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  1. Malden River by the Tufts University Rowing Team Dock
  2. :o Go to Bridge Street, parked you mv in the Salem CR Lot, fish from there along the track to Goat Hill. Better spot is the island where the power line tower in the middle of the inlet. When it is about three hours after high tide you can wade out into the island and fish. Good spot and it is right across from Goat Hill.
  3. B) WOW Lefty, Those two must have towed your kayak around for 1/2 mile. Nice fish from a boat, extra nice when catch from a kayak. Have you ever fish around Marblehead Lighthouse? Look rough.
  4. B) Back to normal. Thanks TLfuRy.
  5. B) Surfrat, see any seal in the area? Seal usually wait for hooked fish. One almost spooled my reel. I thought I have a giant striper only to see a large seal pop up with my striper in his mouth. There go another $20 lure.
  6. Hello All, This is a wrong post for this area. Lately I cannot posted any ads on the Classifieds area if I logged in with my username. I can post just fine if I not logging on. I thought you have to be registered to post not the otherway around. Thanks for all your helps. The emails to the administrator don't work.
  7. B) I do believe Crazy Alberto caught a 50# using the Tsunami Shad.
  8. B) Yes, This year has been a very weid year. I caught a hickory shad on Sandy Point in the middle of July. I thought hickory shad go up the river spring.
  9. B) WOW. I am only using 20-30 # rated PP. Is this mean a 15# will break my line? Time to switch line. Have anyone tryout Berkely Fireline especially the new Fireline Crystal. Sidenote : Most of your average spinning reels max out less than 10 # of drag anyway so the only way you can snapped the line is tight the drag 'till it lock up or holding the spool. Thank you all for all the results.
  10. B) Yeah, they were at the end of the jettys going back and forth accross the river. I reach them by using a 3oz popper and a ten foot rod. They never pass the dogleg cause of all the boat traffic. I left at 10:30am and came back at 4:30pm and they blitzing the beach from 15th to 55th street. Right where you fished a Vietnamese kid caught a 45" last week using chunk herring, so you just never know. :banana: :fish:
  11. B) Are you guys the two white guys fishing on the sand along the jetty on the river side while the waves are crashing into your chests? I was walking in from the jetty. There were huge blitzs on the end of the jetty in the morning. The blitz ended when the greenhorns on the boats motoring through the schools and when the sun came up. Stripers also blitz into afternoon around 4:00pm on the beachside between 15 and 55 street but much small school compare to the morning hours. :banana: :fish:
  12. B) Talk about luck. The Vietnamese kid that caught the 45" was using a $35 fresh water setup from Walmart with 15# mono and he has it tucked between the rocks on the jetty. He left the rod unattended and when the fish hit a woman yelled and let him know he has a fish. Luckily the rod is not on a sandspike. It weighted in at 28#. :banana: :fish:
  13. B) I once or twice kayak over a school of keeper stripers but could not get one to bite. I think they all resting. There is a term for it. Imagine see a school of keepers blizzing and can get a hook-up to save your life. :banana: :fish:
  14. B) Jetstripe. What you need to do is downscaling the picture? Most paint program will do it for you automatically. First rescale the picture to lower resolution such as 320x240 then use Save As command under File and pick a lower bitrate type suck as 8-bit. Save it to Desktop and see if it is under 100K in size because this website limit is 100K file attachment limit. :fish:
  15. B) Gooseberry Island ???