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      Howdy, folks. I know this is way overdue, and the damage is probably already done, but after weeks of working with the database I've finally wiped out all of the spam posts and topics. This was no easy task, considering there were three-quarters of a million bogus posts and nearly three hundred thousand bogus topics. Once a hacker/spammer network finds a vulnerability, they send out automated programs that basically destroy a database like this. Over the past couple weeks I've migrated all of the good data into a more current, secure platform with the hopes that we can somehow rebuild. New member registration is tightened way up, and a third-party spam monitoring service is in place. I've also invested in an awesome new gallery extension,  allowing members to create, manage, and share image galleries. Please give it a try, and let me know if there are any issues. I'm still testing and working out the bugs. Surfcaster's forums were once an amazing resource for everyone to enjoy, and we're hoping it can once again build back up. The main site (non-forums) is pretty banged up, but once the forums are complete my next task is to re-invent that as well. Spread the word. Hope to see a lot of you back! Cheers, Andrew


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  1. I had the same problem jammed my cumputer right up and wreaked havoc with the whole thing. These hacker morons should all be shot.
  2. Sounds to me like your curtosey patrol is not doing there job patroling the beach. Should we send down cluberlang AKA Nancy Brown to straighten out the place?
  3. Just talked to the Haror Master in Newburyport the docks will be pulled November 3 still time to get a few last launches in before the end of the season. then I'll have to ask tattobob surfrat and rgreen for surfcasting lessons it's been a while. :fish:
  4. For those interested the salisbury docks are being pulled for the season tomorro 10/10/06.
  5. Bupalupa72 can you supply these in team colors with free deliv,? And no snookys not wearing a face mask. If your gonna hang here ya gotta play nice by ccbay rules. :o
  6. Rockhead most all the posts are from surfcasters what's your beef?
  7. Local pair nabbed in alleged crustacean caper By LISA REDMOND, Sun Staff A Billerica skipper and his Lowell friend are in hot water after steamed lobstermen told police the partners were allegedly snapping the tails off dozens of crusty creatures and tossing the carcasses back into the ocean. Anthony T. Gozzo, 52, of Billerica, and partner Mark E. Turcotte, 20, of Lowell, were arrested early Saturday night near the Quartermaster Marina in East Boston. Investigators found lobster tails, undersized lobsters and egg-bearing lobsters in unmarked crates being loaded into the trunk of a car -- all violations of state law. "We don't often have this type of a crime because most lobstermen respect the environment," said Vanessa Gulati of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. Turcotte and Gozzo, a commercial fisherman, were arraigned in East Boston District Court on Monday. They are charged with 202 counts of possession of mutilated lobsters. They were released on personal recognizance. "We had calls from other concerned lobstermen about what they were doing," Gulati said. Environmental
  8. http://www.wmur.com/news/9591454/detail.html
  9. Once again don't use frozen bait. Put a piece lettuce in the freezer it goes in hard and comes out like a wet piece of toilet paper understand. The tissue breaks down when it is frozen the same with fish and I'm sure that bait was old probably caught months ago. Where did you buy it?
  10. Don't buy frozen bait buy fresh it wil not fall apart.
  11. I thought using live eel's in mass was banned this year?
  12. Hey I thought live eel's were banned this year like live herring?
  13. BINGO finally some one with some common sense the rest of you people here are complete knuckle heads.
  14. You guy's are puke's read what is spewing out out of your mouths
  15. I think it’s time you guys stop fishing googan land and head down to the refuge parking lot #1. Down there the crowd is much different they are friendly and, courteous, hell they even got their own courtesy patrol run by none other than our own Plumcrazy I’m sure she will welcome you with open arms. If you tell her that Fishercat sent ya, you might even get a hotdog and cup of coffee out of her, she’s a helluva gal.