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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has ever gone out of Eastman's Docks in Seabrook, NH on the 3 hour bass fishing trip? I was scanning the information on their website, but it doesn't say exactly how the trip operates. Its a 35 dollar trip for three hours, but I'm curious as to the methods they employ to put customers on fish, so to speak. I guess I'm wondering, what do they give the customers to use for bait? How far out would one expect to go out if they used this trip? Thanks, Rob

  2. Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking of fishing Joppa on Friday. I've never been, so I have some questions. I'm thinking of using a 10' jon boat and paddle out with my brother in law. Would this boat suffice? Next question. Where can I launch? I keep seeing that little ramp next to the house on that road thats about 2 miles from surfland, just past downtown newburyport. Can I launch there? Last question. Do baitfish come into joppa during the high tide? Thank you, Rob

  3. How come no Great White Shark reports from the North Shore. The Cape & Islands websites are loaded with reports of sightings of sharks and of BIG fins inshore. So, time to get out there and look for the birds, and...................................................................................................................................


    This one was filmed by a Fishery Services plane following up on a report of a dead whale SE of Block Island a while back. It's an excellent photo and the dead whale is in the upper left corner of the pix.

    Some say the BIG Fin sightings were reported from boats tied up dockside in Hyannis, Nantucket and M. Vinyard who had seen a few too many of these fins...............


    Its too cold for them up this way. Occasionally you'll hear reports of one or two this way, but chances are they got knocked off course and ended up in our waters.

  4. You mean "yes we can" finally broke away from his book deal to do some work. Must of had writer's block :banana: Well there were never any illusions of this guy ever accomplishing anything but he sure makes everyone who voted for him feel good about themselves.

    Deval is a moron.

    Don't blame me, I voted for Muffy!

  5. Hey everyone,

    I know I'm posting in the wrong forum, but, I'm going to be Kayak fishing Joppa in the spring, and I was just curious as to what to use for a rig. I was thinking a Penn 6500, with 20lb fireline, The rod on the other hand I'm not sure of. I want an inshore model, light, but can handle chunk baits. Any suggestions? Thanks

  6. Scoobe,

    I hate to say this, but I strongly disagree with you here. The United States and England are not the only countries to have been victims of terrorist attacks at the hands of Islamofascists. The Madrid Spain Bombings? Bali? Russia? These people attack countries to interupt not only one's way of life, but its financial institutions as well.

    You say that its not about religion and freedom, but I hate to tell you, yes it is. You can't blame poverity, oppression etc, because these people choose to live this way. They are against progession of the times. These people are brainwashed into thinking that if they commit these acts, then they will go to heaven and get 70 women, so they basically look forward to this. You say you that we put ourselves in the cross hairs because we are aggressors in the middle east? Remember Scoobe, 9/11 happened on our soil, we were attacked unprovoked. Its not about oil, which seems to be the liberal response to this war. Oil Oil Oil. Its nonsense. I really don't understand why people are supportive of the United States and feels sympathy for terrorists. We are stepping it up because we don't, and we won't stand for this nonsense at the hands of these people.

  7. They are supporting Hezbollah because Hezbollah are using scare tactics. Its similar to the Saddam Hussein regime. The one thing you cannot forget, is that 9/11 happened because we are hated because we don't make Islam the uniform religion of this great country. These islamofascists are willing to die for their cause. They don't care who they take out with them, so long as they get their point across. One of the great things about this country is that we have the freedom to choose our religion. I'm sorry to say, but if we elect a liberal president in 2008, there will probably be less of a focus on terrorism.

  8. Hey now everyone,

    I found a new bait and tackle shop that opened up in Haverhill Mass on River Street. They are called River Street Bait & Tackle. Awesome stuff there. Tons of bait!!! I just wanted to let everyone know about it because they took care of me really well.

    River Street Bait and Tackle

    219 River Street

    Haverhill Mass, 01832