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  1. I have also had good results using "walk the dog" type lures like a Zara Spook and Rapala Skitter Walk! Nothing like the rush when you see the swirl and then feel the "bang" when they hit it for real! Great info CharlieA!
  2. Went out for the first time last night down to the jetty in Camp Ellis. Brought just my gear and was only planning on being there for about an hour so did not bait up. Outgoing tide to dead low...throwing slug-gos and storms....nothing. Then threw a top water "walk the dog" lure. After 5 twitches got hit with a schoolie about 16". First one of the season! Got some taps with the slug-gos but no hits. Ended up catching two more all on top water lures (best way to catch them in my opinion). All schoolies. Next time I will definitely bait up! To the left of me and to the right of me guys were slaying them on worms. Group fishing off the beach at the beginning of the jetty caught 20 in the same time that I caught my 3! All on worms! Tight lines!
  3. Excellent point, NH! I resolve to post more this year! :D
  4. I am not Johnson...but maybe you were asking Foodchain? :D
  5. I am guessing that good fishing in the Saco is still about 2-3 weeks away due to the prior weather and spring run off. No reports yet from Saco Bay Tackle company (although they report being stocked with bait)!!! Getting the itch bad! Got the gear ready...ordered some more Slug-go's this week and am pumped. What were you using? Bait or lures? Tight lines!
  6. Not specifics...but where were ya? I was out at the Saco River jette this weekend with little luck...but I was only there for an hour and just really for practice. Any day now! :D
  7. I agree with everyone! Unfortunately it is so much fun buying new equipment! When ever I end up at Dick's Sporting Goods or Wal-Mart or LL Bean's I find myself in the fishing aisle looking at all the lures and soft plastics! Gotta admit...my box is full of Storm Wild Eye Shads and Tsunami Swim Baits but I am a sucker for buying more! One thing I have been able to hold off on is buying more plugs! Got the one or two Yozuri Crystal Minnows and Pencil Poppers that I swear buy...and the several Rapala's that I never end up using! So...I have shown some measure of restraint over the years! :lol: Can't wait for April! Or, for us up here in Portland, ME...mid May! Good luck to all this coming season!
  8. Crickey! He was the coolest! My kids and I loved to watch him a few years back!! I always thought it would be a giant croc or great white that got him. Wow! He will be missed! B)
  9. Caught one in the Saco river early in the season that was about the same size! I have no idea how it fit the 5 inch Storm Shad in it's mouth! B) Or what it would have done with it if it were a real bait fish!
  10. I have always had good luck with Storms and not so much with Tsunami. Love the Storm in Bunker and Pearl in May and September!
  11. Looking for some guidance. I am leaving the beautiful state of Maine to head down to the Cape next week. At a conference in North Falmouth. In between all of my "learning" I want to get some fishing in. Any advice on fishing spots in the North Falmouth area and suggestions on bait, lures and tides? Thanks
  12. I was going to guess Valley Girl or Fast Times at Ridgemont High....but then I realized you were not talking about the girl! :banana:
  13. If you are in Portland... The Tackle Shop 61 India Street Portland, ME 04101 207-773-FISH (3474) Or in Saco Saco Bay Tackle Company on Rt 1 in Saco across from Aquaboggin!
  14. Informatione? :lol: ¿Dónde están todos de los pescados? :D
  15. I want me some of these! LOSER! :banana: