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  1. 49" long, I know I measued it 6 times! Didn't get a weight, but I wasn't that fat, thick but not fat, out of my yak.
  2. Tatoo, I don't need to spend more money to keep OUR rights. I vote, and attempt to be an educated voter. I gave up fresh water fishing several years back when I was forced to buy a duck stamp with the license. I work hard for my money, and I have the right to spend it as I please. Even if I loved this pond and it was full of 10lb largemouths and 14" rainbows, i wouldn't join just for the reason stated above. On a side note the last thing I want to see on the beach at night and angry fishermant with a hand gun. I have been fishing for close to 40 years and besides from a hungry racoon, I never needed a gun. If I carried one everytime I went out, I probably would have hurt someone or myself. Rifles are for hunting, hand guns are for cops...... my .02
  3. I fish the pond all the time with my kids. Its not safe to put a tube or boat in there as the shoot range drops all over you. I use to put my canoe in as a kid. My suggestion, don't join, just go up and fish.
  4. Additional spots on Cape Ann are; Plum cove beach, Lanes cove, Back beach, Old Garden beach, Loblolly cove, Pebble beach....
  5. CS78, you don't have to leave Cape Ann. The fishing has been very strong all summer and just about every little cove is full of small bait right now. With so much bait available the stripers are focusing on them. I don't know what your throwing at them but size down. The bait is 1-2" right now. Use a schoolie rod, not a surf rod and fish close to the rocks, you don't need to cast a mile, they are up tight. Small shad or small top water will work, but you can't work a small topwater effectively with a 10' surf rod.....Avoid the beaches, unless fish are busting the top, focus on the rocks, small coves especially. Don't be afraid to park and walk the rocks away from the crowds.
  6. $700 is a great price! It won't last long.
  7. It doesn't surprise me. Check out my post in "tackle review" section call Penn Problems. :banana:
  8. Thanks for the imput. Dave S, boating. Has anyone notice the really big fish around this week! :banana:
  9. I am looking for suggestions on a nice pair of binoculars, in the $200-250 range. Any suggestions.
  10. To everyone interested in my $30 Penn 5500, I have several people that say they want it. Sooo the first person that gets me the cash gets the reel. I don't want to miss lead anyone, I just want cash to buy an upgrade (Shimano). Send me a PM for my cell # and contact me.
  11. Mike, want to buy a reel? $30 bucks!
  12. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I talked to Kay at Surfland and she gave me Penns number to call. Talked to Customer Service and this is what I got. "It is not a defect, somehow you bent the bail spring. Mail it to us in Philly and we will rebend if for you and charge you $9". So I am stuck with the reel, I have to pay to send it to them and they will charge me to rebend it. NOT HAPPY. I will never buy another Penn again. The product is inferior to Shimano and their cust. service sucks. I have been a loyal Penn user for over 20 years, but buying a lemon and then being told I'm stuck with it is bad business and I will pass this info along to anyone thinking about buy a Penn spinning reel. Over the past two years I have had problems with the anti reverse, drag, and bail.
  13. Well I have discussed on many a board the issues I have had with my Penn 5500ss. Last night was the final straw! Basically this reel sucks! I have had problems with the bail and drag and since it came out of the $100 box. I was on the beach last night trying out new rigs, moved my Penn 704z from my 8'6 Fenwick Saltstik to a 10' Tsunami and I now have a decent surf rod that can double as a plugging rig in hvy stormy conditions, and put the Penn 5500 on the 8'6 saltstik for casting eels and small plugs off the rocks. The Tsumani worked great, I can cast it a mile with the Fireline and still work a plug from the beach. There was a decent breeze in my face so I put on a 2oz Atom popper on the Saltstik (5500 with mono) and wanted to check out the popping action on this rig. First cast the bail flips over and halts my cast. Third cast the bail flips over again, this time my new plug swings back and smashes on the rocks, cracking it in half and loosing the middle treble! Pissed and not wanting to lose or break another lure I attempt to cast this rig. Even babying the cast the bail continues to flip. I am done! I will be attempting to get some kind of reimbursement form Penn. I don't want this reel in my arsenal. I will start by calling Kay at Surfland as that is where I bought it and contacting Penn to air my complaints. I will let you know my results.
  14. Alot of very good questions! If I come upon a rock, I make a decision whether I will hang up or not. Depends on the rocks depth. I usually hold my line and watch the rod tip to see if i catch any weed or debris. If it rises to 3-4 ft I will go hard to port and attempt to go around. Speeding up the paddle with lift the tube..... Play it by ear. Working bars, I have two approaches, first I go along the bar length wise, making sure I don't get pulled in and remembering the tube and current will flow over the bar. This gives the impression that my tube is getting caught on the shallow of the bar and is swimming to get off it. Then I go directly over the bar going with the current, many times fish are waiting for bait to come up and over. Be carefull as swells can get big going over. Then once I am over the bar go along the down current side again. As for surface swimmers, the only lure I have had luck trolling from the yak is a small danny swimmer. It needs to swim slow and you can look back and see the tail section creating a S curl in its wake. These lures work great everywhere, but pricey, and wooden so after while they become water logged, or at least lose some of their action.