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  1. Just wanted to drop a note to anyone crazy enough to get on the Merrimack. Haverhill's been pumping a huge amount of raw sewage into the river as the treatment plant was overwhelmed on Sunday. They're saying a temp fix won't be in place for another day or two at least.
  2. To my knowledge they don't "eat" bait when they're on their spawning run. Shad fishing is an active endeavor.......casting and drifting. Unless your in a boat, then you can sit and jig. I use the smaller (1/32, 1/16 ounce) shad darts. Use heavier river split shots anywhere from 12-36" from the dart. Depth is key, keep moving the splits around till you get hits....I typical find them at one depth. My .02 cents. I've also had much success on flutter spoons. Especially from the boat. Being a native of Pennsylvania and the Delaware river, the flutter spoon is the number 2 choice down there next to the dart. The guys down they're use the flutter spoons on downriggers if you can imagine that. But then again, they're pretty hardacre shadders down there as the 2 week tournament in April gives away a boat and cash!
  3. Hey Quint, I second Mainecats suggestion for accessible spots.........Behind Haverhill bank on Merrimack Street in Haverhill. One note though, a drop net on a rope would probably beneeded to haul in your catch.....or 50lb test, LOL. The people fish off a wall that is about 15-20' high. In addition, you probably won't have to wait a few weeks for the boys to get in there. Already reports of schoolies upriver.
  4. I heard a rumor on another site that ONE shad was caught. Anyone know if the gate at the ramp open or locked up or if they intend to have it open this year?
  5. Quint...... Are you boating or wading? Haverhill is a good stretch of river although not too wader friendly. There are a few good spots along 110 north and south of Haverhill that are accessible.
  6. I've used an older version of this rod.......6'6 or 7'0 H. The quality of the rod is great, I've been using it for years....some years harder than others. I bought it specifically for a baitcasting set up for striper on the merrimack. I quickly realized that it wasn't the best choice. It was great for schoolies but a little tougher on any fish of size. I've relegated this for my muskie rod and even some LM bass fishing in the thick stuff. All and all if you can get the right action you're looking for you can't beat the deal. I've gone to a much stiffer shimano calcutta extra fast taper......if you can find that for $30 let me know, lol. Also, take a look at ugly stik light. I think they're around $40 and seem to have a bit more backbone.
  7. Thanks for the info. Just checked out the Division of Marine Fisheries (MA) and they said that taking/posession of herring is out through 2008. Herring Change Hopefully that will let the herring bounce back again. Also, it should make things interesting for the environmental police during the run. If they increase their uncercover presence they'll have a field day issuing fines, at least on the merrimack from what I've seen in the past. At least the yearly chaos that has developed on the river will potentially subside once the word gets out. I suspect that alot of people will give up when they realize they have to use artificials. Hooray for the plugger's! Not too mention, I'll have a little more room in the boat without the 32 gal herring pot, lol.
  8. I'd say it was just coincidence. I've lived in MA for over 10 years but grew up in PA. I still check out all of the local reports and info on line to keep in touch, including the report in the outdoor section of the large regional paper. I sent a pic of a fat linesider in June one year. I thought the same thing as you when it wasn't printed. Got a call one morning in January the following year from mom. Yep.....there I was to her shock in full color. I'd say they were just looking for material.
  9. Any word on wether or not there will be more restrictions or a ban on recreational herring catching in inland waters......ie, upriver, above tidal? I heard rumors after last season's rough year that a ban was being considered.
  10. I've survived many, many trips to KTP. Their prices are only a bit higher than anywhere else........meaning the mail order outlets like Cabela's or Bass pro, at least as far as fishing stuff goes. The thing I like about KTP is the service. I have on several occassions searched for very specific equipment, like specific length/action rods. Cabela's and Bass pro don't really do special orders from my experience. When I can't find something I call Kittery, they order for me and I pick it up. The slightly higher cost is less than the extra shipping you pay for an 8'0 one piece. KTP let me know their policy right up front on price. They charge manufacturer's suggested retail, no more, no less, plain and simple. I checked it out and they were'nt blowing smoke. Not to mention it's one stop shopping for other specialized outdoor gear like hiking, camping and climbing, if you're into this stuff like I am. The staff members (for the most part) are very knowledgable in the various departments. I've been to Cabela's several times in PA and the service is just not the same. KTP and Cabela's will both be on my list of gear outlets, just for specific items at each store. Check out Cabela's "Bargain Cave" when they get here! Just my $.02.
  11. My favs.... Gibson Polaris Popper Storm Shads & Finn-s 10"ers (sorry, that's two, but had to mention the Finn-s) Cotton Cordell Redfin
  12. I know of a sweet spot on the West Branch of the Penobscot River Just outside of Millinocket, ME. Not sure how far you're willing to drive, but it's about 6 hours from northeastern MA. Coincindentally, I will be there the weekend you're talking about for some hiking in Baxter State park. There are maybe a dozen campsites right on the water, well spread out. I stayed there in August one year and saw virtually no one. The sites are 5 miles in on a dirt road......4x4 recommended but you could get in there with a regular vehicle. The river spreads out to a lake type setting with virtually no current, right at the sites. I haven't fished right there, but have further upstream on the river.......great salmon fishing. I'll be going for salmon from shore around ambejack falls. A bonus is that a few of the sites have awesome views on Mt. Kathadin. The campsites are on paper co. property but run by the state. 2 years ago it was $3pp/night for non residents. Sorry to be a little vague, but don't want to broadcast my slice of heaven to the whole world. If you're interested in more detail, drop me a PM.
  13. The double bucket routine works great from my experience. I use an old 6 pack cooler and a plastic insert I had. I use a tray or two of ice without a bag and it seems to work well. You can also keep them indefinitely in a bucket outside. Just keep up with some fresh cold water and or some ice in the bucket and keep 'em in the shade. I've kept some over 2 weeks in the past. Just don't forget to check on 'em. If one dies the air will turn foul quickly.
  14. Just a question here...... Any particular reason you are targeting stripers in watertown? I would think that there are many more higher probability locations in and around the Boston area. Just curious...........