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  1. Was out on Marblehead Neck last Sunday in the morning with the wife & got one 25" on a Tsunami Shad (blue back with split tail). Couldn't believe how flat the seas were.
  2. Thanks
  3. Anyone catching Macks on the North Shore from shore yet? Going to give it a try this spring and not sure when they typically come inshore. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys. Thought I was going to be able to go out today and hit the sweet water after last Saturday.
  5. Bob - OTW is good at giving a reminder notice a few months in advance before it expires.
  6. Thanks again for the info
  7. Thanks Mike T. I have never been to one of the camps in Maine and want to give it a shot this yr. When does it start, January?
  8. Any suggestions for smelt fishing camps in Maine? Thanks in advance for the help.
  9. Nice fish David. Congrats
  10. I get enough SPAM through my hotmail account. How many of the 13 posts from newenglandcharters have been SPAM related and non-fishing related?
  11. To the masses, spring has sprung when the calendar tells them so. For the gardener it might be crocuses blooming out of the soil and the bird watcher revels in the reappearance of blackbirds and robins. But to the fisher, the surest sign that the vernal equinox has finally arrived is the news of the first trout stockings and the stirrings of holdover stripers. Finally, all this is real, right now, The first confirmed trout stockings in the Northeast District have occurred in Lake Cochituate in Wayland/Natick, Ashland Reservoir and Hopkinton Reservoir. As you read this, there will probably be a smattering of additional gifts from the hatchery trucks. You can check out the MassWildlife Web site, but they tend to be up to a week behind. Your most up-to-date source is your local bait shop – thank goodness for them. Within the first few days of a stocking, the pilgrim fish will stick around the drop spot. If you are not sure where that is, look for the boat ramp. Once the fish get accustomed to their new surroundings, temperature becomes their primary consideration, followed by a good meal. Trout are most comfortable in water temperatures that hover between 55 and 60 degrees, and while it will be some time before conditions come remotely close to that, the fish will still seek out temps as close to ideal as possible. Shallow, sun-drenched coves will generally be some of the warmer spots around, especially those that have mucky, peaty bottoms, which retain heat, as opposed to rocky floors, which reflect it. Additionally, after a sunny day, the afternoon bite will be on the northeast corner of the pond, thanks to the position of the sun in the southwestern sky. You may even want to look for fish positioned here the following morning, especially after a number of sunny days. The exception to this is after a period of windy, bluebird days. The wind will blow the quickly warming surface temperatures toward the leeward side of the water body, where eddies of higher temperatures will accumulate. If all else fails, just look for the guy with the full stringer!
  12. Got a lot of nice plug during the holidays as well as Storm and Tsunami soft baits. Had some success with the Storm but never tried the Tsunami. Anyone prefer one over the other?
  13. Thanks to all for your help and suggestions. I plan on giving it a try a couple of times this year. Thanks again.
  14. Where can you fish for squid on the North Shore from shore? Thanks