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  1. I fished yesterday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm with no luck. I started at the sagamore and worked my way to the Acvademy. No one had any luck.
  2. They are bunker down at the Cape, but not the big fish chasing them. Water's way to warm for anything to come close to shore. Nice report.
  3. I never leave home without a Hopkins with Bucktail hook; One Bucktail Jig with curly worm; Two 10" Hogys one amber and one bubblegum: 5" or 6" Storm Shad and last but not least my own White/Red 2.5 oz lure. If there are Stripers from the beach I will catch them on one of these selections. Good all year and not much to carry.
  4. If you are talking from the beach or inlets, Yes. However it is very slow and non existent at most times for Stripe Bass. The water up and down the Cape is in the 70's and way to warm. The boat guys are doing well off of Race Point over the shelf going deep with Bucktails for Stripe Bass. Some are catching flounder and fluke and some sea bass from beaches. But in general, the canal and cape beaches are dead until the water cools down. The Salt Ponds have been fun Fly Fishing with some nice size schoolies. Suggest early morning sunrise for best results. Don forget Barnstable and Cape Cod Bay for sight fishing. I will be off Falmouth and Woods Hole casting and looking for some good action.
  5. Don't forget, if you are surfcasting, the new moon was Friday night and the water levels increase significantly. Four days before and four days after the new moon are the highest water levels for the month. Fish come closer to shore because they don't feel so confined and the bait fish are closer as well.
  6. I fish the South Cape and the eels seem to be available and fine. I have switched over to plastic last year and use Hogy's, especially the 10" and 14" amber and bubble gum. Great for casting and working like a popper. Go to his website and watch the videos. Good Luck!
  7. Could be squid. We have quite a few down the south Cape beaches.
  8. It has been slow on the south Cape. However, we are between new moons and should start picking up around the 8th or 10th of July. I have four keepers all caught from shore and on hogy's and storm shad 6".
  9. There are a lot of good places to fish in Falmouth. Many go to Falmouth Heights or the harbor at night. Boat traffic kills the harbor during the day. Menahunt beach and Bourne pond are very good for night and early morning. Surf Drive between the beach house and Nobska light house are touch and go, but I caught 4 keepers so far this year on the drive. You will see a lot of guys chunking or throwing ells. I only use plastic and do very well. 5" or 6" Storm and Ronz ells do great. I suggest you fish at night, since the moon has changed and I don't see many fish in early morning. Go see Jim at Eastman's Bait and Tackle on rt28 downtown. He will give you the up to date info on Stripers. Good Luck, you will probably see me at night casting walking the beach and smoking a cigar. PS: Inlets that provide fish are: Fresh Pond, Saltwater Pond and the Trunk River. All are on Surf Drive and be mobile. If the spot is not hitting, go to the next one. If you want to catch fish during the day, jump on the ferry to the Vineyard. It is still hot fishing off the Island.
  10. The Canal has picked up considerably. Call Red Top Sporting in Bourne to check out the action. There is dredging all summer in the canal starting on the West end. Don't know if it started or if it is influencing the migration. Good luck
  11. Good fishing on the Cape and Martha's Vineyard. Stripers should start migrating south and providing pretty good action. Enjoy your trip and travel safe.
  12. I assume you were surfcasting? I hit 7 good size schoolies on Thursday afternoon before the rain in Falmouth. Caught 5 Saturday night with 3 keepers in the thirties. Using 5 inch Storm and 7 inch Tsunamis. Will be back later in the week, but not bad for an accumulative 4 hours.
  13. Hopefully with Penn being purchased by K2, they will improve their products and provide the quality and selection we wish to have. Remember, Abu-Garcia reeels are now made in China and not Sweden. Your old conventional 7000 is something to hold on to. PS: If want old original Penn reels, go on E-bay.
  14. Fished the South Cape this weekend. No fish as of yet. I hear there are some (schoolies) in Buttermilk Bay in North Buzzards Bay. We need more warm weather and hopefully in two weeks they will arrive.
  15. Happy to hear all worked out and our letters helped.