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  1. The yellow/gold color blanks are just the old style fiberglass rods. Most of the major manufacturers still make them. As blanks, they can be had very cheaply. A good quality fiberglass blank will run 30 to 60 where a comparable graphite will be over 100. These rods are heavy and dull compared to today's graphite rods. More experienced anglers will stick with the graphite stuff, but these are fine rods for some purposes.
  2. Why bother with places like the Mystic and the Chuck. Crowded, raw sewage in the water etc. Plenty of fish everywhere, any beach will have fish after dark. No crowds, more big fish, what more can an angler want?
  3. That place is so popular no one goes there anymore. If you don't catch fish there, you aren't doing it right.
  4. Why aren't there any recent boston reports. I was in the yak off Winthrop on Saturday am. Place was empty before 6 and the bite was very good, but not wide open. Had to prospect around to find the best spots, but when I found fish they bit and there were plenty of legals in the mix. Nothing too big--34" was the best
  5. I nailed a few keepers last night on the 10" fins. Almost had a 30" fish jump into the kayak to eat the finster as I was lifting it out of the water!
  6. hmmm. Any one use them? Does anyone use anything else? I have been a sluggoholic since bass pro shops first started selling them. Probably around 1990. Stuck one on a jighead and started catching every type of fish out there. They are a very effective tool for the shore fisherman, you just need to match the jighead to the conditions. The last 2 years I have stuck with the 10" finster and the 9" sluggo because you get a lot more legals that way. If you cast it, they will bite.
  7. jeff, I think those bigs are hanging out by your house waiting for the t&w. I thought I heard someone laughing at my sluggos last night, must have been the large. Plenty of legals in the mix now.
  8. it isn't a boat its a kayak. I caught a bunch in 3' of water, in close to shore. How's that. It could be you. Get out there, plenty of good fish around and more coming in every day!
  9. Had pretty good fishing outside boston harbor last night. All on plastic, got quite a few fish with legal fish to 35" in the mix too--about 1/3 of the fish were legal and it was a nice steady bite. fish are really starting to show up now!!
  10. I made the mistake of buying 2 of the quantum cabo bait casters and my buddy bought one of the spinners. These reels look good and perform well on your first few trips. I think I got about 5 trips out of my reels! They were a great disappointment. when you take them apart you can see how cheaply engineered they are. They definitely didn't field test these! I feel like I got ripped off.
  11. I hope I can make it, I would like to fish that area. Maybe we can get an O'dark o'clock group for those of us who think that sleep is optional.
  12. I did the pvc cup method in my pungo. Each trip the cup gets filled with water and the cap gets screwed on. I detach it for cartopping and it goes on my ice sled in the winter. It is very easy to do and shoots through the hull no problem. I also get pretty accurate water temps.
  13. I drive to NY a lot. Add another hour for crossing the bridges and getting stuck in traffic--even at midnight. Leaving Boston around 7:30 or later makes for a pretty good drive until you get close to the city.
  14. What, no fish yet? Why didn't anyone tell me? I wonder what all those slimy things that I have been taking off my hook are. I used to fish like a mental patient, but now I can only get out once or twice a week. I fish year round and I fish for anything that swims. I recognize quite a few of the names here from other places. I am sure that I have seen some of you on the water. Red pungo (but at night, all you can see is the light and fishfinder). Hello surfcasters! :D
  15. You must learn to fish with braid, it changes everything. I have been using it since it first came out (1990?). The basics are to pack it on tight and to either put a little mono backing on or put a little piece of double sided tape on your spool first. Test it out. At the end of the season you will be asking if mono is worth the trouble or if you should just stick to braid.