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  1. hull gut is known for blues.
  2. I have a window to go fishing from eight to twelveish tomorrow night. What can you guys suggest to help me make th emost of my trip. I have fond memories of the Salem Pier out by the arcades but last time I checked the light was gone allong with the fish. I have caught lots of small stuff at the Hampton RR bridge but it is not a very accomidating place at night. Any info on location, technique, bait, or anything would be greatly appreciated. Oh, I am land-bound. Thanks, James
  3. I am looking to purchase a new bass rod an reel for largemouths in heavy cover. I also want this to be a combo that I can take to the marsh or on a boat, if I ever get one, and seriously handel stripers. I enjoy spinning reals much more so it will be spinning. I have done a little sluething and I like the Daiwa Advantage TDA4500S and the St. Croix PS70XHF Premier Rod. What do you guys use for seven foot spinning gear?
  4. I am planning on hitting the Hampton area on Monday. Any advice? I don't really have a plan cooked up all I know is I cannot be there early or late. Should I fish the beech, marsh, or what? Thinking of tacking kayaks into the marsh but I have never done something like that before. Just looking for some tips so I can introduce a friend to striped bass for the first time. Thanks
  5. Sweet fish! What was it caught on? What time of year was that fish caught? I hear that during the summer all the big fish are offshore or in the surf. I have heard good things about night fishing in marshes anyone have any experiance with this?
  6. I was wondering if anyone has ever caught any big fish up in the Taylor river or other sections of the marsh. Is fishing better in the fall or are they always schoolies? I was fishing the railroad tressel from about 6:00 to 9:00 on wednesday and caught about 25 schoolies in the 16-22 inch range. They refused small plugs and herring but would crush sandworms fished weightless in the swirls. The tide was outgoing the whole time and most fish seamed to be on the up river side. Larger fish were slapping baitfish in the 1-2 inch rangeout of range. So is this the extent of fishing the marsh? Would be really cool if you just used a freshwater spinning outfit. thanks
  7. I was looking for striper info on the Saltwater Sportsmen web site and found a cool nautical chart feature that lest you look at any place in the world for charts. I looked at PI and this is what I found. While the front of the refuge looks like a barren wasteland above water it is much more complicated under the surf. According to the charts there are at least two places where sandbars come out and form a large bowl where there should be large rips on the out going tide. There are also a few lone bars and some hills and holes. Have any of you noticed that the spots I will point out on the maps are any better?
  8. I have seen a hook like that for largemouth sold at northern bass supply in Epping N.H. I think the biggest was 5/0.
  9. I was wondering if anyone knew if dogs are allowed on the refuge. I am planing on hiting it on wednesday and my puppy would enjoy it. Thanks
  10. Hi, I am considering a fishing trip to pompham beach and would like to know if there are any bait shops that someone could tell me about. I have never been in the area so anything would be a big help. I will be gettting there early on a monday morning so if you know one that is open early on mondays that would be really great. Thanks, James Roane
  11. I was thinking of going to Plum Island next Monday but I have never been surf fishing in Maine and would like to go. I was thinking of fishing either the Kennebec or Penobscot. Do you know of any good surf spots on either river? Where do you think I would have the best luck? Thanks
  12. On this upcoming Monday I have about a 16-hour window to fish Plum Island. I have been life guarding all summer, my dad has weekends off, and I have Mondays and Wednesdays. We locked up this coming Monday to go to PI and try to make the most of it. We live about two hours from Newburyport so getting there and back is not something we can do on a whim. I would really like to make the most of this trip! My tackle situation is this. I have a reel that is old and corroded so bad that it no longer has any drag or anti reverse (I must fight fish by backpedaling). I have 17 lb test line sandworm hooks and pyramid sinkers 3 and 4 oz. My 10 ft rod is heavy and cumbersome though I have done fine with it in the past. I will be geting a new outfit soon but not in time for Monday. I was planning on leaving around 8:00 Saturday and fish all night but I do not know how I would get my hands on any bait. When does Surfland open on Monday and close on Saturday? I am really interested in fishing with live eels at night but if I cannot possibly make it happen I will resort to chunk bait or sand worms in the early morning hours. Where should I fish if I fish sandworms and chunk bait? Will it be worth anything to me to fish from 5:00 A.M. to sunset or is it just a waste. I hope you guys can help a landlocked surf fisher get his foamy fix. Thanks, James Roane
  13. Where would you fish live eels at night? In august? Would it be best to fish the mouth of PI or the refuge? How do you cast them out if there is so little weight? Is one tide better than the other with eels? Thanks
  14. Has anyone out there used one of the daiwa reverse taper spinning reels? They look good but are they realy worth it? What is the best reel for someone throwing 2-3 oz weights with chunk bait. Also I fish freshwater alot and I absolutly love PowerPro braided line. Is this good or bad in the surf? My current setup is really going (seventh year Shakespere Alpha 10ft combo) I have 17lb berkley big game and this has given me good distance. Not a bad life for a $39.99 combo. I am willing to go to about $150 on the new set. Are Bass Pro Shops Ocean Master Rods any good? They have a Daiwa Emcast/Ocean Master combo for $150. Finally, is there anything to be said for conventional reel combos? Thanks