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  1. Good subject re: checking your gear before every trip. Every kayak I've owned or paddled I always check hatch tightness before hitting the water.
  2. Happy Birthday, Lefty
  3. Hopefully, the wind and surf dies down for the weekend. If not, I'm freshwater fishing for SMB's. Bill, a lot fish cruise Joppa for both recreation and chasing bait. I've rarely marked fish on the flats, but jump schools lounging on the surface. Note, kayak's great for jumping fish in shallow water. However, heading towards the mouth or Badgers is no fun in a kayak because of the currents and the nut cases in cigarette boats plus all the guys with tons of bucks who bought a boat, but forgot to buy some brains.
  4. Gary, You're right, it's a bit of a streeeeeetch to the center console. However, I think it'll work OK. Besides, my Fisherman's center console was a long ways away; meaning you had to move forward to grab a rod. Also, a lot of times I just paddle with the rudder up because the boat track's so well. Jeff and Lefty, I'll be nice and let your demo the boat. However, no fishing from her because I know Jeff will boat a monster just to drive me crazy. I'm waiting for my fish finder to return from Eagle; brand new color finder failed power on test :wacko: BTW, this weather is horrible. I'm looking to go freshwater fishing this week if the weather remains the same; hope nobody else took this week off for vacation besides me?
  5. Jeff, I haven't fished from the boat, but paddled. Yesterday, I saw some water in the in the foot wells just above the scuppers, but no big puddle. The boat comes with scupper plugs which I've never used. Note, the deck slops towards the front scuppers for drainage. The seat's very comfy once you get over the rigid seat back. I purchased a set of Endurance seats and to date, never took them out of the package. My one gripe with the boat after owning heavy boats, the boat's way too light :P No more lifting heavy boats onto the trucks roof. :wacko: I know you carry a lot of stuff and you may find the tank well too small. I wish the front hatch was bigger for carrying carts or other stuff. I know I can stuff a big dry bag up front. Hoping to fish soon, but the weather is horrible. BTW, I have this week off for vacation :lol: Fantastic weather!
  6. Gary, Grilled Macs - http://www.recipes4us.co.uk/Fish%20and%20S..._herbs____h.htm I've eaten macs at sushi bars, yum!
  7. Stopped in teh Kittery Trading Post this AM. I purchased a pair of Chota River Runner Neo-socks. I wanted to head out today fishing, but since I left the coast and knew the wind was starting to crank, picked up my boat and paddled a local lake. Yup, wind started howling here tooo for a awhile. I tried out my new socks. The socks are 3 mils of neprene. Next to my feet I wear fleece socks, then the latex feet for the dry suit, the Chota socks and neoprene boots. Feet started nice and warm while paddling. Maybe I'm just a woos, but cold feet make for a bad day or maybe because I'm hair challenged I get cold feet. Who cares. I decided to try practicing deep wter re-entries. Good day for it. Few people sitting in their cars staring at the water; why do they sit in cars and stare? First attempt into the boat. No, not a pretty site, but I'm in the boat. However, need to be careful because I almost fell off the other side. Need more practice. I decided why not swim the boat back to shore. Oh great, how do you fall out of the boat? Yes, tough time getting out, but I perserved. Flopped over on my back, grabbed the bow line and started paddling to shore. Great, I'm making little progress; seems the boots are preventing me from kicking efficiently. Do I need flippers or more practice? More practice. My my bum hits bottom and I try standing. Great, dry suit trapped a lot of air and I'm bouyant. Roll over and I struggle to my feet. Note, nobody in the cars has asked me a question nor showed any concern for my well being. I don't know these people so they don't know I'm nuts. When I took off the boots and Chotas, trapped water was nice and warm. Nice to have warm feet. :wacko:
  8. aengus, welcome
  9. Jeff, You giving up the T&W? Fly fishing's very addicting. Wait until you cast 12 wt with a Rio 600 grain line :D
  10. Just heard on the news the Riddler from the 1960's TV show passed away on Tuesday.
  11. You can add a float to the chute's line and drop the line if you need to chase a fish or get into trouble.
  12. I saw the X-Factor down in NJ; big boat. Some bigger guys who stand in the boat reportedly cracked the center hatch; sounds like the hatch lacks adequate support. Extreme maybe the best choice or the FnD. However, FnD is a bit slow for paddling, but very stable and holds a lot of stuff.
  13. Gary, Definitely a great boat. I've paddled mine teice, once in FAC and the other wind howling on a lake with white caps. OK, white caps on a lake are not the same as white caps at Pebble Beach. Boat handled very well. End of break, time to debug some code. Rich
  14. Big D - your battery will fit in this box. http://www.ems.com/products/product_detail...D=1116023125667 After a day's fishing open the box to let any lingering gases out. I have one with the battery wired to a terminal strip, switch and wires poking out the side of the box plus a connector so I can disconnect the battery from the transducer cable. I'm setting one this weekend (hopefully) and I'll take some photos.