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  1. the best team of the year vs. the beat team of the decade....... defence needs to be in top form i think or they are done
  2. You have to pay extra for that. :P :P :lol: :lol: :lol: too funny charlie!!!!
  3. :P wow................
  4. hello again from the road, yes the motley circus has come home,, last night we were in springfield Ma, tonight Providence R.I. load in is done sound check almost done, crew dinner and i'mma outta here for a few hours anyway. my son's bithday and they gave me the night off. ( how nice ) going back to canada tommorow and then the the south i think ( New mexico ) by the time i finish this tour and get paid....... stripah season will be in full swing!!! and a year off!!! :P pce............
  5. thanks surf rat.. wer'e in canada (eh) tonight then Va, Wv, Nm, and then the boyz leave for a few shows in Mexico, ( i will not be on the itinerary for those shows) i will be in Tx the 20th and i'm done!! i think. i went out with these guys last august.... wow 8 months alllready. btw...... stories are ok just no name dropping! ( no pics of nikki's wife :P ) fishing?? i get teased alot for being on this site ( nikki sixx) so maybe not. ( maybe vince ) but i know mick mars can't because of back problems... he can barely get aroud. i won't bother to ask tommy lee cause he'll just ramble on for an hour!! i really only see the band a few hrs a day, either on travel days or before / after show and they are usually more interested in all of the other extra circus activities that are going on then be bothered by me. as long as my job is done no one bothers me at all, they are all very nice to me ( although a little weird ) must be a west coast thing. well 10 min to show time... gotta find earplugs!! and ther'e gonna ramp up the volume so i have to go and check to make sure all of their requirements for the night are set. ( god fobid the gateraide isn't in the right spot ) one cool thing i'm about to do.... walk out onstage ans see 9 - 10,000 kids who are gonna go nuts ( and it's just me!! ) maybe i yell into the mike ( eh )... gotta go now really quick they are comming down the hall thanks for lettin me ramble on about this guys i get homesick after a while and it nice to hear from people at home. pce.... surf rat.... that's me on the far right of that pic you posted!!!!! :P
  6. ahh green room stories............ :P other than request for autographs / tickets everyone wants to hear stories!!!! having an all accsess pass can get pretty weird, remember these guys are all married, wifeys/ kids, so at times it's almost lame ( i know that's not what you wanna hear ) but when these fools are left unsupervised........ there is not a group of people who can rip it up like these guys! it's insane at times, that they are not hurt, mamed, or worse. there really is not alot of free time because the schedual is pretty full and these guys have a well doumented history. to that, it's almost like babysitting. however........... i have been offered everything your wildest imagination can think of to get people tickets, backstage or the bus, even on the plane! ahem..... moms are the worst offenders of this!!! i try and stay away from the green room ( we are not allowed to comingle anyway, against company policy ) but i now know why porn is the highest grossing source of revenue in the usa! without saying to much... get it? we are headed down south and i am going to offer Zebrina our lovley new mom and here hubbby for a deserved night out if we get close enough. Z if your reading this. i am not allowed to post pics yet untill i'm done but i have some cool photos of someones famous wife!! :P i'll checkwith the tour mgr if it's ok to post a pic or 2 and maybe drop a name with a story. hey pr can't hurt right? pce....
  7. ccbay.......... i just glanced throgh your old posts and i have a question for you?? if certain people on this site as YOU say ruined it, then why are MOST of your posts just trash talk?? seems to me you are the one who ruins it for people. ( or should i say, you seem to jump right into the mix of insults ) most of us who do post on this site can take a few jabs as well as give em, but you seem just to run yer mouth. did the person in this thread who we are talking about ever bash you in a thread.... um... no, stalk you at other sites, make up lies about you? doubt it, because you haven't been a member that long. ( not even a year as of yet ) just like a certin admin told you ( publicly ) a few months back... if you don't have anything nice to say or fishing realted....DON"T POST you unwanted insults. :P :lol: :P
  8. WAIT!!! I KNOW! I KNOW!!! ( it's the new courtsey patrol at P.I. :P )
  9. :banana: omg!!! some will hurt her for sure if they know who she is and what she has done to folks on this site.
  10. i don't wanna go off topic but scoobe......... say a person did that with herring from last year ( froze them) i wonder what would happen if ya got caught.
  11. premature wolf fish?
  12. last spring was a bummer for sure with the lack of bait in the ditch. however once the temps really started to rise so did the fish. all in all a typical year of mixed bass & blues, some keepers some not.
  13. citistriper... i fish the canal and alot of time i use a 3oz lead head and drift a 10" fin s fish in the current that's just me, others will have their own way you just have to try different retrives untill you start getting hits.
  14. ahem.......... remember the flying lure?? :banana:
  15. i know in florida you need to but a licence to fish the salt, i don't know what effect it has done for them is this supposed to eliminate the amount of people who fish by figuring not may people will buy the licence? think of how many people who won't! ( or claim the requlations are wrtten in english and i only speak swahelie, so i didn't know ) wham!! more $$$ needed to reprint regs in different langueges.
  16. not me sorry, i'm still on the road, although we are going to be in R.I. march 9th. like i said in another post.. this spring we should do a canal run ( provided there is bait there.)
  17. bob, yes i agree with you as well but i really don't think the money will end up where it is supposed too. more big dig cash!! that is interesting though, if all atlantic states had the same regs.
  18. happy b-day river rat :banana:
  19. i just can't help but see this as another money making program for the state. and in turn we are going to get nothing out of it but more hassels & politics.
  20. i was thinking of SURF RAT when i posted this!!! too many rats... riverrat, surfrat, canalrat.... aww,,,,,,, rats! :banana:
  21. saltie: use a lead head to weight it down and use the same action you would as a slugo black at night = deadly i've also had luck with the pearl color in the day time.....
  22. zip, those look great!!!
  23. zippy,,,,,, what is the weight on the spinning lure?
  24. Saltie:.......... what i'm going to say to you is a genral rule of thumb, there are many canal rats with as many opinions on gear. Most all rats agree ( generally ) 10ft med action rod (or m/h ) 1 piece or 2piece ( witch ever you prefer ) reels... with the technology of some of the higher quality spinning reels they are becoming popular there. some go convenctional. ( preferance is up to you) the most common reel down there used by fishers by far is the Abu Garcia 7000c3. line........ not doubt braid is the way to go in the ditch. distance and strenth, and gets you to the bottom faster in those rips.... some prefer 20# big game mono, a great line as well. my set up is this......... penn 525 mag reel with dacron backing, 65# power pro with a 30# flourocarbon leader. it's a high speed reel that gets alot of distance and has a really good drag system to stop the large girls. i use a 2 pc 10 ft st.croix premier surf rod. i also use a penn 704z reel with 20# big game mono and the same rod for the spinning reel. the drag on this reel is rock solid. 704z have been around forever. i do have a few $$$$ invested in that gear but when you hook into a big fish you need the power to turn that fish, if she gets into the deep current and you can't turn her forget it your done. ( fyi... at some times during the tides the current is as fast as 6 knots ) jigs.......... there is probobly more lead in that ditch than we care to know!!! yup it's expensive to buy them and YOU WILL LOSE THEM!!! i don't pour them i just buy them when i can. there is tecnique that will allow you to lose less if you can feel when the jig stops bouncing on the bottom ( that's one advantage of the braid, you feel alot more vs. mono ) but it's no gaurentee. West......... the 7 ft rod is a little light for jigging the bottom, but that's not to say it won't work for you, if you match your tackle to the rod correctly plastic baits will work great there... fin s fish, slugos as well as top water lures in the early morning. even storm lures work great ( but the bloofish :bluefish: love to bite the tails off em!!! ) again, this is my opinion and /experience with the canal but in no way am i an expert, i have been lucky to meet some really great canal rats over the past few years and WATCH what they do, what i explained is my most common observations & what works for me.