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  1. Lucky you guys were around to help! Be safe and smart out there everyone. Some risk is involved with most sports but the key is to be aware and be prepared for the conditions. A sik yakker this time of year in the open ocean must have skirt, bilge pump, paddle float, dry gear, and practice in doing wet entries. SOT yakkers too need to be dry and be able to reenter at sea.
  2. Great day Jeff-thanks for the good post! I will be there tomorrow. Let me know if you can pick up some extra worms and when you are going. Between house and lawn chores I got the yak ready to launch!
  3. Just one more year of fishing experience! Have a great day.
  4. Seadogface - Joppa Flats is a wide flats area on the Merrimac River between Newburyport and Salisbury, immediately upstream from the outlet to the Atlantic. It is a popular saltwater fishing area, certainly not burning any secret spots here.
  5. I am planning to make it - it will be good to meet and fish with some more of the yak posters here.
  6. I think it is great to expand the kayak fishing area and I don't see it as changing the site as much as keeping it diverse and interesting and timely so that it appeals to a wide range of fishermen. I don't fish off-shore from powerboats but it sounds awesome and I like reading the posts on this site even though it is not "surf casting". There are striper flyfishing sites that regularly have posts from fishermen who change tactics depending on what the fish are doing, from flies to live bait fishing. It is all good. For those who are not interested in a topic it is easy to just not follow those threads. I really appreciate the time everyone spends in writing helpful comments and ideas and I know it has helped me a lot in learning to fish saltwater from shore and from the yak. Thanks Surfcaster for providing such an excellent site :banana:
  7. Good luck in the tourney guys! Do New England proud. I would love to go but I am taking off the weekend before off and maybe the weekend after for boy's weekends up north and there is no way I can take another weekend. I also can't miss that many soccer and baseball games my kids are involved in. This year has not started for me yet but I aim to be on the water a lot fairly soon.
  8. That is friggin unbelievable! Sounds like a nice boat but how can they distribute yaks with big leaks? What if you paddled far and got into trouble-isn't the company potentially liable if something bad happens? I am no fan of lawyers and litigation but when you buy a SOT you expect it to be water tight. It is a good post GM2 to alert all buyers of new yaks to test them close to shore first. It seems like there must be a quick test yak makers could do besides filling each with water. They must be able to use an air compressor and a tight factory hatch cover to see if there are leaks (or else they should fill them all with water to test).
  9. I just checked out the On-the-Water online fishing report and Ron Powers mentions "kamikaze kayaker Jeff Lopez" when talking about holdover striper fishing at the Amelia Earhart Dam on the Mystic River. Way to go Riddler :bluefish: www.fishingcapecod.com
  10. Jamaica Pond may be the closest for trout but it is not quite the wilderness experience. The link from Surf Rat should give you all you need to know.
  11. Nice fish in the yak Onshore! Is that a weakfish? One idea would be to use the bicycle flag setup and Eric's method of using SOLAS tape is a great addition. Besides increasing visibility we do need to figure out something for letting us be picked up on radar for those foggy days. The KFS website had a good discussion going about this and I need to check that again. I admit I have not used flags or radar deflectors but you can never be too safe out there. Maybe this year.
  12. In Mass you need to be able to show a warden your license if asked but it does not need to be displayed on your person.
  13. This week I am going to get out on the Sudbury River which will be extremely high after these rains. You can see waterfowl feeding in the floodplain. I have no experience fishing these conditions. Do largemouths (or other gamefish) feed in the flooded agricultural fields and red maple swamps? There are big pike in the area - will they stay in the main river channel or are they all over? Kayaking in flood stage is very cool now because you can paddle all over the place but I just don't know what to expect for fishing. Certainly in the cold water bass will want slow lure presentations to solicit strikes but are the pike flying around after anything that moves or do they like it slow now too? I may also try some of the trout-stocked ponds. I was out for several hours tonight helping spotted salamanders and wood frogs avoid being runover (Yes - I am a nature geek). Big amphibian migration night. Spring is definitely here!
  14. That is a great shot! Did you practice getting back on the P13 or were you mostly checking the dry setup? Who took the shot?
  15. Jeff - a great way to make real cheap but effective scupper plugs is to cut them out of a pool noodle. A sharp knife cuts them like butter. Just leave the upper end big enough so it sticks out about an inch and you can quickly pull them out. The shape does not need to be perfect because by jamming them in it fills out the scupper hole and they don't leak. I always keep a sponge in the cockpit to clean out water that accumulates from paddling or washovers. If surf is heavy and you take on a bunch of water then just pull the plugs. I don't claim this as my idea, someone on KFS recommended it.
  16. Thanks for the feedback everyone. That is great you got out today with your kids! I just got back from my son's hockey tryouts and have the Sox on - another sure sign of spring! I will definitely be dressed in dry gear with extra insulation. You certainly need to dress for full immersion regardless of season. This is the most dangerous time of year for paddlers because of the warm sun but ice cold water. It is incredible how people paddle without PFDs or the proper clothing. Fishing will be challenging but mostly I need to get out. I think I will cover the main channels and floodplains with a variety of lures and retrieve speeds and see what happens. I am very curious if largemouths are feeding in the flooded farm fields - they must have easy pickings of earthworms etc. but maybe they mostly stay in the true river channel. In the time I wrote this I am already to trade Wells - I still don't know why we got him. Of course if he starts kicking ###### I reserve the right to change my mind.
  17. GRH-that is a good idea. I am willing to that on a calm summer day. One problem is that everyone has their yak rigged for how they like it. We all have our routines for catching fish down and it may be hard to adapt to other yaks. If we are into big fish I will want to be in my on fishing platform. Even just paddling for a little while in other boats will be good for seeing how they handle.
  18. The Boston Globe website, www.boston.com , has a short article with a cool aerial photo of the sharks but it does not say what species they are.
  19. Surf Rat - that was an excellent multimedia experience, definitely setting the bar high for Surfcaster.com posts!
  20. Let's see some yak photos!
  21. August in Winthrop sounds good to me. Hopefully I will be around. July 9th is the first day of a family reunion vacation so I can't make that.
  22. The 160 looks like it would be quick and smooth in the rough stuff. From the photo it is hard to tell but the tankwell looks a little smaller than the one in the 140.
  23. Garrick, No new boat for me this year but I would like to test drive the prowler.
  24. Guyza, Good point on the float plan. I always let my wife know where I am going and when I expect to be back. I guess leaving a map and schedule in the car would be good to do also. However, I would not want it on the dash because then it would be easy for someone to break into the car since they would know how long I was going to be away. What is your method Guyza?
  25. Salty, I have 2 fishing kayaks and would go fishing with you. I am not a total ace at fishing or yaking but manage to survive alright. If you are used to surfcasting the only challenge will be getting comfortable in a yak. Somedays the open ocean is calm enough for all, the next day everyone may be looking for an upstream estuary away from hurricane force winds. I would take my SIK, an Oldtown Castine, and you could take my Tarpon 140 SOT for a while. However, if you catch bigger or more fish than me I would have to take back the T140 which is my main harvesting machine! My advice to anyone would be get a big bad ###### fishing rig! Gumbo