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  1. Makes diving safer and more comfortable. Just won this at BTS and I have to say, it looks and seems really well made. It's not cheap, but what's your life worth? http://www.criticalaspect.com/
  2. Sparkman, I suggest you go out with a fly fishing friend or even better , a guide and get a lesson in casting whil you are fishing. I'd try bluegills first, as they are easy targets, really fun on matched tackle and will get you hooked on this sport. After that, you're doomed to the walking dead of the wand, like the rest of us poor slobs :) CD
  3. Swampstander, That's really funny! Did your friend use the bass to remove his lure from his next fish? Pete, do I remember glass Thermos bottles? Yes! One time my Mom sent me to school with a thermos full of soup and asked me to "please be careful not to break my thermos"! Well, needless to say, I banged the Thermos against my knee on the way to the bus and smashed the thing!! I still haven't figured out why, when reminding yourself not to do something, usually guarantees you will do the opposite :lol:
  4. When I was a kid I lost a rod tip overboard in Nantucket harbor. I tossed the anchor over to stop my drift, fan cast all around the boat with a diamond jig that had a treble on it all to no avail. Finally I gave up, weighed my anchor, removed the rod tip that tangled in the flukes and continued my scup fishing. That was very lucky! CD p.s. Good thread and funny stories. Pete, I'm still chuckling at the boat floating off... Did you folks remember the drain plug? :lol:
  5. I've been using 16 lb Jinkai as running line and about 22' of 40lb Trilene Big Game (green) for my shocker. Reels are either a VS 200 or Penn 850-ss with manual bail. This rig on a GSB 132-1L or 1M casts like a rocket and has plenty of strength for hauling around rocks. Once you get the fish close, you have it on 40 lb line. I fish at Montauk sometimes and when the guys way out on the rocks are the only ones hooking up, I can get out there from the shore. Always get a few looks "who was that!!"???? :lol: CD
  6. Codfisher, I could swear I saw a photo of a Parker 25 with an inboard! If they don't make one they should. Shamrock makes a 25' center console inboard and it was one of the biggest cockpits I have seen on any boat of that size. It had HUGE in deck boxes that would hold a heck of alot of fish. No amenities, but who cares :)
  7. Jack is a great guy and hid jokes are almost as good as his flies!!
  8. Is that a blenny? He's cute! I guess that makes some sort of mother or muther :)
  9. Now you're talkin!! One suggestion. If you infuse a bit of soft body or silicone or something flexible for stiffening in the head area to just past the hook bend you'll thwart tangling on the cast. It doesn't kill the action too much and you can make up for it by adding a bit of marabou in the head area and keep the stiffening agent off of that. Those look great though and they'll definitely work! Nice job :banana: CD
  10. Salty, how do you find those flies ride in the water? Do they swim upright? I tied a few and threw them at bluefish... They got chewed to shreds, so they do work, but I forgot to see how they ride!! :banana: That's a neat pattern though and easy to tie! Do you put glitter in the epoxy? I once chopped up a mess on Krystal Flash and added that to the epoxy. It sure looks nice, but I'm not sure it matters. Have you been seeing any bait movement up there as of yet? We are just getting a few little fellas down here... Mumichogs I think! Tight lines CD
  11. Some peanuts and a herring too! These are all made from Slinky Fibre Krystal Flash, a few strands of holographic tinsel and toppings of Marabou Braid. All the small patterns are on #1/0 Varivas hooks, the small hi tie is on an Owner Mutu Light in size#2/0 and the herring pattern is a Gamakatsu SC-16 circle in #3/0
  12. Looks good Salty! My only suggestion is to tie in the tails closer and splay out the mylar a bit before the epoxy. After the epoxy is set you can finish off the mylar. That way, the tail get's bitten off by the third or fourth bluefish instead of the first :banana: Don't ya love the way they crush those things? Always good for a conversation!
  13. Salty, A 2 piece 9" rod?? You were robbed :banana:
  14. Looks like a toadfish, but I only see them while diving and they are usually half hidden!
  15. A five pound? Do you mean a 5 weight? You can use it, but it doesn't have the backbone to whip a big fish quickly. The best all around weight for bass and blues is a nine weight. It throws a line in a breeze quite nicely and can handle the bigger flies you'll be using. If you are serious about getting into fly fishing, spend a few $ on a lesson or two, practice with the 5 this spring and ance you can cast, you'll better be able to judge what a good rod for your casting style is. Rods come in many actions (speed of rebound) and you may find you like something different as you increase your skills. BTW, the Temple Fork Outfitters rods are a great bang for the buck. If you are rich, look at Scott, SAGE, Winston and Thomas&Thomas. So many rods, so little time :lol: