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  1. Hey Guys - Terriffic fishing news, not bad on the weather front either.... Did you all straighten out who had whos T shirt? or is Riddler still out one? What are your plans for the weekend? I'm considering a trip to RI or VT. Salt for B######, fresh for trout? Got home the other night bone #$)(* tired. Looking forward to another adventure however. I will attach pic. later tonight of our mottly crew. Until then tight lines. Lady di
  2. Proposed Pot Luck. I say bring what you want to share. Lets try to stick to some resemblance of a hearty meal. God knows we'll be hungry. I was thinking along the lines of burgers, steak, chicken, potato salid, etc. GRH mentioned the use of a potential grill. I think he said that it was small but functional. Anyone else packing a grill? If not were into the cold cut, cold chicken, and sandwich fare. Without packing the kitchin. I'll be packing various soda, water, bagels cream cheeze, peanut butter, apples, bannanas and grapes to share. I also agree with everyone coffee will be essential in the am. There's got to be a D&D, this is Brooklyn! Lady Di Soon to be catching on the fly!!!!! :banana:
  3. OK Boys- What are we doin for food? Water? beer? I just thought we should get a handle on our pot luck life style. The way I see it we require two lunches, a breakfast of sorts and dinner Friday nite. Does anyone know if once we are in the park/camping site we locked in for the night or can we come and go as we please. If so dinner out? If not dinner in. Shall we grill or.... suggestions welcome. Lady Di I spoke with GRH today and am planning on joining the convoy Friday morning at the Framingham Rest stop at 8:00am. Yeaha! Good Buddy. What channel will we be surfin on?
  4. Prayers- Such a tragedy. Are prayers are with the family. Lady Di
  5. Gary - I'm up for camping and am supplied with various types and sizes of tents, grills, and coolers. I too am planning on taking Friday off. May I join your convoy? If things are really rough I can always find a place to stay when we get there. I think it will be key to scope the area out prior to saturdays event. Lady Di Hey Riddler - To whom to we provide our vehicle make, model and plate numbers to? Wt. Ford Explorer Sport (BFERAL) Thanks
  6. Wow, I never thought this winter would end. Hey Boys- Is there room for one more.. ya, I know camping will be a challenge. I'm game if you wouldn't mind the additional company. I'd love to represent the female core of our New England contingent. I'm itchin for some fishin. Lady DI - Back on line and the water. :D
  7. Well Gentlemen - A Bud Girl I may not be.... but oooooooh fishin on a yak with a bunch of blokes like you ain't to shabby if I say so myself. :( Everyday on the water I counted my self lucky. Having company made it all that more enjoyable. I too want to thank GRH and Riddler for imparting some wisdom and sharing the fun. Soooo, I've packed my gear and have started my winter projects by purchasing a new home. First room to be finished will be the flytying room. If anyone interested in getting together to tie. Drop me a line. Until the wind blows warmer, Gentlemen. Be well. Catch you on the Fly.... Lady Di
  8. Morning everyone - As we saw the last of Riddler and Company paddling hard for through the swells for Manchester yesterday Gary and I drifted for the straits. We tucked in behind and had moderate success. Typical averages for every five stripers caught by Gary on the Tube I caught 1 on the fly. Between us Gary caught on good size keeper in the 34 to 36" range. When the tide changed we drifted/paddled back to loblolly. At times the wind was fearce however, the change in tide damped the swells down. As we neared the last point into loblolly we ran into a school of Blues. We managed to hook into one a peice. The ride was on... Surf, Wind and a humming reel....Coool Running. Gary kissed his good bye for another day Mine came home for dinner. After our albiet encounter, we were push/pull a third of the way back to the straits. We both commented on how the world, worries, even the treacherous weather and water conditions fall away when a fish is on the line. Because we were paired, knew our setting and had plenty of energy to tackle our extended journey back we were comfortable with our prediciment. We even shared stories of how each of us had taken risks in past. We also noted that because of those experiences we both let family know where we intend to put in, fish, estimated return, carry gps, hand radios and cellular phones. Be well all of you. Great fishin. I'm heading to RI today. Catch you on the Fly Lady Di
  9. Hey Boys - Mind if I tag along? I was planning on heading to Pebble tommorrow and visit the family. It would be a nice change of pace to hang with you'all. So much to learn so little time left! :banana: Lady Di
  10. Hey Plug - Thanks for the correction on Rich Murphy's name, his is one creative guy. I enjoy his instruction and guidance at UFT. This pattern has been a blast to fish with this year. For those who are curious, fishing with this pattern requires a drop to the bottom with an ocassional "swim" It was designed to swim backwards just like the real McCoy then settle back to the bottom provided their is appriopriate structure. The siliskin is very pliable and the loose tail mimics that of a lobster. The only problem is hooking into weeds and rocks. Anyone fishing tonight? Looks like the outgoing tide and wind maybe in our favor. Driving up to Pebble Beach. Catch you on the Fly gentlemen. Lady Di :bluefish:
  11. Hey Guys - A fellow fly-fishing acquaintance/guide was out off of long island yesterday. He related that an extremely aggressive school of Blue fin in advance of the storm was chasing the blue fish. He and his party were able to put three in the boat. Regarding a lobster pattern I use this Jim Murphy pattern. See the enclosed pic. I have been successful of late with this pattern. It is approximately, four inches in size. I have been experimenting with color and girth lately. Works effectively in lobster inhabited structure. If interested, I will break out the vice and tie a few for time and materials. Riddler, that goes for your orange and black wish name the hook size and the weight desired... Catch me on the fly. Lady Di
  12. Wow - Once again riddler I'm impressed. Could you inlighten me? Where is area 51? Better yet, are you going fishing this weekend, tommorrow AM etc???? Let me know. When/Where. Catch you on the Fly :bluefish: Lady Di
  13. Jeff - Thought I'd attempt to post a pic tonight. Not sleeping well these last few nights worried about my father and other extended family members that live in Abaco Bahamas. Don't know if you have noticed as you cruise the weather channel, Marsh Harbour got smacked hard by Francis today. The Eye sat and thrashed for a few hours. No word. All communications are down. My pic is of my barracuda caught off my property this spring. She wasn't big but she put up an outragious fight. Cool pic huh! Trying to brighten my night awaiting word. Be Well Everyone. Lady Di
  14. OK< So where is Area 51 for us not informed people. I am sorely impressed that I did not go out tonight. Packing for VT.. Need I say, have a great weekend. Your off to an amazing start. WOW! Catch me on the FLy Lady Di :o
  15. Riddler - Sounds like you had a terriffic Day. Wish i had the opportunity to play. I am heading so far North the my cabin in VT that neither the touroids nor my pager can bother me this weekend. I hope to sit back and chill on the water in my Yak if perchance a fish notices........<*(((((><.... all the better :o Where ever you go watch, your back. If we can expand from last weekends caos be careful. Soon the waters will be ours again! If you require fly casting lessons I am available, week and am interested in some night yaking :fish: . Until then... Catch me on the Fly. Lady Di
  16. Gentlemen - It was a pleasure fishing with you today. The pictures are teriffic. The weather was fantastic. AverageJoe, I hope your taking your mortrin and icing your shoulder don't stop either until the AM it will be right as rain soon. Rick it was great workin the water with you. Jeff always a pleasure! I will be over in Rockport tommorrow sporting a boogie board and body surfin with the kids. :surfing: Catch Me On the Fly Lady Di
  17. Riddler - Do you have room for one more? I was planning upon visiting Misery Is. tommorrow. An aquaintance of mine noted that Beverly Harbor was busting all week. Per our albiet brief discussion last week I'd love to enclose pics if you walk me through the process. Let me know about tommorrow. Or I'll just see you in tow with your flotalla. Catch Me on The Fly. Lady Di
  18. Hello Ridler72 - I took your advice and jumped in. It was a pleasure paddling with you and Gary the Saturday night at Milk Island. Lookin forward to thrashin some more water with you in the future. I'm off the Seattle this weekend for some west coast Salt Water action; King, Coho, Steelhead await... :lol: Catch you on the Fly! Lady Di