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  1. GRH...I traded in a few entry level set-ups for a nicer one this year. Did some research on this site and others and decided on the Teton Tioga. Super nice reel, totally sealed drag, easy spool changes. Plus it comes in less than what you were hoping to spend. Mo money for other gear. Check it out.
  2. Sounds like a great time guys. Wish I could have joined you. Nice job on 3rd Jeff. Thats quite an accomplishment considering the competition. Lefty and Lady Di...excellent job. Very proud of you two.
  3. I hear you NH explorer! My first experience with those little critters wasnt a pleasant one either.
  4. Nice job guys. I've been putting in my time down in RI. Have been doing well. Most fish in the 20" range, but all bright with sea lice. Should be seeing the bigger fish soon.
  5. I'm game. Would be fun to catch with everyone.
  6. Nice looking yak there Rich. Look forward to getting out with you again this season.
  7. I hate to hear that kind of news....Will pray for the family.
  8. Rich...its time to throw in the towel and get out of there. LOL! I love the shirts on this page...."No working during fishing hours!"
  9. My wife's super cool with fishing, but if I take off and miss her 30th...dead man. Hope you guys have a great time.
  10. I have to admit to spending nearly all my time in the kayak forum, but thought it was time to branch out. I'm new to the plug building game. Learned nearly everything on this and other sites. Here are a few pics of my first's. I'll tell you this was a GREAT way to kill the winter. I really enjoyed making these.
  11. last one.
  12. some jointed poppers. These things cause quite a commotion in the water.
  13. I enjoy fishing the sweetwater as well. Definatly addicted to the salt, but the fresh stuff is much closer to my house. Some good info on this thread. Eric...what part of the state you fishing. I live out side Worcester, and am shocked at the size of some of the bass I pull out of the lakes/ponds around here.
  14. Thats some serious persistance to get that rod back. Nicely done.
  15. Now this is a great thread! Riddlers pic is awesome...and that blues brother poster...so funny!
  16. Great report Jeff. Take care of that water issue and it sounds like your in for a good season. Look forward to seeing it all rigged up.
  17. To Jeff, fishing is so much more than catching fish. Ever notice the beutiful landscapes he surrounds himself with... The lovely back drop of Deer Island, paddling around in the raw sewage of the mystic, and enjoying a nice day near the warm water outflow of the power plant. It just doesnt get any better than this! LOL Jeff, just messin with ya.
  18. I was wondering if/when you were going to ever get your yak. Congrats! Look forward to seeing how it performs OTW.
  19. Nice job Jeff. Nice talkin to you Sat. Look forward to getting on the water.
  20. Thanks Saltie...great idea turning the line around. I'll take the line off and see how it looks. I start the spool with mono and then put ~150' or so.
  21. Welcome Mark. Look forward to hearing your reports. Keep an eye on the board, as there are always guys getting together to fish.
  22. Count me in.
  23. Starting to get my stuff together as well. Few modifications to the yak this month and I'll be ready. While were on the subject of gear... I used Stren braided line last year. No complaints. I think its still in good condition, does anyone see a need to replace it? Stuffs kind of expensive. I replace the monofiliment line on all my freshwater gear each year, thats whats got me thinking.
  24. Lefty...Its a good idea to set a date nice and early. I think you'll have a pretty good turn out.
  25. If we let Jeff pick the time...we'll be out there at 3 AM!