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  1. Fished lake Winnipesaukee (in NH) all weekend. Buddy Travis, his daughter Katelyn and I saw some serious action on Land-locked Atlantic Salmon and Lake Rainbows. It was also peak foliage time. More fish and some foliage pics here:
  2. Saturday I took my 8 and 10 year old daughter and son (respectively) and my buddy Bill from work with his daughter (9) off to wells beach surfcasting. We left in the early afternoon from Rochester NH (2:30 pm) and drove to Wells Beach. We needed bait, so we drove around for about 10 minutes till we found "Seven Rivers Bait and Tackle, right on rte 1. Loaded up on frozen mackerel and sea worms. It was around 3:30, so we drove out to the north lot of Wells Beach. The traffic on rte 1 was utterly horrendous, but that late in the day the lot was almost empty. The Turistas were all clearing out and the pay parking booth was unmanned, so we got in for free. We set up next to the Jetty and tossed out frozen Mackerel Chunks and the kids swam. Low tide. No luck, but a local came by and said that in this tide, usually, the stripers come in all at once and look like "Basketballs in the surf." And that it was very odd to have no action. Oddly, we had no action. But me and my buddy fished and the kids swam for four hours then up-anchored. The bait place is open till 8, so we were able to replenish our mackerel and added a tub of clams for good measure. Had for dinner at a clam shack, then drove out in the fading light to Parson's Beach in Kennebunkport. The "Lot" at Parsons'. They are not used to being way out on the beach in the dark, even though there was a beautiful, full moon. The Moon was so bright I even caught it with the cam. The Kids look a bit nervous Well, not my son, actually - he wasn't nervous, he was excited. So we all packed up our raccoon backpacks and headed out. It was a bit of a hike from the lot to the edge of the Mousam Rivermouth and the kids whined a tad. But they made it. We set up in the soft sand a little dome tent for the kids. Lined the floor with sleeping bags and gave them a 12 volt halogen lantern to play with. Later they got glow sticks. We threw out baits and waited 4 hours for a bite. Zippo. Home by 2 am. But the kids had fun.
  3. I have been fishing for sea run striped bass in a river on the NH/Southern Maine border. There's a family of Bald Eagles living nearby - one adult and two juveniles. Well somehow these overgrown parakeets clued into the fact that at one bridge (the one I fish) human beings are throwing out tons of fish, cut into yummy, bite-sized chunks. It being late spring, the river is choked with bait herring run in fresh from the sea (10 miles downriver) to breed. The entire ocean follows these bastards in to eat em. That's why I am there. I want a nice fish like this: Anyway, today at the bridge a very big bald eagle - wings six or more feet across - kept lunging into the water for herring right in front of us. We were entranced. He'd show up about every half hour. I had a half pint of whiskey handy (in case of snake bite, of course) and celebrated each arrival with a surreptitous swig. So around 2pm the eagle swooped in (as usual) and he came out the water with a herring in his talons. The guy fishing next to me shouted. "HEY! He's got a HERRING!" A few seconds later this guys' fishing rod, which he had propped up on the rail thusly: Started to make funny noises. Before he could react the entire rig tipped up and over the rail and into the drink. The Eagle dropped the herring. The rod sunk. I had another surreptitious drink. I waited until he'd stopped jumping up and down in place, screaming, then offered him the flask. "Dude, it could have been worse." He drained the flask and looked at me with wild, rolling eyes. "how?" "You could have caught it!"
  4. I use a Kodak EZ-Share 5 megapixel Digital Camera with 10x optical zoom. 1 gig chip holds about 6,000 pics, so I can snap away with abandon. Good fishing camera - very water resistant. I recommend it heartily!
  5. Yeah it has been a bit more crowded of late at the bridge. This rain has messed everything up.
  6. hehe "Lower Piscataqua". Hmm I am guessing the South Berwick Dam OR Henry Law Park in Dover. What tide did you fish?
  7. This is Joe. He's seventy five years old. He's been down at the bridge every morning over the past two weeks, looking for the BIG ONE. And today he hooked up! Incoming tide, about an hour past low. Live Alewife His son landed the fish for him. Brought her up the side of the bridge. Measured - 43 inches 75 years old and he said THIS was the largest fish he'd ever caught in his LIFE!
  8. Got the boy saturday at noon. We fished the outgoing tide at the Dover/Eliot bridge from 1:30 in the afternoone to 5:00 pm. Saturday Schoolies showed up 1/2 hour into the turn of the tide. Once the current got going good, I put my son on them with a storm shad. They were in thick and he got dozens. Sunday Fished the late incoming and early outgoing. Many fish were taken on bait alewives. We got one schoolie on a live herring that day
  9. Well I spoke to some guys doing a herring tally at the south berwick fish ladder on monday and they said the flood killed the herring run all last week. Seems everything has been moved back 7 days. The herring have just started coming back in the last 2 days - I got 2 shad on sunday with the water very high still. Today was the first solid striper action and the fact that they are small and licey suggests it's the first wave. Monday I had a bunch of draggers on my herring (hard won after hours of jiggin) and I usually asociate draggers with stripers too small to eat but big enough to grab. There will always be a few big fish holding over. Give it a week and we may see some bigger action. Meanwhile - quantity trumps quality! Get out there and take your best shot!
  10. Gee - I could have caught 90 stripers today if I wanted to. I hit the Dover/Eliot bridge at 9:30. Top of the tide. Had to wait for a half hour before the tide started running good. My buddy Bill jigged up an alewife on a sabiki and put him down on a baitrunner with a hook in his back. Then he got three more and we all were baited up. So I took my schoolie rod over to the maine side of the bridge and started throwing 4" pearl storm shads. Every cast was a striper! Tiny fish - maybe 12 to 14 inches. But the Sheer VOLUME of them was amazing! It got disgusting after a while and I gave up to concentrate on my baits. Herring were there throughout the tide. We got all we needed. About noon something grabbed one of my baits and dragged it way out. I ran over but my buddy Bill was closer so I yelled "SET IT!" I forgot I had a Gamakatsu Circle hook in that fish and I watched in horror as he grabbed the rod and YANKED it over his head! The fish took off and I was left with a bare hook (Kids - you do NOT set a Circle Hook). Well it was my fault for messing with the schoolies. A few drags on the baits after but nothing good. THey are still small - lots of sea lice on em. Tomorrow I expect a 40 incher.... Hehehhe
  11. I will be there too. Taking the boy saturday afternoon. Probably hit the dover/eliot bridge with a few dozen seaworms. I don't think the dam will yield much because it's probably douching fresh water like mad. Water will be high and stripers diffuse to nonexistent in all the fresh water. Try downriver.
  12. Stripers are showing up in South Berwick at the Dam, along with Alewives and Shad. Numbers are spotty so far, but I saw several schoolies and herring taken today. Ditto for the Dover/Eliot Bridge. Ran into a few guys buying seaworms at Taylor's Trading Post in Madbury who said they got a bunch saturday night behind Little Bay Lobster. Give it a week and things should be quite buisy.
  13. I have been fishing southern NH all my life. Last year the herring did seem a tiny bit spotty, but there were still plenty coming up into Great Bay and all the tribs. Far as I know we can still use em for bait - I catch herring on a sabiki jig the liveline em.
  14. Got out of work at 10pm thursday night. Fished the second bridge on the causeway to Newcastle Island. Got there at the early outgoing and saw thousands of Herring schooling in the lights. Caught plenty and livelined them. First striper about 30 seconds after I dropped down the bait. Lotta pulls but very few eaters leading me to believe most of the fish were very small. Buddy pulled in a 24 incher near the end of the tide around 3am. I caught a few in the same range just on Sabiki's with a storm shad at the bottom. TONS of small fish, TONS of herring, I think they are all on the way upriver. Fish the dams this weekend guys! The bait run is in full swing.
  15. Sure, it's on rte 4 between rollingsford NH and south berwick Maine. Cross over the bridge into maine and take your first right - the parking lot is right there. It's hard to miss. :D