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  1. decided to go to another spot in salem over the weekend and managed 3 fish from 25"-27". i noticed theyre fighting alot stronger this year and the 3 i got were fatter too. i was fishing chunk herrin on the bottom 2 hours after high tide saturday. then sunday i got the mid afternoon tide. all in all it was a great weekend.
  2. still yet to catch my first of the year... im going out today i think to somewhere in gloucester i havent decided where yet but i will post my results. Tight Lines
  3. fished a spot i usually go to in gloucester from friday to sunday and not even a hit. i was throwing worms, herrin, top water plugs, fins lures, and even a couple diving plugs. it was a very disapointing weekend for me but im looking forward to the upcoming weekend. also i will finally be getting a boat in a few weeks so i will be able to get out away from shore. will post the weekend results
  4. whats up fellas i had a couple ?'s about shad fishing. what are some good locations to catch shad and what rig/ way to use it? thanks B.Cyr
  5. i was reading a post online about a charter down in long island and i geuss theyve been catching them down there for a few days so i'd say about 2 and a half weeks until the first ones caught :mellow:
  6. i went to a local pond for a couple hours fishing with meal worms... NOTHIN
  7. anybody start trout fishing yet? im thinking about going sometime within the next few days
  8. DrumSlayer, i used a sabiki rig at first then switched over to a little castmaster Ankles2, i dont know anywhere near PI but im pretty sure al's in beverly has some
  9. yea tell me about it its horrible but like any other fishing addict no gas prices are gunna keep me from fishin :banana: the trip was worth the gas though. we decided to go out a little earlier so we headed out at 730. the herring was crap at the bait shop so we decided to go for some mackeral. went to the B bouy and drifted around the area. we ended up getting into a school and we filled up 2 5 gallon buckets. we went to georges island and anchored up and started live lining the tinkers. we caught 7 in 2 hours 5 schoolies from 22'' to 26'' and 2 keepers one at 28'' and another at 33'' all in all it was a good trip B.Cyr
  10. going to put the boat in tomorow down by the winthrop elks club. were gonna be headin there at 9 and after that we'll be doin some fishin. we'll be using chunk herrin on the drift over some structure out by georges island in boston harbor. will post my results B.Cyr
  11. theres a bunch of spots along the salem/beverly harbor. you can try kernwood bridge which is usually a pretty reliable spot
  12. went out last night from 6-9 with herring got one schoolie that was 23'' and a few hits for the rest of the night should be heading out again sometime this week
  13. sounds like a good day im still waiting for my first hopefully it will be sooner than later tight lines
  14. jesus 74#er huh thats quite a beast
  15. thanks for the great report. i think im going to head out again today when i get outa work ill post my results