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  1. it's done even though it 's a two day's late. I was given the pair of Black Crow feathers. from a friend who is a Native American. always had great conversations with him, when he was around, he never owned a car an walked everywhere he went or asked for rides. once a year he would head up to the north country for there season "POW WOW" for a few weeks. Always looked forward to his new stories. an time spent together. Sad to say he will never get to see this fly. his passing is bittersweet, the fly is done but a friend is GONE. with that said I know he would have relished seeing an keeping this fly. I named this fly as I know this is where he is now. This fly has 32 feathers in it. an I will frame it and hand it an with every glance I will see him. "BLOOD BROTHERS FOREVER"the name of the fly is " NAMIDA "Translation "STAR DANCER"GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  2. Trying to get back into the groove. but it's Tuff, an Ruff, cant seem to get it together. everything is out of shape an looks out of place, maby after a few week it will come back yo me. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  3. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'm back for the season all my cars are put away no more shows or cruises just a few auctions to attend. this will be my first fly got to start to think of stuff to tie. mostly ART FLYS an a few striper flys threw in. being thanksgiving this one has a bunch of pheasant in it to commemorate this hunting season. no turkey feathers. this time. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  4. Streamer style. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN "Colonel Bates"
  6. I was asked today to tie one, But remembered I did one years ago, an said I check my archives ? I just checked,FOUND IT. did it a long time ago. has a florescent handle so you can find it in the snow. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  7. With all this snow gone I decided to do a "SNOW BIRD" fly befor I forget "GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN"
  8. Must be spring, all the chickadee's (Poecile atricapillus) have invaded the h feeders so this fly is dedicated to them. my "Black Capped Chickadee fly" GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  9. Big, Bad, an GREEN, thats his favorite color , he asked me to do up a couple of big bad bugs for him. hope he likes them. in the mail, an should be there in a couple of day. MOHAWK and Fuzzy Green Worm GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  10. No not me, just some flys, to my friend EZIO. wanted some March Brown flatwing worms for freshwater, so I did him up some SMALL ones, 5-6" long, an gave them JC EYES, should drive the fish crazy.GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  11. BIRTHDAY GIFT ! This one is heading to MAINE for a friend that shot his first MOOSE last season an his Birthday is next week. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  12. Ken Sawada classic converted to streamer. " Carnival" GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  13. Thats what I call it . "GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN "
  14. Thats what I call it. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYYIN
  15. I call this one " Blue Jay " ! GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN