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  1. We caught a gull dragging our 32" fish up the dune a couple of years ago. It would not have been long before that fish was nowhere to be found. We had to pay constant attention because he kept coming back. I had a fox stalking me one night, right behind me less than 10' at times, I hear from locals there are a few that do very well on the island side. Sorry for your loss
  2. I would be worried about the paddling (or rowing) part. The current gets pretty strong out there. The boat size is a bit small, but you will mainly have to worry about current and other boat's wakes. If you stay on the flats and not "in the river" you would be safer. Yeah I treally dont like my brother in law either, lol
  3. I do, I have a couple of spots in the river that I cant fish properly cause of the current, they hold fish but I will anchor out from them and make 10-15 or more casts up current of the spots and use the drift, these fish are easily spooked so I dont dare move in on them. As far as the flats go, I wouldnt anchor where you see boats drifting and cause the water is rather swallow, spooking fish is a problem, youre best bet is to check the area during daylight and try to come back to the same area and try drifting. I was amazed at how far the sand bar extends at low tide on the south side of the channel Good luck!!!! ps all the trash will make its way down the river this weekend with all the flooding beware
  4. PI

    DS I love that area of NC, We go to topsail island every other year. I hope to retire there one day to fish year round Go Redsox Tightlines
  5. Deleted old pick and added a new one, starting to get to know how to use the site more, this is one from last friday. In law taking the picture so I was surprised it was in focus. How come I can only put one picture on at a time? GO REDSOX ok tried too, it said it was too big, 275K any suggestions? thanks
  6. Depending how well you know the marina guy, I would take home as much bad gas as i could and mix it for the weed wacker chain saw etc. i was told by my mechanic its about 6 dollars a gallon to get rid of. good luck, let us know Go RedSox
  7. Hey DS hoe did u make out with the boat?
  8. Thanks DS and Cat Johnson. Its definetly a sculpin, funny little sideline, when I caught that thing I swung it over to the other side of the boat and put it in my father-in-laws lap, the fish promptly upchucked a half digested lobster. the outlaw, I mean in law was pretty upset, but I laughed my ###### off. nWe tend to find ways to screw with eachother and now I'm looking over my shoulder when ever hes about. Tightlines :lol:Go RedSoxs
  9. fish the mack today for about 2and half hours incoming, very slow. Marked some fish holding tight to structure, managed 3 schoolies and a fish i havent seen in years, not even sure the name of it, but caught it inside the jetties drifting. Fished with my father in law, he did not like the swells at the mouth, moved back in and drifted over some fish breaking the surface with a few birds on the salisbury side, nothing. had a decent size chase a popper up river, but it was really slow and quiet. Very few boats. Saw a Bald Eagle again, same spot, must be nesting. Hopefully will be fishing this weekend, tightlines Go RedSox
  10. Yeah there are rod holders but I displayed poor fishing skills, 1 by not using my net and 2 by assuming that the fish couldnt see me walk to the front of the boat for a soda B), I really dont know why I didnt use the rod holder, theres about 5 of them. Lazy or tired I guess. It truly seems like when u r not ready or expecting is when u get nailed. Im Still depressed about the trip. Heading up there maybe Tues or Wed days, after this week I'm back to weekend fishing. Go Bruins
  11. I have been in the water twice since my last post, Went with my father-in-law, a week ago fished the river in small water due to his health issues, caught several average small keepers and large schoolies. Father-in-law tried from landing my fish lol Went out Fri for 1 hour of incoming and 4 hours of outgoing, got to the state park, free parking great, no parking spots had to walk a mile to park truck and trailer. On the water and wow, wow, look at all the boats, big ones, little ones everywhere. Zig zagging through the "mind field" of boats, decided to drift on the outside of the jetties away from everyone else, hooked up with 4 fish in about an hour on drift macks, smallest 28"largest 33". Now there are 4 boats all within casting distance, 2 anchored so I left. An hour later, yes an hour at least later, made my way down to slower quiet water down river, and saw herring beaching themselves and scattering right up aganist the banking. I anchored out a ways and for a long time I saw this awesome event, up and down the river bank. Fishing was slow cause I wasnt prepared, however missed a few, dropped a few,caught 2 over 25", had one scream off the drag on a dead run, had to check the drag to make sure it was correct, pissing myself now cause the head shakes were burning my thumb trying to slow down the drag, stayed deep the whole time. Finally got it to the boat after a long fight, set the rod down in the rod holder reached down and grabbed the fish by the mouth with 2 hands lifted, head shake, dropped one hand then the other, fish fell back in the water and stretched the line with a snap.......My biggest in a couple of years, told my father in law on the phone, he asked if i got a picture, no, so he said I was just starring at my bait, ok point made. So the next half hour or so fishing the deep hole, got up to get a soda out of the cooler in the front of the boat, slow, so I set the rod down next to the chair and not in the rod holder,made my way up front and yes heard a couple of bangs and watched $200, skip accross the water for a good 5 to 10 feet before it dissappered into the darkness. A really bad day Moral of this nightmare, there are big fish up the river, easily spooked, less consistant, but generally fish everywhere, if you want to better your odds on bigger fish leave the mind field at the mouth and slow down while fishing structure or changes in current tight lines, sorry for such long report. I have a white 17' red lettering proline if you see me say hi GO BOSOX
  12. Did u try changing your water/fuel separater? I had the same problem earlier this year, I was told I had bad gas when actually the filter was dead. Good luck Go BoSox
  13. Last year we caught a tub full of cats ,I have a cage in my brook i put them in there for 2 weeks ,then cleaned them and deep fried them ,can't beat um.We always just called them white cats.VT Yes they are white cats/channel cats, being under the route 1 bridge really suprised me. I will be heading out before the weekend crowd, will post report. GO RESOX
  14. Until the first or barley the 2nd week of June, this for me has been effective, From what I've heard these incoming fish are hungry and the sense of smell plays a much bigger part right now, after being in schools from virigina, they will eat about anything. Nice report
  15. Fished from 10 am til about 4, drifted the flats and further up river under the RT 1 Bridge and up around the islands, caught 7 schoolies on the flats trolling a worm and missed a few on a crippled minnow"poor fishing tactics". Most fish were around the 20 inch mark. Ran out of worms and wind started to pick up so made my way down stream, marked a ton of fish under the bridge stayed there a while and caught unlimited amount of big cats 3-5+ pound range on drift clam. Could have filled a cooler if wanted to. I didnt know they were that far down stream. Got bored of that and drifted clam around the islands and tossed a "of all things" a spinner bait for 4 more schoolies and a few more dissapointing cats. The stripers were very thin and hugging the grass. Most were hitting the spinner about 10 feet from shore but were fun to catch considering the hard strikes. Very warm that day, had to laugh on two different occassions, as soon as I had a fish on, a boat near by would move in to the area I was fishing. One of them steppped right in front of my drift, I was hoping it was too early in the season for that, guess not. All in all a good day of fishing but nothing big, did see a guy and his son catch a HUGE eel, his son was freaking out, lol GO RED SOX