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  1. Anybody hitting the surf yet?
  2. It was caught off of North Beach in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. I grew up on the Chesapeake fishing with my dad and even though i live here now on the North Shore I return home every spring like the stripers and share some memories with some of those i have released in the past. My shoulder surgery is for a torn rotator cuff and i am having it done now so i will hopefully be able to fish this fall for the big stripers as they head south. Missing the spring run here is going to suck but having it done now should have me ready for late summer blues and big fall stripers off the beach and thank you for all for the kind words on my recovery. The 9th (day of my surgery) is coming to soon but i will be checking here often to see how you all are doing so i hope you guys and ladies make a lot of reports as i will be fishing vicariously through you. Tight Lines, Joe
  3. My first of the year was indeed caught April 27, 10:30am. It was 45 inches and weighed 38lbs 7oz. Is most likely my last until fall, having sugery on my shoulder the 9th and my right arm will be outta action at least 6 weeks.
  4. I saw the same show, they were fishing off VA Beach, the Mouth of the Chesapeake where it meets the Atlantic. The big stripers live there in the winter. I will be fishing further north, its considered mid bay and out of Chesapeake Beach MD. I spent my childhood fishing on the bay with my father and now my borther and i return every year to fish the stripers when they come home in the spring to spawn.
  5. I predict i catch my first striper of the season on April 27, not only that i predict it will be over 40 inches long. Is going to MD to fish the spring run in the Chesapeake Bay considered cheating?
  6. We fished from noon till 5pm on 5-2-07 and left from the Rod and Reel Club Marina in Chesapeake Beach MD and fished on the Bay Hunter with Captain Randy Dean who is a friend of mine. www.bayhunter.com The new size limits for the bay are a good thing and made it much harder to catch keeper fish. 1 fish per person over 28 inches to 35 inches, no fish over 35 to 41. 41 and over are keepers. There were 7 guys in the charter and everyone caught fish, most were between the 35 to 41 range closer to 41 and were all released. One guy caught a striper 46 inches, he also caught one 43 3/4 inches, over 7 feet of striper. It was an awesome day. My brother and i have been booking this trip for the past 5 years with some of our friends. This summer im going to invite him up here to go out and catch some cows.
  7. Merry Christmas to all!!
  8. I caught ALOT of fish this last season, if you count schoolies as fish that is and one hel l of a big Bluefish out on the Cape, that is if you count Bluefish that is. Stick a fork in me, Im done. :(
  9. I own 2 Shimano Baitrunners and have never had a problem, i also have an Okumo liveliner, again, no problems. The lady at surfland told me last spring that there has been some problems with the Penn Liveliners. Personally, i like the look of the Penn's and the feel but i like to go with what i know and i know the Shimano's are reliable.
  10. I am greatfull to those of you who drop a spot from time to time. Only having lived in the area for a little over a year now i have experienced some great fishing this season thanks in large part to this forum and those who participate on it. Being from ths south these cold mornings keep me off the beach but if we get a warm day or two i'll still see ya out there for a bit yet. Thank you one and all for all the great info and tips...Tight Lines Rock
  11. where's Goat Hill Park?
  12. Thats pretty cool, to bad the Blue didnt hang on all the way to shore! Seeing how its half a fish, i'd say it counts as half a fish! As in, i got skunked on that day, you caught half a fish more then me.. B)
  13. Just got back from the Cape last night, had a great trip and thanks to those who suggested Black Beards in Eastham, those guys are great. 8-20 went to Coast Guard and fished Sand Eeels early a.m. Caught nothing, the guy at Black Beards suggested Herring Cove so i fished in the PM, 5 to 8 blitz after blitz with huge Blues, saw a guy with a fly rod take a striper in the surf. It was like that the next couple of nights were the same, then the action slowed a bit on wed so i moved to race beach, so had the Blues, mind you, i love cathing Blues so i was having a blast even though i didnt catch any stripers i still had a fantastic vacation. One guy in the tackle shop said he got a 25lb striper on coast gaurd using clams..good for him. Its good to be back home!
  14. Same held true for white bridge today, fished from 3:15 to 5:30 using hering and caught nothing, kept getting my bait stolen though. Probably crabs. I saw 2 nice schollies caught there late Saturday afternoon in the 24 to 26 inch range but wasnt me that caught um. Two skunks in a row for me! Saw tons of bait in the water, was jumping out of the water so much it looked like it was raining.