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  1. Hi there. I'm new to flyfishing. just bought a second hand kit .... I wana go this spring/summer....One location not far from home is the Adirondacks , around Wilmington, the Ausable river in NY... Now I need to buy myself a decent pair of waders to walk the river... so many choices, so little experience... 5mm neoprene, 1600g Thinsulate 3.5mm, 1000g 3.5mm, 600g no insulation etc, etc..... what would you recommend I get please ? I'm no hardcore fisherman, I guess I would go when it's over 65F (18C) outside... anything I should avoid ? thank you for your help stef.
  2. to the top ..... no one knows ? thanks Stef.
  3. Hi this is a pretty simple question but when you don't know you don't know.... Everywhere I read on the reels spec , they all have that x +1 amount of bearings on them. So what exactly is this +1 bearing ? where is it located ? Why not forget about the "+" and include it in the total ? :) thanks for your help Stef
  4. Hi there. maybe someone here can help me. I need to know from a person that has a lot of experience with a PORTABLE trolling motor please.... I just bought an electric trolling motor. ( motor guide 75 pound 24 volts ) and I am wondering if it is a good idea to connect the motor to the batteries with aligator clips ( 50 amp ) , or should I use screws? in other words do you think the aligator clips could disconnect accidentally and cause more problems than benefits. what I like about the aligator clip is it is easy and fast to setup. what I like about a screw ( butterfly or else ) is that it is very secure. the motor will be use in a small 12 feet boat. so if you were me , would you use aligator clips or screws to hook up the battery ? the motor will be taken in and out of the boot each day. what do you think please thanks in advance stef Montreal.
  5. Thank you Drum Slayer. Extremely fisherman frendly is nice.... :mellow: stef
  6. Hi. I might go to Plum Island for a week around the end of July. I have never been there before. I'm also Canadian. .... how fishing/surf-casting friendly is this island. I mean I read here that it's a great place to fish, but is the beaches mostly private ? or maybe one is not allow to park on the site of the streets ? do I have to get a day pass for accessing the beaches ? or a parking permit like is some area. I see there is a wildlife park at the end of the island , so I'm expecting some stricter regulations in the park, but what about the rest of the island. Anything I should know before fishing on this island? if I go, I won't be staying on the island itself, so it has to be car friendly. (meanwhile if someone knows of a cheap and clean B&B, studio or Inn on the island, that would be great....) Thanks in advance stef, Montreal.
  7. Thanks you guys. I know Gloucester .... I use to go camping at Cape Ann's campground..... a very nice town indeed. my vacation are coming fast , mid July. I have been to busy to look hard, but I will get into it now... if anyone has a recommendation, you could always email me at stef@videotron.ca. if you have experienced a wonderful time somewhere and like to share ...I'm all ears Regards Stef.
  8. Hi there. I would like to come to the east cost this summer with my family . the wife and the 2 daughters for one week, maybe 2 weeks. I'm looking for a nice / safe / clean / not to big / not to expensive place to rent. It has to be close to the ocean, or I would settle for a really nice river or not crowded lake... I'm Canadian. we are from Montreal. I use to go to kennebunkport and Gloucester before and stay at their campground, but this year, I would prefer a cottage. ...but I don't drive a Porsche...... I drive a Toyota...hehe... We are responsible / 40+ / w / honest / non smoking / no pets / love surf fishing .... If you know of such a place , please pass the info, I would really appreciate. TIA stef.
  9. nice...... :lol: thank you. now I know.... stef
  10. Hi. Does someone has a link that shows the size and number for fishing hocks in true dimension, so the next time I buy online, I will know better.... thanks stef
  11. thank you very much for your help.! I will use a steel leader... Regards stef
  12. Hi. newbie here... would Seaguard Fluorocarbon #30 be a good choice for a leader when going surfishing for blue fish ? or will it get cut be the fish teeth . would a metal leader be better? l intend to use spiderwire stealth #30 , then 3' of seaguard fluorocarbon #30, then the lure what do you think? thanks stef, Montreal.
  13. thank you surf rat I will try to remember that. stef.