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  1. Try to the east around Sakonnet , as many blues as you could want. I left them biting Tuesday night:)
  2. Sounds good Wednesday or Thursday is better for me , looks like the better weather days as well Ant
  3. I hope your right bob, I also want to fish one night next week, good out going tides and darkness early without a full moon. Shoot me a PM of you want to hook up one night. After reading LB's report it makes me feel a little better that I am not making the trip. Although it is very nice out. Maybe a try at the Pro. River later to avoid the never ending doorbell rings from trick or treaters, but I think its a month to early for that Anthony
  4. Figured I would post this info, even if it's second hand. A friend of mine ( a charter captain in Quincy) took a ride down to Charlestown Friday night , Saturday Morning. He fished outgoing and incoming when sun came up. Managed one 24 inch bass, only saw 1 other fish caught , same size from about 30 people whom were fishing. I was planning on heading down this afternoon. But think I will choose football and the couch instead. Anthony
  5. Have not been able to get out in the past few days anyone fishing east beach/ Quonny area ??? Anthony
  6. Looking at weekapaug's report online. It mentions the cut along east beach. Is this the quick drop off right along the surf line??? Anthony
  7. I thought I would be able to catch something at FPR last night , but waves and weed made it real tough. Anthony
  8. Just spoke with a friend who eeled the same area's as I did starting at 4:00 this AM for a skunk. I am hoping for the NE winds and low pressure moves on out.
  9. A change of plans let me fish last night. Started at B-Way elbow to elbow, tide still incoming, water very dirty. Heading to Quonny, nothing. Make a long story short, fished all the way back east to Matunuck , WW with eels , soft plastics for the big skunk!! Put the time in too 6 pm- midnight. Anthony :banana:
  10. Ridler, no problems with parking at PJ. Not sure of what these NE winds are going to do. I was planning on going down tonight. Seas are said to be 6-9 footers, so I am not sure about my trip. Anthony
  11. Well I did not have luck yesterday either. Started at 1pm back of Quonny, moved to front and left nothing , drove to FPR nothing there , saw someone catch a schoolie. Moved over to Matunuck, E. Matunuck, WW, the pier back in the pond, nothing. Over to Black Point , nothing hazard ave nothing. Reports from the north still look promising with fish all the way up to Maine, I think its far from the end, if it even started in full speed yet. Anthony
  12. Going to So.Co. tomorrow night and fishign down at Fresh Pond Rocks any suggestions I plan on strickly eeling , Good Choice??? Ant
  13. never went:(
  14. I have to stay a little closer to home tonight to fish was thinking of soaking(drifting )clam bellies in the Barrington river. I heard parking is a problem there. I have never been so any suggestions on parking or fishing this area would help out. Are there any Blues and bass in the pro. River that is the closest spot to my house and would go there if a possiblity of a fish or 2 or 3 Anthony
  15. Plan on heading down to Weekapaug to fish one night this weekend. Tides are ebbing at night so it should be good. Is there a better side to fish here??? Does the tide start dumping about two hours later than high tide on the chart. What chart should I look at I was looking off New London For the pawcatuck river , is that close enough to get an idea. Thanks Anthony