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  1. I have been making a surf fishing trip to the OBX in NC every june when the big blues are running. My buddy and I always do pretty good on blues rigs and cutbait, but want to try some artificial bait this june for fun. The blues we will be casting for are usually anywhere from 9-15lbs. Are there any good baitcast reels that would work well for casting plugs and lures, or do I need a spinning reel? For fish that size, what kind of lure should I use and what size? What is normally the best length and action rod for casting plugs and working them in the water? Thanks for the help! I have never fished anything artificial in saltwater.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Ive been using Abu Garcia 5501's for bash fishing and love them. Ive removed the level wind on a couple cheap guide series reels for drum fishing and I used silicone to fill the holes in the reel where the levelwind went. Is there a better way to fill the holes in the abur garcia 7000? Id hate to mess up a nice real like that.
  3. I take my truck on the ferry from Davis to Cape Lookout and drive down to the south end and fish the point and rock jetty. I went 2 years ago for thanksgiving and caught more puppy drum than I knew what to do with, but did not catch any big drum like I was hoping to.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Im going to try to find some of these "Rangers."
  5. So is silver the best color to use? Ive seen the big white and red spoons that look like they could cast a mile as well. Is there a particular color that works best for topwater? Ive noticed white and red seems to be the most popular gotcha plugs used when pier fishing for small blues.
  6. So having a heavy action rod is important for "working" the lure in the water as well as casting? I was looking through my surfcaster cataog and like the look of the hopkins spoon but the description said it was used more for other species and bluefish was not in the description, will a hopkins work? I have seen people fishing for smaller blues (1-2lbs) off the piers at the beach using gotcha plugs, Im guessing I would need a lure much bigger for the size fish I will be casting to? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the reply. So anything silver and heavy should work fine? How about for topwater?
  8. I just purchased one off ebay to use for paddling baits off the beach for sharks. I payed 75 bucks including shipping for it and of course its an older reel. Has anyone used this reel before? If so, how did you like it? I was planning on putting some 50lb triline on it and I think it will hold about 800-900 yds of it? Im not sure what rod to use with it but right now Im leaning towards a heavy action 6'6'' ugly stick rated for 50-80lb test. Id like to try to get some feedback about this reel because I dont know a whole lot about it. Thanks!
  9. Anyone know of any sites with specific info on how to build kites for carrying baits out? I checked out the land based shark fishing site in australia but it doesnt have directions for making the kites.
  10. I live in North Carolina and fish Cape Lookout which is in the southern OBX. Hammerheads and smooth dogfish exceeding 6ft I know come in close. I have seen them caught off Cape Lookout. Other larger sharks have been reported chasing schooling fish in the surf by boats but I dont know what species they claimed to have seen. I ended up spooling up my reel with 50lb suffix superior. It feels like the reel fits the rod well and I will be testing it out next thursday. Mabye I can put a live blue out and hook up on a stray cobia or king.
  11. The line rating for the ugly stick is 50-80lbs. Now that Ive thought about it some more I think your right. I am leaning towards 50lb trilene now. I think 50lb is still strong enough to hold a big shark. I am mainly going to drop a big blue head off about 300 yards off the shore with my kayak and fish from the beach so I need a lot of line. Im going to try to get it spooled up monday when I get some 17lb line put on my drum reel.
  12. I got it in the mail today and I like it alot. It wont win any beauty contests but I bet she will do the job. Im gona put 80lb trilene on it and put it all on a 6'6'' heavy action ugly stick.
  13. I cant wait. Tomorrow Im picking up my blue wilderness systems tsunami 145 with the angler package. It will have 2 trolling rod holders, a rod holder in front of the cockpit and an anchor. I am planning on hitting the surf here in NC for some shark fishing in a couple weeks. Ill report back how it goes.
  14. I took it out in the surf friday and it did well. It was quick and cut through the waves nicely. I only used it to paddle the baits out so I dont know how it will do with bottom fishing. I have a question though. I could not keep the boat straight when I was riding small waves. Is there a secret to keep the boat from turning sideways and breaking on top of me?
  15. Ok, as Im getting ready for my trip Im trying to get as much info together as I can about fishing from a kayak. My question today is: Will the little 1.5 lb anchor hold my kayak in the ocean of the cureent/wind is not real strong? If not, would a 3lb anchor help any more? I will be bottom fishing for sharks/drum. I really dont want to use a drift net/anchor. Would a weight used for king mackeral fishing from piers work? I dont know how much they weigh but I know the prongs on it holds the line very tight. Thanks for the help!
  16. I fnally got to put it in the water yesterday. I put in at the Yadkin River and paddled up to a dam. I didnt catch any strippers but I did catch alot of largemouth bass, none bigger than 4 lbs. I deffinately wish the anchor was on the stern yesterday. The boat moved good through the water and I am very happy with its performance.
  17. Thanks for the help. After reading that article I dont think I will use my anchor while fishing in deep water. Since my anchor is on the bow it doesnt make sense for me to put it out because If I hook up on a nice fish it will cross the anchor line. I might start out drifting and see how that goes. What I will probably end up doing is fishing from the beach and just using the yak to paddle my baits out about 200yards from shore.
  18. I was given about 30ft of rope with an anchor that has 4 "prongs" on it. Im not sure I understand the chain idea. The area I will fish is 100% sand. I will probably be fishing about 20-30ft deep. The sharks I target arent real big. Usually smooth dogfish, blacktips and other species that average around 4-6ft. My boat is 55lbs, 14'6" wide and 24.5 inches wide. Im leaving early next thursday morning so Im trying to get my stuff together now. I will be fishing with my buddy who has a 14ft sit-on-top with the angler package similar to mine so we will be able to help each other out if one of us hooks up on a nice size fish.
  19. Yeah I know its narrow for fishing but I plan on doing some mult-day trips in this boat too on rivers around here in NC. I havnt put it in the water yet but it feels very comfortable with the phase 3 seat. I mounted a gps in front of the cockpit using an ajustable mount incase me and my buddies decide to put in at harkers island and paddle to cape lookout for a couple days. I bought a new skirt with this boat since I didnt think the one on my whitewater boat would fit. The only issue I see now is that the trolling rod holders behind the seat lead into the cockpit so when I roll water will get in from there. An easy fix would just be for me to put a cap on the bottom of the rod holders so Im going to see what I can do. I also have my doubts about a 1.5lb anchor holding this boat anywhere.
  20. Im going to be taking my whitewater kayak to the coast in a few weeks so I can paddle out shark baits and drop them off a couple hundred yards off the beachs. What is the besy way to carry the baits out there on the kayak. Right now Im thinking about hooking them to my lifejackey. Thanks.
  21. What do you think of the wilderness sytems tsunami 145. Ive been looking at the 145 and 140 and I think Im going with the 145 with the angler package. Is a 14'6'' boat suitable for some trolling for blue fish and some bottom fishing for sharks?