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  1. Cat, hard to think of you walking away from any fish action. Hey, everyone at Forest Lake and the Dam has wondered where you have gone but I'll let them all know that you are alive and well and catching trout. For me I have been lucky, getting out 2-3 a week from boat and and catching big stripers in Joppa and the river mouth. The action has been pretty much non-stop in June, July and now into August. It has been awhile since that day in May when the Northeaster blew in the heavy rain and strong winds we all caught "many" big stripers from the river sandbar. Nice to see the website getting active again.
  2. So NH Dad is a "yaker" these days. I never did see you on the river sandbar in May and the kayak I guess explains it. Nice to hear you and your son are enjoying the kayak and getting into some fish. I own a Hobie Outback but keep it in Florida where I fish the backcountry for snook, tarpon and redfish. Next year I have to figure a way to get it back to Massachusetts and get into the Joppa experience. I have been fishing Joppa (night/early morning) a few days each week from a boat and have been getting into a LOT of stripers. I can see the Kayak guys out there also getting into big fish and having a lot of fun. But it now looks like the majority of striipers have moved out to the mouth?
  3. On Sunday I fished Joppa the first two hours of incoming but no fish and Monday the last two hours of outgoing and one schoolie. Also, didn't see many other fish being caught bt light tackle or fly gear. Anyone else having success at Joppa? I fished the mouth (sandbar) on Saturday and was skunked but other with me caught fish and of course I missed the major blitz on Friday. One angler told me he caught approximatley 70 stripers on Friday with several being keepers. Oh well, I should of been there yesterday.
  4. Landed a 34" striper this AM on a Gibbs Pencil. The fish was pretty fat and there were a few others taken that also were well fed. It seems like there is some river herring available for the stripers up river in the Merrimack. I suspect this will be a small fish when the action heats up.
  5. I have been doing a some shad fishing along the Merrimack (Rocks Village, behind dance studio North Andover, Lawrence Dam) but with no fish yet. However, I know of three individuals who have landed shad at Rocks Village. Should pick up soon...I hope.
  6. Cat, I'll be counting on you to catch the 1st striper at the Dam and then let the rest of us know they are there. Sort of what happens every year.
  7. Our local lake in Methuen (Forest Lake) recently received 1000 Rainbow Trout, as did many of the traditionally stocked ponds in the area including those in Haverhill, Boxford, etc. For the last week I have been getting in my waders and catching a fair amount of rainbows with light spinning gear and primarily Rooster Tail spinners. However, last week I was in Florida and the Speckled Trout run was in full force and I landed many of these fish from the beach using top water plugs and jigging with the "deadly" Gulp products. Within the next week (or so) my plan is to start hitting the Lawrence Dam looking for schoolies.
  8. I have been attending the "Fish On" series at the Andover Library for a few years and they are a good way to deal with the winter boredom and they are FREE! I'm looking forward to the Fishermen of Plum Island presentation on the 17th.
  9. I'm not sure how wide spread the recent article in the Gloucester Times was about the 300" to 500" slick of dead stripers found off Chatham in October was or 289,00 pounds of stipers caught as bycatch by midwater herring trawlers. Here is the article: http://www.gloucestertimes.com/punews/loca...eyword=topstory Pretty depressing reading.
  10. I checked out the auditions and the "Two Fat Guys Fishing" was by far the best. You got my vote and good luck.
  11. Cat, I stopped by Forest Lake yesterday and the locals reported that small rainbow trout were stocked and the same with Plugs Pond. However, no one was there when they were stocked so the number of trout stocked are unknown. And there is some debate if trout were actually put in. Nobody was catching yesterday but trout were jumping, which seem to indicate that they were put in. NH Dad, I will try for those trout in Rye and that sounds like fun. Drum Slayer, I'm off to Florida next week and will get a week of fishing in and hope to get into some red fish and snook and maybe there will be PI stripers around when I return. However, the red fish I catch are pretty small compared to the ones you target.
  12. Actually Kyle had little impact (at least at low tide) on the South end of PI. I fished the last couple of hours of outgoing at Emerson Rocks on Saturday and Sunday. Skunked both days. However, I did see one guy bring in a decent blue fish on Saturday. Is it possible that the stripers have not arrived yet?
  13. A lot more skunks than fish days for me too. Yesterday, I went out to PI (Emerson Rocks) for 1st light and caught two schoolies but that was it. I left the Island at 7:15 and it was completely devoid of anglers. All the parking lots were empty. Maybe being a work day had something to do with that?
  14. Drum Slayer, that was a hard day fishing! And catching a "dozen or so" fat schoolies was impressive. My effort yesterday was minimal compared to Drum Slayer and NH Dad and I started on the beach on 55th Street and walked to the river to catch the outgoing and 1st our of incoming, hoping to catch some of the big blues that had previously been reported. My efforts produced no fish. Boy, was it hot yesterday and I wished I left the waders behind.
  15. Last Wed I ran into someone who caught 20+ schoolies n the river (sandbar) on slugos. The fish were caught at night and on the last hour of outgoing. I tried to replicate this feat yesterday but didn't catch anything. I did land one 23" striper on the walk over to the jetty but that was it for the day. Anyone else catch fish on PI this labor day weekend?