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  1. I think I will be in on this one. Im traveling Thurs and arrive late Friday but would like to meet up with you guys. Should be a good time. Sunday is a no go for me. Its averagejoes turn to lead us to the promise land! I have some sandworms left from last weekend but they are looking rather grim...if someone could grab me a dozen I would appreciate it. Cash on delivery!
  2. Im game for anything real late or real early...(get out between family obligations) Lets see what we can pull together. Im posting this early because I will be out of town Thurs/Friday. I hope I return and there is a trip all set up I can jump in on.
  3. It wasnt that calm when I was out there! lol. I got beat up.
  4. Mcattardo...Now thats the way to break in a new kayak! Congrats. Riddler...Im starting to wonder if you'll ever invite Gumbo out again??? There has to be some kind of curse. Thats a nice lookin fish! Looking forward to getting out your way agian soon.
  5. Thats awesome GRH! Unbeliveable.
  6. I'm with Gumbo... Braided line...to swivel...to rudder...to swivel...3-4ft flouro/mono...swivel... to tube. Has worked for me so far. Just check the fluro/mone occ. to make sure it isnt abraided. I use weighted (Santini and Als) and unweighed (JoeVs) tubes. If your not real deep I lean toward the nonweighted as it doesnt seem to hang us as much. Its a smaller tube however. Bigger tube, bigger fish...??
  7. Wind did not exactly cooperate but we still had a good time. Ridler...Thanks for setting this up. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to doing it again. Thanks for bailing me out with those Mysterio socks. Would have been a long morning without them!
  8. Found these directions too. Lets see if I can post it. http://www.jimtravis.com/dimaster.htm From this page goto the FAQ section down on left. You'll see directions. Looking forward to tomm. Hope we get into some of big girls like Gary. Jeff PM me your cell number in case I have any troubles.
  9. Yeah I need some directions too. Never been. Is there only one place to park/meet once your on deer island? Leon...I'll be coming in from the mass pike.
  10. I got the go ahead for an early sunday morning trip. Let me know. Jeff where do you check weather/ocean reports? Just want to know for future reference. Thanks
  11. Doesnt look good. I dont think Im too game to drive an hour and a half to get beat up. Oh well cant control the weather.
  12. I seriously cant believe it. Awesome pictures!
  13. Unfreakinbelievable! Nice job Jeff! Hey I sent an email or pm or something yesterday let me know if it worked.
  14. Its hard to catch fish when your not fishing!! Kayaks pulled to shore while we inhaled greasy seafood!! Well planned guyza.
  15. Thanks to all for a great day! It was nice to put a face to the name. Guyza...thanks for taking the day to show us around, beautifual area! Joe...Thanks for hooking me up with some sandworms. Im not sure if I remember how to do any other type of fishing. Rest of the crew...enjoyed meeting you and look forward to doing it again. (Pebble beach, Im game) What bikini girls...hahahaha just kidding! Kris
  16. My count is showing 8 yaks or so?? GM2...name tags might be in order! Im not much help leonr...I flyfish but keep it pretty simple. Intermidate line, clousers, decievers. Im a beginner with Saltwater flyfishing.
  17. I got the go ahead...See you guys tomm!
  18. Still working on details with wife (gotta love em) but will probably make it! Will there be a quick stop at the local bait shop before launch or should I stop by before we meet??? Thanks guyza for helping set this up, should be a fun day!
  19. I give up... I may of possibly worked out arrangements for Sat. and now this...MAN.
  20. Im sitting at work picturing everyone heading out on Sat. That would suck. I hope Sunday works for everyone. guyza...love those pics. Nicly done.
  21. Im game for York Harbor. Sounds fun and it would be great to meet everyone. Ridler...I cant make Sat. morning, though (I wont arrive until afternoon). Could we make it for Sunday. Seems as if that works for everyone? If Sunday works...just say when and where!
  22. Riddler... This upcoming weekend is Maine, then my schedule is free. I definatly want to hook up in your neck of the woods. You guys are doing very well! Keep it up!
  23. Definatly look like we have some interest....The only question is when and where. Im thinking early on Sunday morning. Looks as if this would work for all that have posted. As for a location... Im game to drive some, but if people want to come from Mass. we dont want to go to far North..?? Gumbo can you make it down our way (Oqunquit/Wells), or is it too far? Meet in the middle? PA hillbilly...Hope you can sneak out for a few hours. You will need a break! It would be great to find an area that all would be confortable with. This would allow more of us to meet. Eric_H idea at kennebunkport?? Keep the thoughts coming...
  24. Nice fish Jeff! I hope we can all get together sometime soon!
  25. Im glad I was guided over to this site. Lots of great reports and information. I live in Grafton Ma and do most of my saltwater fishing in RI and the Cape (although Im due for a North Shore trip sometime soon...hint, hint) Due to the drive most of my midweek fishing is freshwater. Most of the pics seem to be from the salt, so I thought I would mix it up a little with a shot from the freshstuff. I do recognize some names, so I hope Im not boring anyone. Not sure of the exact weight of this one (forgot boga grip at home), but it was bigger than a 6.5 lb LMB I got 4 days earlier. Hope to meet some of you before the seasons over!