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  1. Anyone know about the rules in Maine? Any good places in York County?
  2. Looks like I'm answering my own thread here :lol: but basically I did some more research and found that each town sells there own licenses. These licenses go on sale typically in the fall at a date determined by the towns shellfish comittee. The licenses are broken up by resident (of the town NOT FAIR) and non resident (anyone else). So if you don't live in one of these communities you've got to make sure you get the permit on the day they go on sale because they sell out almost instantly. The only exception I have found is Ogunquit which sells 1 day non resident permits for like $30 (not worth it unless your a tourist). -doabbs
  3. Yeah, I've checked that site out several times but have not been able to find anything useful. It appears that the local municipalities are the ones who issue the licenses. I spoke with the town clerk in Wells and found out that licenses go on sale usually in early Decemeber and they have a very limited number available. They typically sell out of them during the first day. Any remaining resident licenses are converted to non-resident licenses in April, and that gives you about 1 month of clamming so not a very good deal. If anyone has any information about other communities that have clam flats in the area please let me know.
  4. Live over in South Berwick and was wondering if there is anywhere to go clamming in the area (York, Wells, Kittery, etc). Any information on rules, regs, licensing requirements, etc would be helpful. I know New Hampshire has a centralized licensing system and a hotline for when flats are closed but it doesn't appear that there is much information out there for Maine. -doabbs
  5. Out of the last 5 times I've been fishing I've been stopped by Fish and Game twice. Scared the crap out of me too! A buddy and I were walking through the sand dunes in the pitch black trying to find our way back to the car. Two Fish and Game wardens asked us where we'd been fishing, if we caught anything and then searched our stuff. Nice to see them out there as I've seen a lot of poachers in recent years.
  6. I have had no luck this summer on live eels anywhere in the piscatequa or any other rivers that feed into the bay.
  7. Fished the Dover/Eliot bridge again last night (7/19) from 7:45-10. There were about 10 other people on the bridge this time, nice to have company since last time I went I was the only person out there. Saw some schoolies caught and one person said that they had gotten keepers the past two nights. Used live eels on 7/0 circle hooks, no weights, also brought down some mackerel. Only thing I caught was a bigger eel off of a chunk of mackerel. Looks like it is time to hit the beach for some true surf casting this weekend. -doabbs
  8. Fished the Dover/Eliot bridge last night (7/15) right around dusk. Bugs were so bad only lasted about 30-45 minutes. There were some other folks fishing with mackerel I believe, they got some hits but didn't see anything brought in. Ran home (screaming) and threw on a long sleve shirt, pants and grabbed the bug spray and some citronella candles. Got back down around 9:45 and setup for the outgoing tide using live eels on 6/0 hooks, no weights. Stayed down until a little after 1:00am with absolutely no luck. Hoping to try again this evening as I still have a couple eels in the live well. -doabbs
  9. The fishing next to Billiy's is very similar to the marsh in Seabrook next to Brown's lobster house. Fishing barrier islands/marsh areas can be hit or miss. Seaworms do work well but there can be a TON of crabs in those marshy areas. I'm gonna give the Eliot/Dover bridge a try with eels tomorrow. Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  10. I believe it is Webhannet. Last time I was at Eldredge Bros, they didn't have any eels . Name: Webhannet River Boat Yard Location: 345 Harbor Rd. Well, ME Phone #: 207-646-9649 Hours: 6am-7pm - 7 days a week Types of bait Live: Sea Worms, Eels Frozen: Mackerel (4 @ $3.50), Clams, Herring, Squid, Pogies Website: http://www.webhannetriver.com/ Name: Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop Location: 1480 US Route One Cape Neddick, ME Phone #: 207-363-9269 Hours: Saturday -Thurs, 8:00am - 5:00pm; Friday, 8:00am - 7:00pm Types of bait Frozen: Mackerel, Clams, Herring, Squid Website: http://www.eldredgeflyshop.com/
  11. Anyone want to report on where they get their bait/supplies in the Southern Maine area? The closest place where I live is the Kittery Trading Post, so was hoping we could gather a list so no matter where you end up fishing you can get some supplies if you run out. Ie: Name: Bobs Bait shop Location: 123 Fake St. Sometown, ME Phone #: 207-555-1234 Hours: M-F 8am-5pm Types of bait: Eels, Frozen Mackerel (2 @ $3), Fresh Clams (1/2 qt @ $3.99)
  12. Eliot, South Berwick, Kittery - Tide Charts
  13. The Wells area is great for surfcasting, only thing you might want to prepare for is possibly catching a skate as having some long needlenose pliers can help save a lot of aggrevation with those guys. Also crabs sometimes chew up your bait down there. There's a pretty good size parking lot at the end of the beach, simply take Mile road, then take a left onto Atlantic, follow it all the way down to the end and your just a short walk to a number of good spots. Good luck... -doabbs
  14. On a side note, Maine Marine patrol stopped by to check on people. They also said that things appear to have slowed down over the last week or so but they saw things pick up a little on Sunday. -doabbs
  15. Went out this morning to the South Berwick falls and fished an outgoing tide to slack tide and then about 45-60 minutes of incoming tide. Used chunks of mackerel and caught a 16" or so striper. Some other people had the same luck but no one appeared to have any keepers. Went down to the Eliot/Dover bridge for an hour or so but no luck. -doabbs