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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever gone out of Eastman's Docks in Seabrook, NH on the 3 hour bass fishing trip? I was scanning the information on their website, but it doesn't say exactly how the trip operates. Its a 35 dollar trip for three hours, but I'm curious as to the methods they employ to put customers on fish, so to speak. I guess I'm wondering, what do they give the customers to use for bait? How far out would one expect to go out if they used this trip? Thanks, Rob
  2. Ugh, dogs already?
  3. Walmart is the cheapest, as far as I can tell
  4. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of fishing Joppa on Friday. I've never been, so I have some questions. I'm thinking of using a 10' jon boat and paddle out with my brother in law. Would this boat suffice? Next question. Where can I launch? I keep seeing that little ramp next to the house on that road thats about 2 miles from surfland, just past downtown newburyport. Can I launch there? Last question. Do baitfish come into joppa during the high tide? Thank you, Rob
  5. This is probably a dumb question, but why is the mouth so damn dangerous?
  6. If the mackerel take off, will there be bunker or herring around? If there mackerel get spooked, do you suppose you can lure them in with chum?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm going out this Saturday with a friend out of Beverly. Are mackeral still around?
  8. Its too cold for them up this way. Occasionally you'll hear reports of one or two this way, but chances are they got knocked off course and ended up in our waters.
  9. Hi everyone, Is it safe and possible to use a Jon Boat in Joppa? Also, is it possible to jig up mackeral in Joppa? Thanks, Rob
  10. Deval is a moron. Don't blame me, I voted for Muffy!
  11. That place in Haverhill where that guy got the herring is called River Street Bait & Tackle. They are on River street. They are awesome. They have awesome bait at awesome prices.
  12. I don't like fishing Lawrence either, but I'll tell you, after fishing, hit Lawtons Hot Dog Stand. If you eat outside by the canal, you can see a whole bunch of big carp swimming by.
  13. here here. I inherited my grandfather's old 113 after he died, and he bought this reel 30 years ago. After I got it, say 6 years ago, this thing is still a brute. It had the chromed brass spool, now they are plastic or whatever they do. Penn used to be very dependable, now, I'm not so sure.
  14. What model did you get? I know the senators and internationals are made in the US, as well as some of the levelwinds.
  15. I wonder if its old stuff cabelas just wants to move?