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  1. Yes... the river will be done very soon.
  2. Sorry about the late report... been busy. We fished the last 1/2 of outgoing tide on Saturday. We tried ground fishing but the seas were too rough so we came back in and drifted the mouth. The mouth of the river was as active as I've seen it in some time. We caught 8 bass (all nice fat ones at 27") and a bunch of blues drifting very light tackle. Light was the key as we saw very few other hookups. I have leaders tied up with a short trace ( 3" - 4")of the white knot-able wire with 15lb fluoro above that. We always switch to those once we have a blue cut us off on the straight fluoro. On this day the blues were leader shy and would not hit leaders with wire on them. We switched back to straight fluoro and got hit on every drift. A quick hook set might get the fish in the corner of the jaw. We probably lost 1/2 the fish (and lots of hooks) but the hookup rate was great. On the way in there was a bluefish blitz just down stream of Badgers. Even with a bunch of boats running over them they were still staying up. We managed a couple on topwaters...lots of fun. They would hammer the plug and leap into the air just like a smallmouth bass. I think I'll go back tomorrow and try again.
  3. Welcome back... Thanks for all the work.
  4. This has been exactly my experience as well. It does feel like much later in the season right now. The last 3 times we were out we had to work a lot harder at getting fish. Also, the fish that we have been finding have been out of the range of the shore fishermen, out of the river on the bar. In past years the edge of the south jetty, and especially the hole at the very end of the jetty, have been deadly. This year I've seen very few fish taken there. The water coming out of the river is around 70 degrees right now. That's high enough that it will likely have an effect. Also, there are a ton of stripers off shore where the bait is. On our last tuna trip to Stellwagen we caught a bunch of large stripers while targeting the tuna. It's strange thinking of stripers that you would be drooling over inshore as nuisance fish off shore but that's the way of it. The large amounts of bait that were holding fish in and around the river no longer seem to be there, so the fish are elsewhere. I think the patten shift that I usually make in July (switch to fishing the incoming tides) has come early this year. I'll try it... Also... night fishing the flats with eels on either side of high tide is working. We saw three huge fish that came off Joppa recently. The guys were coming off the water at 3:30AM as we were about to head out on a tuna trip.
  5. We caught a gull dragging our 32" fish up the dune a couple of years ago. It would not have been long before that fish was nowhere to be found. We had to pay constant attention because he kept coming back.
  6. That sounds like sand eels. If they are keyed on them it is hard to get them to hit other things, but it can be done. At this time of year I don't fish unless it is on the outgoing during the last half of the tide, all the way to the bottom. That is when they seem to feed. As the season progresses strong incoming tides near the mouth can be really hot too. At 1:30 you were on the incoming tide which is a really tough time to fish the river at this time of year. Watch the tide charts and time your fishing around them if you can. You'll catch a lot more fish.
  7. Nice job Mike. You really have it dialed in. Must be fun to get out with your dad.
  8. Out of Newburyport, but the fish was taken on the SW corner of Stellwagen.
  9. We fished the bottom of the outgoing tides on Sunday night and Monday morning. In both cases it was excellent, but Sunday was the best I've seen in the river. We threw back so many keepers I lost count. The fish were busting on the surface all over the place. I had 5 rods going and we had all 5 of them hooked up several times. We tried worms, clams, and strips of Mackerel flesh. All worked. Almost all the fish we caught were keepers or just short of being so. On Sunday we saw lots of people taking them on live Macs. We did well again, but the size of the fish was much more variable ranging from 10" to 31".
  10. Yes, one of the boats at our marina caught a 70" fish yesterday.
  11. We fished the last part of the outgoing today. At the mouth at 7:00 a 33" fish was taken on the 1st drift. After that it was a slow pick of 24" fish until the very bottom of the tide when it turned on for about 20 minutes. Double and triple hookups for 3 drifts then it was over. All of the fish were in the 24" range except for the on 33" fish. I also lost another 30"+ fish at the side of the boat because I was sloppy, tried to lip him when he was pretty green...Oops. During the entire time we marked lots of fish including some huge ones that I thought were Sturgeon. It was nice being out there with few other boats. Water temps were all over the place but about 52 in the ocean and a few degrees higher coming out of the river. Had panko crusted striper for dinner. Very good. I'll be out again soon.
  12. Nice 1...
  13. We'll be there Tuesday AM for the last 2 hours of the outgoing. It should be fun.
  14. Thanks for the info. What time were they caught? Low tide for that day was around 6:30 AM. I would think that was the time or a bit before.