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  1. haha this is a great thread. the closest thing I've ever done to this though was when I was really young we would use hotdogs to catch pumpkinseeds. although, on a slightly different note I once lost my bobber in the breakers and wrapped a piece of drift wood around my line to keep the bait up. needless to say it didn't work and the line snapped. what a fool i was
  2. wow the new website looks really great! I havn't been here for a while so it was a suprise to see it. any of you guys doin any ice fishing? around here the water is starting to freeze over real nicely and once my semester is over next week in college I plan on going out a few times.
  3. Maine's water is still at it's warmest in september and october...theres still hope for us
  4. wow you go to college in cambridge? only colleges I can think of there are MIT and Harvard. I go to emmanuel college..its on the fenway. we're real close we should go fishing sometime this spring. I plan on picking up a nice travel rod because carrying an 8-9 footer around boston isn't a good idea:lol:
  5. I'm not really sure why none of you guys like the abu garcia line. great prices, amazing reels.
  6. If anyone says anything other than fishing then lookout :lol: I for one will be fishing in York Maine. Let's hope for some cattle!
  7. I read one of his books..I think it was called striper surf. I was hoping for some good info on surfcasting but instead I found myself reading about his gloryof catching 50 lb. fish:lol:
  8. hey flyboy! I'm from westfield too! Rock on man! I take it you work at barne's airport? Currently though I'm living in a little town called Boston, anyone ever hear of it?
  9. !!!! nice gibson! I'll jam with you if I can keep it afterwards :lol: seriously though...those are some nice axes
  10. I too had a bad experience with a shimano reel actually. I bought a corsair for about 80 give or take. It was just aweful and my store wouldn't take it back because I had already used it(I know its b/s) so I called Shimano. I shipped it to them and they said taht some of the pieces were broken inside the reel. they fixed it and got it back to me now I use it for freshwater fishing. but shimano is a very good company. If anyone has the 250 to drop get the shimano calcutta bait rod...amazing :D
  11. good luck kid. hope everything goes well
  12. Maybe when you got it off ebay you got a junk spool? It's not like a shimano product to do something like that. I would call again and demand a replacement spool. they'll comply :lol:
  13. Ive caught one fish on a popper my entire life.(ocean fishing at least....large mouth I catch plenty)
  14. flyboy make sure you don't get the round plastic ones...those are only good for when the bait is really light(like a worm) otherwise the weight of the float and the weight of the bait will throw off your cast distance substantially.