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  1. Lefty, Is this get together still a "GO" and if so does anyone know my best bet for a route getting there coming down "93"?
  2. Another year old...aren't birthdays just grand? :wacko: Another good reason to celebrate....life.
  3. That's what I was going to ask...what kind of range did they (the vhf) get down in NY. The little personal's didn't do too well due to a lot of noise I was attributing to bein near a very large city and airport. Or what kind of range can one expext out of a vhf in normal conditions? I'm thinking I want to get one if I come down to the coast very often.
  4. Lefty.... I've seen that same look in people's eyes while working Mountain Rescue. All of the gear and all of the training and practice does,'t do a heck of a lot of good at that point. That's where it takes others, like in this case you, Di, and Dan to recognize the severity of the situation and react accordingly. Without those additional minds and hands, things are just going sideways in a hurry. As far as safety goes . . having the proper clothing and wearing it correctly goes a long way towards stretching the time of reaching that panic point. Knowing how to self rescue (by reading) and practicing are two totally different things. As soon as the water warms up enough, I will be spending some time going back through the drill for sure. Nice to have met all you folks...see you in June.
  5. Nice Report . . . that really sums it up. I got one Striper on Friday but that was before that wind came up. (That made fore a heck of a paddle back to camp). All the rest were blues, a lot around 18", a few around 24", and one that masured 29" (looked like a Pirahna with a 6" mouth ). Congratulations to Jeff and also to a couple other "Class Act" folks from this forum who spent much of their fishing time helping another who was in trouble.
  6. Jeff, I posted on the CT board about directions hoping for some insight from the locals. I got a couple of PMs and both of them suggested shying away from the I-95. They both said (and also RWOLSON suggested) stay on the I-84 to I-684 and in White Plains that turns into the Hutchinson River Parkway (The Hutch). They say that puts you on to the I-678 and over the Whitestone Bridge. They were pretty clear that there will be less trafic than I-95. Aproximate tolls $5.00 inbound $10.00 outbound. Hope this helps it sure made up my mind when I received the PMs. I was already leaning that way but those were the final push.
  7. Jeff, At least at Cape Cod you guys warned me about the Blues.....No one gave me a heads up on those stupid sand worms.
  8. Count me in.
  9. I am very sorry to hear the update turn out as it did. A tragic loss for all involved. Still Praying, Roger
  10. I pray all the time for all of the people of the world that are going through times like this but when it is an acquaintance or freind's aquaintence, the prayers just seem to be of more substance. Patti and I are praying for this family. Let us know how they come through. Roger
  11. I'll be heading straight down I-91 and have to make a decision. Do I want to continue on down to I-95 or near Hartford is the cut off for I-84 to I-684 missing New Haven, Bridgeport, and Stamford. Are any of you familiar enough with these two routes to suggest one over the other. I'll be heading out of here about 3 or 4 am on Friday which would put me in Hartford / New Haven area around 6 or so. Thanks, Roger
  12. Please help enlighten me. Are we talking about Salt or Fresh? I was under the impression that one did not have to have a license in these neighboring states for fishing salt water. Am I mistaken and a ticket waiting to happen or what? Thanks for any input.
  13. Do any of you use circle hooks with the shiners when planning on catch and release?
  14. Thanks for all the input. First off, let me add that the only large tackel shop around is WalMart.......sooooo, I asked around at work and one guy is going to sell me his 8" auger that has been retired since he got a gas one. Said he has a spare pair of brand new cutters and was going to do a garage sale this summer. I will get it Monday for $30. Another guy said there is a little tackle shop up by where he lives and he thinks he can pick up a couple tip ups for $8 each. This is looking good. I regularly kayak fish the nearest lake to my house in the summer and do pretty well with Pickerel, LMB, and SMB. An occasional Yellow Perch grabs my line also. I have a couple spots marked on my GPS so if the weather works out next weekend I should be giving it a try. I'm not set up yet for live bait but I will send down a whacky rigged worm or whatever else I pull out of my stuff. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll just stand back with a regular rod and mess around casting at 8" hole. Again, thanks a bunch for the advise and encouragement......Roger
  15. How about some ideas as to the basics for getting started ice fishing. What would be the minimum of equipment and an inexpensive (spelled C-H-E-A-P) way to go to start out. I have been out on a couple of lakes here watching and everone is out there with a whole bunch of rigs, ATV's, gas powered augers - the whole nine yards. I would like to just go out and dig a hole or two, a couple lines, and hang out. Lures or Shiners? Can I get away with hand lines or what? You know, all those real rookie questions. Any input would be really appreciated. I just transplanted from Southern California to New Hampshire two years ago and this is all new to me. Thanks, Roger