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  1. Fished Thursday near Chatham from the beach. The fish were showing in good numbers. The only thing was to catch fish over 32 inches you first had to catch 10 under 32 inches. rod 7 ft Dolfin med heavy reel Penn 4500 line power pro braid leader florocarbon 20lb lure swimming sand eels 8 inch
  2. I will be going to a few fishing shows. I know the one at wooooooster was this weekend, was there anything new. I was looking to get my hands on some of the new heddons magnum 8 inch wooden zara spooks. Did you see them and also was there anything new that caught your eye?
  4. Salty they look great, how long is that plug, I was hoping to get my hands on some of the new extra large spooks this spring, but I have to admit, yours look sweeeeeeet.
  5. I to own older Penn 4500 that I like alot, but the repair price is prohibitive. I have found that Okuma reels that I buy at Dicks when on sale go for 29 dollars. You might raise your eyebrows at the price but the reel comes with 9 Ball Bearings and the drag is excellent on big fish, you start to learn that not always does a high price tag go with a good reel. I have landed my share of cows on these reels and if they break you just buy a new one. I have another reel that feels like a swiss watch and caries the same price tag, 220$ but to be honest there is very little difference between the two, except PRICE.
  6. Any word on what's new for 2007, like lines or new lures. :(
  7. Ok, so whats your secret for staying sane during the winter months?
  8. Charlie A I love sluggo and storm lure's, I found a lure 8 inch striper magnets to be a combination of sluggos and storms rolled into one. I saw them at codandstriperlures.com. thanks for the tip on zoom I will give them a try. I was thinking of them for icefishing on my jiging stick.
  9. charlie A thanks for the tip! any other tips ?
  10. Fished out near Watch Hill and Fishers Island. Started off with a 40 inch plus fish on a striper magnet. After that I was hopeing for all big fish but they were mostly a bit smaller. It became feast or famon the rest of the day (a fish every cast or nothing at all). finally a few big fish finishing out the day. Tried for albies with sluggos and metal but I did not find any.
  11. I cheat and use striper magnets, 8 or 10 inch. I am thinking about trying those hogy lures.
  12. I used to fish commercially years ago. 34 fish, 34 inches and we would limit out what do you think of that?
  13. Do you think that there is a difference between storm and tsunami as far as swim baits go?
  14. I live and fish in Eastham. The problem is this hot weather has made the fishing a dusk or dawn endevor. If you were to get lucky it would take place off Coast Guard beach. We have been fishing that area with large fish coming while fishing sand eels on the bottom and casting striper magnets. A few nice fish have been on the sandeels with numbers coming on the magnets. Check out Black Beards bait and tackle