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  1. Were you off the Camp Ellis Jetty looking towards OOB? Bet they were indeed Bluefish. Probably on macks or those big Pogies.Or maybe late dropping-down from the river Alewife.Have caught many Blues out there. Prob. too early, but could it have been schoolie TUNA?? ;) I saw them there 2 years ago ....Big bait (pogies) bring in BIG fish.
  2. Lefty's Joppa Lumpah??? :wacko:
  3. Lefty's Joppa Lumper....
  4. Had a "Large" :lol: :wacko: day on Joppa Friday 20th. Got blown off the water Monday afternoon. I'll be there possibly Friday and over the weekend. If you see me (aqua P13) give me the secret "Surfcaster Kayak Forum" sign.....
  5. Monday before the "Blackout" me and a friend caught a couple fish in our So. ME/NH 3 hour drive-'round. The usual spots. Planned on fishing Joppa, but got blown off the water there.... May go out today, just to keep the "toe off the trigger..." LOL (no offense...)
  6. Monday- Kayaked the Essex R. Cold and Windy, no signs of fish or bait.Fished the usual points , bars and rips. Tuesday- Joppa flats and surrounding areas, same as above but a much nicer day. May give it another shot on Friday....
  7. Taking some vacation time this week... I'm going to fish every possible day. Will be on the Essex or Merrimack to fish the outgoing , looks like a lunchtime start (and later each day thereafter), fish into the afternoon/evening.Anyone's welcome....
  8. PI, Any I.d. on that bait? I've got time this week and want to pack accordingly....Seems too early for the Alewife imitators. Like to travel light whenever possible, 'specially in the yak.
  9. Did'nt want to "spot burn".... :banana: Though prob. it's common knowledge.
  10. Reliable source told me the Shad have arrived in a certain N. Shore MA river.....
  11. Any word on the Essex? Or Parker? I'm planning a little "detour" on the way to Mom's this weekend..... :banana:
  12. Lefty, Can you post some photos of your Flies? Great Names.
  13. So my new Prowler 13 came in on 4/8, delivered to a recent Paddling show. Paid it off and found the one put aside for me had a poorly repaired hole in the side.Not a huge deal, but it was also supposed to come w/a seat, which it did'nt. So, "Please get me another boat..." Was told by a Manager it was probably a "Factory Blem". He apologised and found me another one. Also had a few "factory blems", small filled pinholes where the 2 halves of the boat come together.After a long and involved inspection I took it home anyway not wanting to waste any more time. Now I did'nt pay full price for the boat, so really I could'nt complain. When I asked if these "factory blems" were being sold as first quality, more apologies and offers of further discounts followed. No further comment... Next morning took it for a shakedown paddle. Paddled fine out of the blocks, comfortable , nice glide for a relatively wide kayak. No rudder, could sort of carve a nice leaning turn w/a sweep stroke.Tracked real well in the wind.Took it out towards the surf, rode over the chop nicely when I hear water inside. Funny, I did'nt take any water over the top...Pulled it back on the beach and had nearly 2 gallons of water inside! In less than 30 minutes of paddling! Dumped out the water and quickly paddled back to the launch site. I can really move this kayak fast. Brought it home and put it up on some saw horses and filled it with water AND found the leak in a scupper hole under the seat. Looked like right where the two halves of the mold meet.Bad leak as well... I hope in Ocean Kayak's rush to get these boats to market, they're not cutting corners... Brought it right back and got a refund. Now I should say that I liked this boat a lot, in my limited time w/it. I had an Ocean Kayak Drifter that served me very well. I think OK has some great designs that are very well suited for their respective uses. I will be looking for another Prowler 13, to use it off the beach and to fish the rough stuff. In this capacity I feel it will perform very well. Hopefully by writing of my experience here anyone else buying a kayak should be sure to inspect them carefully and test out the hull as soon as you can. Ideally, this could have been less of a hassle if I could have tried the boat before I bought it, but that is'nt always an option. Make sure the seller is willing to stand behind their product. Make sure you are not getting a "factory blem" masquerading as a first quality boat.
  14. Bluefish plugs! Excellent.... I'm freezing it to see if the plastic contracts, maybe releasing the ball that's stuck.If that does'nt work I'm calling Customer Service. Saltie, Mega Bait is a tackle Company. They make great plugs and the suspending Charlie plug/soft plastic hybrid. Best most consistent minnow/jerk bait type plugs I've ever used for striper. That's why I'm so reluctant to just toss any away...