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  1. I had a day off yesterday from taking people fishing and was able to fish myself. the gilfriend and i did the same thing you were but we managed quite a few more. 2 hrs before high and 2 hrs after seem to be the best in 30 to 40 feet of water, clams seem to be the bait of choice right now, on the worms we were only picking up skates. i've tried to convince some customers to switch their sights from stripers to flounder but no one seems to want to bite! flounder sure are delicous! feel free to e-mail me with questions. Ross.roberge1@verizon.net Best regards Capt. Ross
  2. that actually wasnt my son, it was a client of mines son. but he sure had a blast!
  3. took a father son duo out this afternoon. Left the dock at 1 as scheduled and headed to breaking rocks. 10 other boats including one of the charter boats out of hampton (80 footer i dont remember her name though it is in my log on my boat). got the slick going and we were up to our eyes in 8 to 12 inch macks! other boats were doing well but i had a hard time keeping their lines in the water i was unhooking 5 or 6 at a time! we went back to the river, tried drifting the mouth but the father had some sea sickness set in. so we moved into the river where they caught several fish in the 25 to 27 inch range. they each stuck one good fish but didnt land it. i got a glimpse of the sons fish and it was a corker at about 40 inches. he struggled to keep tight to that fish, he took the loss well and knew there were more where that came from and kept at it! they both were determined to outdo the other and they had a ball! here are a few pics to accompany the report. again feel free to pm me or e-mail me at ross.roberge1@verizon.net with any questions!
  4. eels are a pain but no one can argue the fact that big stripers love them! keeping them on ice definately makes them way easier to handle
  5. Just wanted to appologise to you guys that i have been MIA, just work and fish call and that leaves me a very tired but happy fisherman! but for what its worth here is what i have been up to Well guys its on fire, thats all I can really say. I have not had any time to write a report because I have been down at the ocean so much! The river herring have been falling back out to the ocean now for 2 weeks and looks like it will be coming to a close here shortly. It has provided fantastic oppertunities to flyfisherman and spinfisherman. Myself and customers have landed so many fish in the 30 inch range i lost count the second day! with several fish being over 40 inches. Dont be discouraged though folks, there is still tons of bait around in the form of mackeral, wich are in great abundance off our coast right now, it has only taken us about 20 minutes out of every trip to fill our livewell to the top! For some of the first timer's that i have taken out they were having a ball with the macks, when i told them we were off to catch harder fighting fish with those macks, they questioned that there even was such a thing. well all in all things are really shaping up for a banner year, sorry this was quick and better chance than not i have left out some info if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a pm or an e-mail at Ross.roberge1@verizon.net
  6. thats awesome! i'm not much of a snake fan but thats ok! well keep us updated on your fishing adventures i for one am dying to get out and fish but we still have the better part of 2 feet of snow at my house unfortunately. good luck and tight lines!
  7. thanks for the info!
  8. cool story! were you fishing spinning gear? or throwing flies??
  9. any one out there use one of the travella rods? just curious to see which rod you use or if you dont use one what do you use in its place? thanks a lot! Tight lines Ross
  10. not sure if you have or not but if you havent i'd check craigslist.com i have seen a bunch of stuff up on there in recent weeks. there are usually some great deals up on there
  11. I LOVE IT! hahahahaha that was a riot! not so sure i'd do that here off the NE coast in that kind of boat though! great find!
  12. is anyone else tying?? i've heard there are some holdovers in ct, i'm thinking about making a trip soon... not sure on how to get to it but i'm working the details out
  13. sorry to hear about your missfortune! i learned the spare rod thing a while back but i still run up and down rocky shores with my sandals maybe i'll rethink that...
  14. your making me jealous brother! i wish i were in florida fishing from a beach instead of standing on a frozen lake to pass the time! i love the reports, its helping me through this dreadfull NE weather were getting! keep on them and tight lines to ya!
  15. rm soft short lobster fly 413 jig hook skate fly..(413 jig hook again) squid, 3/0 34011, as much as i dislike mustads i had to use them on this particular one...