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  1. Nice. Glad to see someone catching :beerchug:
  2. I care. I check in daily to see what's going on. This time of the year I am to busy getting ready for deer season to get down the beach and fish so I don't have to much to contribute.
  3. 3 oz Cripple herring blue mackerel paint.
  4. Went out today without any plan of action just figured I would fish where it looked good. Hit the beach front by surfland but the head on wind was going to make it difficult casting so back in the truck and on down to the river. The river was only a little better wind wise but do able. I walked and casted my way from the captains to the jetty with out much luck. I did come a cross a seal pup that had hauled it self out on to the beach and saw quite a few dead sea birds must have been a tough night for the sea life. I worked my way backed to the captains and managed to hook up onto a 20" schoolie. Even though the weather was tough it was still nice to get out on the surf again.
  5. Nice fish I am glad someone is getting fish. Hopefully they will still be around next week when I am on vacation.
  6. Ok I get it I have been reduced to lurker status so to redeem myself here is a report of a recent fly fishing trip I took while visiting my parents up in Ossipee lake Went up to my parents place on Lake Ossipee 2 weeks back and hit a small stream with a beaver pond.The nice thing about this place is it has zero fishing pressure and the trout are not shy. The stream is located about a mile from the road and most people who hike the area are not fishermen and most fishermen will not bother for such small fish. The trout in this stream average about 8 inches but once in a while you might get a 10 inch fish. To me the serenity of the place,the fact that the fish are native, and the prospect of see deer,moose and even a bear make the hike in worth it. Because the fish are small I chose to use a 3wt set up casting size 22 midge pattern. I started out surface fishing and had non stop hookups.As the sun climbed higher the surface bite died and I switch over to subsurface using an emerger pattern and again met with constant hook ups. After three hours of non stop action I had to leave to spend time with the family. Man was it hard to walk away from such action when you know you may not be back for a year. The pond and stream the fish
  7. :rolleyes: :lol: :lol: Hopefully I'll have more time this year to get down there this fall. I am also a closet kayak fisherman maybe its time to come out of the closet and admit my addiction. :P
  8. Boat fish don't count. :rolleyes: Nice catch though.
  9. Sorry to hear of your experience. It seems odd that someone would take the fish and leave the gear. Maybe the person(s) thought it was a short fish and tossed it back. Still doesn't give anyone the right to touch another persons stuff.
  10. I did not get out this weekend but the week before I was seeing large schools of fish heading up river in the haverhill section. All the fish I have picked up have been in the high 20" to low 30" range.
  11. I got my first for the year in the Haverhill section of the river a nice shiny 30 inch fish. I saw a school of 15 or so heading upriver none were interested in the sluggo I was tossing them.
  12. I am still in trout mode. The state threw some monster fish in the Shawsheen this year and I can't seem to put the flyrod down. I did hit the dam a few times but only had a small schoolie playing tag with the lure as it chased it in.There are rumors that a few 30" fish have been caught and some shad.By mid May it should pick up.
  13. Definitely some good fish this year. I caught an 18 rainbow with a belly shaped like a football must have weighed about 3lbs.Real fun on the fly rod.
  14. I've been out a few times with no luck on shad but there are plenty of smallmouth bass around.
  15. I live down the street from the ramp and boat and fish the area often. It doesn't surprise me that it happened because that place can be a real zoo. People are tubing or doing doughnuts on jet skis right in front of the ramp. The ramp is sometimes used as a swimming area and sometimes it difficult to get you boat on the trailer because the sunbathers and swimmers won't move. Forget fishing cause it seems like every wake boarder or tuber has to pass right next to your boat . There are to many things to list about the stupidity that goes on up there.