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  1. Cod

    Go for it! You using worms?
  2. I checked the offshore buoys and the water is still at 43 degrees. It normally is down to 38 this time of year. Not sure if it makes a difference to stripers but the bait might get messed up. My local ponds still have open water on the them. Early ice out!
  3. After I dropped off my survey at the refuge headquarters, I took a walk at Lot 2. Those disks were all over the place. It will take a few storms to wash them away.
  4. I completed it and will drop it off this weekend. For an organization that is supposed to be conservation minded, why does the survey have so many freakin' pages? I suggested that they change the gate opening time from sunrise to twilight. Also, if anyone can get to the cleanup, wear a fishing hat to let folks know that we care as much as the birders.
  5. Got my fresh and salt last week. I get the saltwater one for free since I'm over 60, but I have to wait for 65 to get a freshwater discount. What's up with that? Maybe the salt turns us into geezers faster.
  6. BTW, that was a nice bass. How big? The HD video is first rate too.
  7. It only took a minute to download on Comcast. Took you a lot longer to land that fish. :rolleyes:
  8. Stopped by lot 2 for an hour today just before high tide. Pretty dead. Saw a dead cod, gull and seal. No birds or bait showing anywhere. I'm done. Trout time.
  9. I stopped at Lot 2 Wednesday at high tide after dropping off my boat for some needed work. There were gulls flying around nearby but I didn't see any picking up bait. Didn't see anyone hook up either. I've seen reports of stripers on the move in Maine, so it ain't quite over.
  10. OK, you scored a first on that last one. I had no idea they could be caught from shore. How big was it?
  11. Fished lots 3 and 6 this morning from 6-8. Nothing showing. No birds, bait, seals or fish. :( Will try the boat tomorrow.
  12. Thanks for report and glad to hear there are fish around. May the the beach tomorrow. Took the boat out this morning and found blues out front of lots 1-3. Also found schoolies near the Rt. 1 bridge on the way out.
  13. Tried lot 3 this morning at the end of the incoming. Had one hook-up on a popper in the wash, probably a schoolie, but dropped it after a few seconds. Didn't see anyone else getting fish.
  14. Have any of you been fishing the refuge for blues lately? I hear the lots are now open. The reason I'm asking is that I have been fishing out front from my boat this past week and have been getting lots of 28-34" blues on trolled plugs. They seem to be hitting after 7 AM when the sun gets up a bit. They have been out in front of lots 1-3. We've got some good morning tides this weekend and I was thinking of grabbing the surf rod.
  15. Stripers have been hard to find lately. We trolled up several big blues out front earlier this week. They were gone yesterday. The water was down to 55 degrees, so that may have moved them.