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  1. Fished the jetty Sun morn. We got 10 between two of us at mid tide 22-28". One small keeper we released all the fish. But we were there about 7 hours then they shut off.
  2. Sounds like a great outing mike. I might try the river from shore sunday. Hope the bite is still as good.
  3. I was there sunday morning river we got the bottom of the tide. Fish all over we used mac, tinkers and cut caught about 15 lost a couple others. All the fish where 26+ with the biggest being 37in 20lbs. Kept a couple for the grill the rest where released live and well.
  4. Fished Fri, sat , mon. Just got back from Vac (hot). Friday fished the sandbar in front of surfland no luck surfers, sunbather everywhere looks like that place has great potental for the fall run. Sat fished the river by boat real slow only 3-4 between 23-26" no blues. Mon the fishing was the best day in the river about 10 fish in 3 hours with a couple small keepers did see many boats hooking up.Two of my buddies got 8 keepers up to 40". PS theres stills macks out there the people with the lives where killin'em. I was driftin dead whole.
  5. That sounds good the greenhead should be gone also. I finaly got some time off work and will fish the refuge will be in amesbury sat-tues. Hear theres big fish around . Im gonin to try joppa at night for the first time hoping to hook large. Any body been fishin joppa? Will report on return. Tight Lines to all
  6. Thats awsome door.Ive seen a couple this year also not more than one an outing. Its cool seeing a 5-6 fter jump near the boat.
  7. NICE!! B) Ive been to the rock a couple times this year and done well. Have to get some spikes replaced in my korkers and hit the rocks. Three cows in one outing thats a great day. Keep slain'em.
  8. Good Job elky. Gotta love dem flounda. Will try the refuge Tommora night. Then take the boat out sun. Will Report.
  9. OK you guys are making me jealous Im stuck home this wkend. Got into a fight with a bandsaw B) Guess who won. Doc said cant use thumb or get it wet. Still have finger on positive note. Good Luck out there.
  10. Fished the river sat. Alot of fish around 22 total all stripers no blues between 22-35".Final good to see the sun we were using macs and clam.All in all a great day. I here there are some chompers out there but we did not hook one. One weight in at surfland 32-34" caught on the flats.
  11. I might try it on a calm day. If its a flat bottom its a little iffy but a vhull you should be alrigtht. Bring your pfds. Just stay away from the main channel and the mad house of boats.
  12. Good Job kmump on your personal best from shore B) . And even better she was let free. I might try the point this wkend on the river side
  13. I fished joppa for a little while thurs also nada first time with the boat this year. We did get some good action out at the mouth 15 fish between 2 of us 2 blues the rest were stripers no keepers all fish 22-26 ". Its seemed the incoming was better there was still pretty big waves from the storms.
  14. From what i here the blues are tearin them up might be scarce
  15. Congrats on the fish. Didnt get a chance to get out this wkend but will be off next wk wed-sun. Good to see the blue are in going to put the boat in for the first time.