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  1. this work stuff is really screwing up my fishing time! Have not been in 3 weeks after one of the best days ever last time I was out. Tuesday looks to be the day right now. Hopefully, if the tuna are not around, the stripers and blues will be close. I'll report.
  2. Well the storm has changed my plans for today, so Friday might be OK. Hope to get on something that pulls! Will post results.
  3. If I wasn't so far away, I would be down on that beach front right now, fishing the front of this nasty nor'easter. I bet there will be some big fish in the suds tonight. Go get 'em boys and girls!
  4. Yep! If you're ever on the "Drum Board", he is Grumpy and I post as Young Salt. He's been there for about 3 years since he fully retired from the real world. The long cold winters there will be pushing him back to southern waters though this winter (FL). I love that place, but NE tuna are on my list of fish to catch this fall instead of big drum.
  5. Yep, I have a place in Buxton that I only use twice a year, but my dad still lives and works there at a tackle shop. Since he's been there, business has never been slower. The beaches are busy with sunbathers, etc, but fisherman are slowly being run away. This will be the first fall in 15 years that I wont be there. Just too much stress watching the NPS and Audobon looking for excuses to send me home early.....I hate what they've done....more than words can ever say! Where do you go down there?
  6. BINGO! Jay. If it wasn't the plover, it would be about the elusive black sea sand....or whatever other crap "they" come up with. My old truck had a sticker of a plover in a circle with a line through it, and a "I Love Plovers....They Taste Like Ckicken!" sticker. I got some real nasty looks while on the beach, but I also lost a career and was forced to move away from Cape Hatteras, largely because of BS beach closures for "threatened" birds and turtles, so i never really mind the dirty looks. DS PS: Sorry for the rant, just a sad/sore topic!
  7. Oh Man, you're killin' me! I can't fish until at least Saturday or Monday....maybe longer. I do have a bid on a Penn 80W on Ebay which will help, if I win, to increase my odds of sucess...or at least not getting spooled, on a big tuna. Hopefully I can get back out soon and chase them and some line siders.
  8. check out the picture on surfland's web site. A 60+ pounder was caught on the beach front today. WOW!!
  9. Good luck on the new boat. I am hoping to get back out on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, maybe Monday too if I can get some work done this week. If the weather is good, I will be targeting tuna and stay away from the stripers for the time being. Will post results.
  10. No posts from me in a long time, sorry for that, but I have been out quite a bit this year and done just OK, nothing great....but Saturday was the day though. Got some tinkers and herring on Sibiki rigs from Hampton to Isle of Shoals and at speckeled Apron. Had some tuna in the slick (keeper size) with lots of birds. They appeared to be working a school of fat backs. No other boats within sight either. No luck on tuna so went to the mouth and drifted along the south side. 6 fish on 5 drifts, 5 keepers and pulled a stud off at the boat. We got the crap kicked out of us going over the sand bar, but was rewarded every drift with at least 1 fish (managed 1 double). Best day on the boat for me this year. I did see a bunch of other fish caught, but most of the bigger fish were being caught by the boats that were using live bait. 1 of the fish had a full mackeral in its belly, complete with a circle hook. Hope to get back out this weekend after some tuna again. Will post results. Tight lines, Y'all!
  11. Check out www.surflandbt.com for the latest fishing reports for Plum Island and the north shore. They don't post every day, but they are REALLY AWESOME people and post honest, reliable reports as they come in to them. There have been some decent fish caught this year already but it has not really started yet. My best guess is that with the fairly mild winter and warming waters, you'll be hitting the nail on the head with your timing. .02 worth, DS
  12. Hey Surf Rat, I got a FW license yesterday and went salmon fishing. It wasn't the same, but I got a nice fat 20" salmon to keep the boss happy, and it felt good to get some pullage.
  13. the first 40" plus fish I got last year was in June of '08!
  14. Been a long, cold winter. Can't wait! See you on the beach in May.
  15. I've gotten to the point where if it blows from anything out of the west I just stay home unless I have money to burn in the boat looking for 'em.