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  1. Cuda 168 mounted on RAM mount. Transducer duct taped in vasoline under seat. Small Cabelas battery in soft sided cooler. After using it for the season Im not sure if I could ever be without.
  2. Looking forward to the weekend!
  3. Have a great day on the water. I have a few of Al's tubes as well, I really like them.
  4. That Joe is something else.
  5. Way to go Lefty!!!!!!!!!!!! You too JDB! It is awesome out there huh (meaning fish not scenery!) Jeff is an awesome guy. Very willing to share info. My catches have doubled in size since I have met him. Look forward to meeing up with you guys soon!
  6. Met up with Leon with the intent to hit some blues on flyrods. We shot down to Barrington early Sunday morning. We werent in the water 10 min. when the first blitz blew up right in front of us. Put the fly out and BANG! Its amazing the fight those things will give you on a 9wt! We got our fish in and waited for the next blitz. By this time some boats were around, chasing the blitzes. We ended up getting into 3-4 blitzes throughout the morning (there were tons more, just to far to paddle). It was unbeliavable. I have fished blitzes in the past from a boat, but this was the first time I was sitting smack dab in the middle of them! It was quite a rush! Water splashing, blues clearing the water, chunks of bait fish everywere, seagulls overhead...Good chance I'll be back out there this week. Here is a pic of one of the blitzes. It was pretty far out in the distance, so its not real clear, but still cool. I could have gotten some pics of closer blitzes but that would mean I would have had to put down the rod!
  7. Charlie A...Thank you very much! Looks like a trip to the South County is in the near future.
  8. Looking forward to hitting DI again soon! That place is addicting... If I could only figure out where that darn area 51 is!! lol
  9. Got out of work a little early yesterday and thought I would shoot to RI agian. Not a thing...I spoke with other kayakers, boaters, surfcaster, nobody had caught a thing. Crazy how those blues can move around. Oh well...I'll definaty be trying agian.
  10. Jeff...No bones that I could tell. Just loads of blitzing blues. Ive been keeping my eyes and ears open. Seems they are starting to show up. Rich...as for chasing the blitzes, did it a little but found I had better luck sitting tight and waiting for the fish to come to me. By the time I got over to the fish they were gone and rising elsewhere. Chasing them got to be tiring and frustrating. I got the go ahead to hit it again tomm. I'll be at Barrington Beach around 4:30 or so if anyone is interested. See if there is any evening action. Reports for the evenings have been scattered, so it will be interesting to see what happens. I'll let you know.
  11. Congrats Guyton and Lefty! The T&W definatly makes a difference. My catches increased 100 fold when I learned how run it properly. I still enjoy throwing the flyrod and popping poppers on top, but the T&W almost always keeps you from going fishless! Looks like a beautiful area to fish...I have to get up that way soon. BTW...Nice job Riddler. I am starting to take it for granted, you holding big fish. Im game for a Winthop night outing...stay in touch.
  12. and myself...
  13. Leon with average size catch...all seemed to be 6-8lbs
  14. Excellent job Joe! Hope to get out with you soon! Thought you had a new T-120?
  15. My brother is in town visiting from Ohio. He was dying to do a little saltwater fishing. Leon, Scott and myself met up and launched from Deer Island 3:00 AM Saturday morning. Its interesting what you see at 2:00 AM when your heading out fishing...Guy driving 45mph on the mass pike with brights on and swerving all over, drunk? Definatly! Getting detoured through Boston because the tunnel was closed for construction. All the bars letting out, traffic and drunks everywhere! Then the classic...Leon gets through a light that we get stuck at. He pulls over to wait on us. We sit and watch as a hooker walks up and asks if "hes looking for a date?" Gotta love the city! Back to fishing...We lauch from Deer Island parking lot and start making our way to Fauns bar. Scott has fished from kayaks but new to the SOTs. So he was getting use to everything (SOT, dark, new area). We get close to the bar and decide to hook up some eels. He didnt get two paddle strokes in and BAM! Fish ON! Great fight and he landed a 35". Not bad for his first striper of the year.
  16. Nice job Gumbo! You definatly deserve that fish! Im glad to see the curse has been lifted from Ridler...he actually caught some nice ones in your presence!
  17. Leon with a nice flyrod bass!
  18. Paddled around a little more and decided to hit DI rip. I hit a nice 35" over there. So far a good morning. The wind picked up and the current was pulling hard so we paddled back to Fauns. Then the fun began. We caught a bunch of fish right in the 35" range. It was unbelivable. A fast as we could get the fish in and get the tube out we were hitting fish. It was a great day! We were tired and decided to paddle back to the cars. Of course we had to troll our way in. Right away, Bang...33". Then Scott gets one...30". Meanwhile Leon is getting skunked on the fly. Sees us hooking up and launches his fly out. He hooks up! Nice 36". Fun to watch a guy hook up on a flyrod. We just kept catching fish. Finally we pulled our lines in and called it a day. Are arms were tired but the smiles were big! Had a great time with my brother and its always fun to fish with Leon.
  19. Thinking DI early, early Sat.
  20. I just found out we are heading to Ogunquit, ME this coming weekend (14-16). Although it is a family trip I am hoping to bring the yak and sneak out a bit. A maine trip was in the works a couple weeks ago...anyone still interested?? I am posting this early in the week so we may be able to get something arranged. I will be heading up Sat and leaving sometime Monday. Sunday A.M. may be best for me, but Im up to hearing your thoughts. Hope we can pull something together!
  21. Nice Joe! I see the makings of a cult.
  22. My friend called and asked if I wanted to join him at East Beach, RI yesterday evening (he was surf fishing) Since I was unable to join the manchester crew I decided to join him. I planned to do a little fishing, but my main objective was to try some surf launches/landings. WOW...I got beat up! It may not have been ideal conditions to practice, but hey I was there. We had a pretty good winds and an incoming tide. 2-3 ft swells some maybe 4. I practiced with just the yak, no gear. I did decent at times and got my butt kicked at others. Pretty much experienced everything I have read about. Got turned sideways coming in, got rolled over a few times. On the launch I took a few waves right in the chest and over the head. I'll tell ya, Im a bit sore today. All in all I had a good time and learned a quite a bit. By the end I was doing decent. Confident enough to launch with the bare minimum. A rod and some lures. Did manage to catch a few blues and retired the yak when the sun went down (didnt want to land in the dark). Sat back with a few cold ones and enjoyed the big bright moon. All I have to say is thank goodness we dont have to go through the surf everytime we want to fish. I have a new appreciation for those protected areas we launch from. Im off to wash the gear...
  23. Well I hope you guys had a good day. Look forward to the reports. My flights got all screwed up and I didnt arrive in time to meet you guys. Sucks! Oh well...
  24. I have both SOTs (Tarpons) and SINKs (Pungo) and to be honest always goto the SOT. I fish both fresh and saltwater. Like Riddler said they are much easier to accessories and I like the ability to move around on them. You can vary your sitting position, esp when flyfishing (sitting "side saddle") When I fish freswater I usually plug the scupper holes to make for a drier day. Leave them unplugged in the salt. Get out and try a few and you'll know which one feels right to you. Then buy it and dont look back! To many fish to be caught.
  25. Joe...I hope your in! Well Im getting ready to board a plane...makes it nice to know Im coming back to yak trip. Count me in for breakfast, fishing whatever. Just say when and where and I'll check in here Friday night. Again...if someone could grab me a dozen sandworms???? Look forward to getting out there.