maybe tommorow(friday) at SS first creek with live herring..
  8. I recently caught this one..... in florida... Mid day while the wife sun bathed.. along with a couple of small barracuda and bluefish... cant beat that for early april...
  9. That sounds interesting... Do you find that the bait swims down to the end of the line or does it kind of swim up and down the line.... Also it sounds like the fish has to hook themselves... I also assume a tall 12' for taller pole would be required to get the line above breaking waves and provide enough angle to help ease fish into the water.... never seen this done locally but have seen kite fishing in aruba....
  10. How are these riggs fished... are they suspended and jigged... or a they cast out and retrieved through a school of herring ? are they any good in shallow water ?
  11. I have been fishing live herring in the surf every spring for years now and tried again tonight at a local natural run hear in RI... The first herring flew off and the second stayed on im assuming but was off when I went to check my bait later.. It was on for a while because I could feel it working my line... I have always hooked them under the dorsal just far enough not to puncture any internal organs.. Does anyone have any other suggestions to hooking live herring and keeping them on the hook ? What size and style hook would you suggest ? Thanks
  12. Im from Rhode Island.. and if I go to the beach and see that some of the creeks that are running into the ocean are producing herring this weekend... would I be totaly out of line to throw one out on a line.. could there be any fish out yet.... or should I just collect some herring and throw them in the freezer and come back in a few weeks ?
  13. Birds working this afternoon around 11:30 Saturday Nov 22. I was walking the beach with cousins from England and though it would be rude to run back and get my pole.. so Ill be fishing tommorow..
  14. Oh and also there was a seal working the beach as well.. we dont usually see him until mid/late winter. Ill be in Vero Beach Florida on Thanksgiving with the promise of catching some snook from the beach....
  15. Fished Little Compton RI at Gooswing Beach with plugs and teaser got two on the plug and one on the teaser (now bare hook) . Most of the time the fish were out of reach but If you walked up and down the beach you would catch them within casting distance long enough to hookup.. Guy were also hitting them on the bottom with squid.