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  1. Went out on Singing Beach last night from 11:30 PM-1:30 AM with some left over sea worms and some clams and was completely skunked. Went with a friend so we had 4 rods out with bait on them and we didn't even get a hit. It was dead! If anyone knows where they are please post because this is getting discouraging.
  2. Went out this morning and checked out Manchester - Singing Beach area - Magnolia and Marblehead. Still big surf in Manchester and Magnolia and no birds anywhere. Saw birds in Marblehead (Devereaux beach) but they weren't working at all. made a few casts - lots of mung. Nothing! Still gonna try but I may have to start heading out south of Boston to Scituate and Duxbury. Don't know the areas at all but I'll do some exploring. Should be interesting. Hopefully the North Shore beaches will pick up later this week after the waves and wind have died down.
  3. Wasn't able to get out last night, but I will go after the weather calms down. Hopefully they'll still be around.
  4. I'm thinking of heading to Singing Beach area - anyone know how rough the surf is today? If I do go I'll post a report tonight when I get back.
  5. Fished Magnolia and parts of Manchester on 9/21 at 2:30 for a couple of hours- nothing - not even a hit. Saw bait but no Stripers or Blues chasing them. Talked with a diver after he came in to the rocks in Magnolia and he said he saw no fish while he was out there. I don't know where they are but they weren't where I was today. Anyone know?
  6. I did notice you further down the rocks. The guy certainly knew how to fish but talk about zero respect for nature and sportsmanship. He even declared to me that one of his fish was just an inch short as he dropped it on the rocks and kicked it back into the wash. :D
  7. Good point but the fish was still breathing and I wanted him to get it back in the water so it had some chance of living. Also what is the number for the Environmental Police? I want to program it into my cell for future reference.
  8. Unfortunately it was obvious the fish was not bleeding at all and the guy just wanted to keep it even though it was way undersized. I could tell it killed him to throw the next three he caught back, but I was watching him and he knew it. He had no regard for trying to keep the fish alive because when taking the hook out he layed the fish down on the rocks, stepped on it and pulled the hook out with pliers then slid it down into the wash of incoming waves. It was annoying but not illegal so I didn't say anything and the other three fish he threw back certainly lived. Also I'll say it - he was a foreigner and he was the type of person that I have found in my 30+ years of fishing that likes to keep every single thing he catches while pretending he doesn't understand what you're saying when you question him about size limits. Sorry to make a generalization but I have found this to be true of some people. He caught a decent size crab and he even kept that :D
  9. Went out from the rocks up in Magnolia today for about an hour at 5:30 PM or so. Saw an older guy (somewhere in his 50s with grey hair about 5 foot 8 inches tall with glasses) fishing off the rocks as well. I saw him the one other time I fished off the rocks this year as well. He was coming as me and my buddy were leaving. So as I ask if he's had any luck I look down into a puddle of seawater and see a 14 inch Striper still alive and breathing but going belly up. I start to get po'ed and then I say to my buddy - what do you think about a 16 inch fish? Not even close he says. I tell the guy - who happens to be a foreigner that the fish isn't legal - he says it's not his fish even though there is no one for 100 yards of where he is and he guiltily throws it back in the wash coming up on the rocks. It slid away into the water, but who knows whether it lived or not. He went on to catch 3 more fish, measured them all and threw them back before I left at 6:45 or so. I get so annoyed at seeing this type of thing happen. The guy drives a $45,000 SUV and he's keeping fish that are well under a foot below the legal size. :D Plus he really knows how to fish - from watching him it was obvious that he could do some real damage if he decided to keep shorts all day. Anyway my report is lots of schoolies around. Caught a few on chunk herring- the largest being 26 inches and all survived and swam away. Hopefully if anyone sees this guy up on the rocks in Magnolia they will watch him because he doesn't seem to have any conscience at all. There are tons of schoolies around, but why keep them because it only damages future fishing stocks.
  10. Dave, I haven't been out too much on the North Shore this year. I hit the Magnolia rocks twice in June and caught one 24 inch Striper on chunk so nothing big to report. Hit the Cape on Monday and Tuesday with my cousin and only three schoolies were tallied between the two of us. I'm hoping to pick things up in August, Sept and October but we'll see how that works out for me. How has your year been going? As far as fixing it myself goes I like to do that with my less expensive gear so if I mess it up I won't mind. However there is something to be said for the satisfaction of doing it on your own.
  11. I may take a run up there but I live in Stoneham so I'd like to find someplace a little closer. Has anyone gone to Al's or that place in Everett or anywhere else in Danvers or someplace a little closer and had a good experience?
  12. I don't want to deal with my reel after a couple of days down the Cape and it full of sand thanks to the windblown conditions on Monday. Anyone have a favorite place to bring reels and a rod that needs a tip replaced. I know most bait shops do this stuff, but I'm looking for some feedback from someone that has a good experience at a particular place.
  13. Yeah I know what you're saying. I did hit Riverview and another bait shop on Route 28 - Fished Sesuit (sp?) Bass River and Chapin Beach area with Sand eels and sand worms Only managed 3 schoolies between the two of us (all released unharmed which was nice) but it was still pretty nice down there regardless. Sesuit was where we caught two of them - one on a sand eel and another on a sand worm. Would have liked to check out other spots but there was not a lot of time & I needed to stay close to Yarmouth. Caught the smallest schoolie on a bubble gum colored slug-go with a lead head.
  14. Heading down Cape Cod Sunday night late. Anyone have some spots for Stripers? I don't fish there very much but I promise to post a full report when I get back on Wed-Thurs. I'm planning on using sand eels and herring as well as lures. Any other baits or lures hot down there these days? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Fished the beaches for the first time ever. Used Sand eels, herring, and worms. The only thing taht produced for me was sand eels. 5 schoolies and a few blues, but the weather was pretty nice. I heard that big bass were down there earlier in the week and saw some huge Striper carcasses on the beach, but I didn't see anyone hook up with any keepers while I was down there. Question - how do you keep from gut hooking these Stripers with the sand eels? It was tough because they seem to swallow them whole. Also a word of advice the Seagulls down there are very persistent and your bait needs to be watched at all times!