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  1. Congrats on your fish you should try putting your eels on ice with some sea weed or newspaper this puts them in a calming mood easier to handle. Having a rag or some sand helps keep them in line while hooking them up and make sure you are using short shank hooks this makes all the difference in the world. ( no water needed when puting them on ice. keeps them alive a lot longer . Good to hear another guy using eels gl
  2. I was faced with the same situation last year in maine. Old orchard beach was busting with bass and blues. I tried everything in my tackle box. Nothing seemed to work but I had One fresh water rod with a 1'1/2 swim shad on it. This was a ice fishing shad. I a had brought it because I remember every one always saying match the size of the bait. On my first cast as soon as it hit the water bang I was on, and every cast after that I had a fish. Nothing big but it worked. Talk about a good time. Now I always keep some in my bag. I think they are mad by calcutta? great little bait
  3. You rock as always. Hey do you need the stamp to park in the lots over there or can you pay as you go> And I love watching those videos and I agree about the J hook as opposed to the circle I have lost some good fish to circle hooks, plus setting the hook with a j hook is part of the fun. Thanks again :wacko:
  4. even at low tide? then again why even question you.lol thanks for the info I will post my results
  5. Hello all I was shocked to hear the words ( I want to go fishing tonight) from my GF. But looking at the tides It looks like low tide every were any one have any idea of where I can take here. I figure PI will be packed and not sure of any other low tide spots. Any help would B great thanks
  6. I have never fished there? Use I always use herring or clams . The bugs are pretty bad but nothing a little bug juice couldn't handle Good luck
  7. you might want to try the marsh leading into hampton beach( the back side) I think it is 101. I have had some good nights fishing there on the incoming and out going. Now is a good time to get there. My uncle fishies there alot and has done well this year. no mosters but a few over 20 pounds. good luck
  8. I ahve always done well up there I used to vaction up in the ocean park, had some really nice fish up there. Did you dig your own worms from the beach? That was some times the best part. Congrats on the 40 and then to release it always good to hear. And letting that guy reel one in is awsome
  9. lol thats a good one. I just hate to see the fish go to waste and I heard they have a lot of bones. So I just figured it would be easier to use it as bait.
  10. Hello all A question for all out there, my neighbors have brought me over a handful of scub and I was wondering besides cooking them can they be used as bait for stripers? has anyone used them before and if so how? Thanks for the time
  11. good to hear some times it is just as fun catching the bait as it is the stripers. Good to hear most were on the drift hate seeing 5+ boats just sitting in the mouth. Way to go sounds like a good day to me
  12. always good to hear. where in salem
  13. congrats on the fishing tried there sunday afternoon with the gf but the rain and wind was just to much to take asay a pretty big blitz close to 40 birds working the splashes but way to far to cast too. hoping to head back there soon when the tides and work alow me too. Soon I hope well gl catch one for me
  14. congrats on your fish. I would have been happy with the fish the gift card would have been a great bonus. Hey are you a fellow elk ?
  15. Plan on heading up dev beach tonight any one been fishing there recently and suggestions? Plan on chunking and throwing some 9 inch black slugo's any one having any luck?