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  1. I understand about the under staffing and lack of funding. But if there is one huge poaching hot spot it's the Lawrence Dam. What happens usually there is about 10-12 guys in the area, under the bridge. About 4 goons will be fishing and the rest will be the lookout guys and take the shorties to thier cars. They'll pass them along to each other like an assembly line. Hell, I'd even volunteer for Conservation to help the matter!
  2. Been fishing the Lawrence dam for a few days now. I would like to know what is being done by the goons taking multiple schoolies from the Lawrence dam. It's unbelievable, I was fishing about 50 -75 ft from them and they are handing schoolies under the bridge to their buddies and into their cars like it was legal and nobody is watching. I couldn't believe it! Every single time I go to the dam this is going on and I never see an Game Warden in the area. I wish I had Conservation's number on speed dial. I hope I'm not the only one who is outraged about this and personally I think something needs to be done about this area. If anyone can relate to this I'd love to hear your story and find out what we can do to stop this constant poaching.
  3. If it was early June, or hell...even late May I wouldn't even bother posting this topic. Just thought I would let you guys know I caught two schoolies on the North Shore Sat. 14 & 15 inches long. I hope some of you guys had better luck than I did. They were caught on a 4 inch green Storm Shad, about an hour from high tide. Here's to a great year gentleman!
  4. Kinda sounds like my love life!
  5. Hey CityStriper.. the link doesn't work. I believe this was the link you were reffering to. Thanks for the tips! http://surfcasting-rhodeisland.com/merchan...tegory_Code=SRS
  6. I was thinking about throwing a fly out on the North Shore this weekend. Hope I'm not wasting my time. Anyone else thinking about doing the same?
  7. When the top water plugs stop working, tie on a Storm Shad. Stripers usually go crazy for the top water plugs. But I found when the top water action dies off the Storm Shads seemed to really do the trick. One of the good things about these Shads is that they are more weedless than your standard Rebel or shallow diving minnow. The single hook is protruding from the top of the plastic bait, so when it bounces off the bottom, it will not get hooked on any kind of clam bed or weeds. Also, these baits don't needs too much effort to perform correctly. I used a medium retrieve stop and go and got great results. Today was a great discovery, I hope this helps you guys, let me know! Tight lines to all!
  8. The only place I know of is in Gloucestor, I couldnt even tell you the street. I know its in a tourist area with all tourist traps on either side of the street. It's the street right in front of Gortons Fishing Company, kinda nestled in the back. The store says "taxadermy" on the front of the building. The building is towards the beginning of the tourist strip. Hope that helps!
  9. tattoobob, flyfish anywhere in Beverly. Basically, I'm just walking out there up to my waist or chest and throwing out about 25'-30' of line. If your in the area let me know!
  10. The chartruese streamer works great on the schoolies. No biggins yet, but I had a hell of a time realing in the schoolies. Basically used it on the outgoing about 2 hours from dead low tide. Get some waders and get out there!
  11. I've been using nothing but chunk mac with a fish finder. I'm only getting a few hits using it. Could anyone give me a few suggestions on rigs in combo with chunk mac or herring? I just surf cast, so I understand my options may be limited. Thanks
  12. Hey what about hooking chunk mac, herring...etc so when you cast it doesnt fly off .
  13. I fished the incoming tide last night on the north shore. I used only chunk mac and got plent of good hits, but of course nothing to show for it. There were guys next to me who were fly fishing and catching plenty of schoolies. Personally, I think that fresh bait will always bring in good size fish. You might not catch as many fish with the chunk, but I think the size of the fish will be larger than those you may catch using a lure. So, my personal preference would be using the chunk mac or herring.
  14. Lake Quinipowet in Wakefield, is a great spot for carp fishing.
  15. averagejoe I couldnt agree with you more. You never see any presence of EP in highly fished area such as P.I. and certain parts of the Merrimack. Look, we all hate to me tatle tails but, if the EP cant get out of their trucks to inforce any regulations, than why do we have any? Good thread all, tight lines.