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  1. We were fishing the jetty at Camp Ellis,Sturgens were jumping every where.I asked an old gent why he thought they were jumping so much, he thought a minute and said "I quess because they can ,it's kinda like us jumping in if we want to." VT
  2. Lot 1 is the first lot on the left just after the entrance. Thanks, I always thought you took a left at the end of PIT ,I just printed a map and see it's a right then it shows everything from there.VT
  3. Well, believe it or not there are lots of stripers...large ones in that shallow water at lot one, over the years we have caught many many even at dead low tide at lot 1....the fish really don't mind the shallows at all. Possibly dead low on a bright sunny day could make them leary....but hey, keep trying you'll hook up! Fished right beside lot#1 Sat.6/27pm into Sun 6/28 , right through the entire night, 12 hours of nothingness, not a nibble, clam, makeral, or worm......nothing...literally nothing! Wow! Well I guess that's why it's called fishing.. not catching! Best of luck out there! Is lot 1 at the end of Plum island Blvd? I never been down with out my boat but I think we are going to give it a try mid week next week.VT
  4. Last year we caught a tub full of cats ,I have a cage in my brook i put them in there for 2 weeks ,then cleaned them and deep fried them ,can't beat um.We always just called them white cats.VT
  5. Better have blinders on this weekend, or you will be po 'd 24/7 .VT
  6. We are fishing from a boat so we park at cashmans, not sure if you are fishing from shore, I have never seen anyone fishing on the Newburyport side under the bridge from shore.If you could get on the docks down stream side of the bridge you would be in the strike zone .1 to 3 oz. will hold bottom most tides. VT Where do you park if you go under rt 1 bridge? And how bad is the current?
  7. We have not fished there for 2 weeks but there is always fish under the RT1 bridge,just not many large fish but a good time for sure.VT
  8. We fished the saco in Maine last weekend and they were on fire.VT
  9. With the sun comes the boat traffic,I was at cashmans at 6am and the lot was 1/2 full and by 7am they were lined up to the speed bump.VT
  10. We fished under RT 1 bridge Saturday.got set up on the last hour of out going , did quite well with 2 being 28 and 30 .Using chunks .Most were 24 to 27",at slack I floated worms and they were all over them, It slowed for a while than picked back up then they just quit.last fish caught was a 20"Blue fish.Nice day to be on the water.VT
  11. Surfrat where have you been ?We have been waiting on a new video,I thought i had a good one from last weeks turkey hunt ,But all I got was a couple of gobbles and a boom.Vt
  12. I guess if I had to buy a license I would opt for a federal as we fish 4 or 5 states every year ending up in Maine,I only fish NH once in a while mostly the Cape, No.Shore Ma, ,CT,Maine and NC,I would hate to buy a tag in each state.I live in Vermont and if there is money to be made from this they will try to sell one too.VT
  13. Sapo, If the beach lot at Parsons isn't full ,it should be a pretty good night there 7:40 low tide at Wells. I am going to give it a shot myself . Green slicker and a faded blue penn international hat.( guy in between the fly guys with a spinning rod)maybe I will see you there.VT
  14. Not that it matters as you got the $$ ,But how big was first place and how big was yours? VT