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  1. Hey Smosher - welcome to the site - I think I was on my way out when you were heading in. Were you driving a big black SUV with the rod mounted to the roof rack? That's was it for - done for this season.
  2. Gave the island one more shot this morning. Even though it was cold it was a great morning to be down there. Didn't catch or see anything just soemthing about this time of year. What made my day was going into Surfland and ordering a new Mojo rod for next spring - 10' 6" 3/4-4oz rating, designed for briad. I've always gone low budget for various reasons and although this isn't going to break the bank its a huge step up for me. Looking forward to next season already :banana: :banana: :banana:
  3. I fished the refuge Monday morning - started out a Emerson's, had one decent size striper swipe at my top-water plug repeatidly all with it's tail but never hooked up. Watched a massive (200+) flock of gulls & terns dive on bait right off of lot four/five - not sure if there any stripers, blues or tuna under them but it was a quite a site. By the time I made it up to 3 they had moved off shore and broke into smaller flocks. There were only a handful of people fishing at three - nobody else - didn't see any hook-ups.
  4. Hey great outing, always enjoy your Cape reports - wish we had something to rave about up here on the island. It sounds as if this fall is off no matter where you go this season. Wonder if it has anything to do with the warm summer, lack of bait, overfishing, etc.... Thanks for the report looks like a fun time!
  5. Fished the southern end of the island Sunday morning - Sandy Point, incoming from 6 - 8am. There was a little bird/fish activity going on from time to time - not much but it was something. Caught one tiny striper, no other hits - threw sluggos to start, switched to surface plugs - best part of the morning was watching a Bald Eagle chasing gulls for a meal. Wasn't after the gulls, he was after the fish they had caught. Did see a terns diving out beyond casting distance - between the rocks and cranes beach. Thought the tide might bring them but it didn't happen. On another note - fished out front of surfland waiting for the gate to open (5:36am). They are laying down sand out in front of the old north church - would be nice to see the sand bar access appear this spring, keep your fingers crossed. Could be it for me this season, don't have the time to be in the right spot at the right time as it often goes this late in the season. As for next season - have my sights on the 10 1/2", 3/4 - 4 oz Mojo Rod for next spring.
  6. The only news/report of fish and birds was from Cranes but outside of that there's been nothing. From what I'm reading/hearing there isn't much in the way of bait out there this season. I believe the herring pop is getting decimated and as a result there's no fry around to keep the stripers inshore. Just my 2 cents!
  7. Looks like you've been fishing for Scrod (http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-scrod.htm) Doesn't sound all that appetizing either and it sure is ugly :blink:
  8. Nice, nice, nice all around - fish, video, great back drop - looks like a good outing! ;)
  9. No bait No birds - this is the first season that there has been an absolute absense of bait. Doesn't look as though much of anything is dropping down from the rivers and I've yet to see a single pogie. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.
  10. Salty - don't want to be a downer but I certainly hope you have better luck then we did on Saturday. Didn't spend a whole lot of time down there but fished the Refuge for three hours on Saturday - incoming to the top of high tide. Beach was lined with bait guys a few of us throwing tin/plug/etc and I saw absolutely NOTHING. Perfect conditions, great tide and nothing - the reports I read late last week I thought the bluefish were going to flopping on the beach but didn't see a single fish. You might want to try the river - we could see the dredger down there the whole moring and word is the bass line up behind for a free meal. There weren't any boats trolling out front and I imagine they were all down at the river. If I had known I would have given it a go down there instead.
  11. Hey Zippy have you made it down the Island or you still cruzing the Manchester area? Last couple of days reports (not this site) have picked up - hope the rain holds tight Saturday morning. Overcast days in the Fall with a good onshore breeze can be very productive. ANY HOW - anynone going out this weekend any where near the island let me know
  12. OK - so I'm typically the first one to complain about the gate opening down at the refeuge but got to give credit where credit is due. Gate opeing is still set at 5:30 although the "official" sunrise is 6'ish or something. Nice to see them giving us an early start. Going to call and thank them...never hurts to be nice. (978-465-5753) On another note, got into quite a few fish at the crack of dawn - black weighted sluggos did the trick, couple of keepers and a few schoolies. Hit lot 3 on the way out - wind in my face and real estate at a premium - gave it a few cast but packed in after about 15 minutes. Should be a good week down there - let us know if you go and what yoo're catching.
  13. Nice work - must fly like a missle! Do they act more like a pencil or a darter?
  14. Just an FYI, Surfland Bait And Tackle has a Labor Day weekend sale - 20% off clothing and gear 15% off rods. Whole month of Sept.- Lure sale-10% off custom wood plugs and 20% off all other lures. Just in time, looking for a 11" rod for the Fall - might have enough for a plug or two! :banana:
  15. So I'll set aside my ealry rant about the Refuge gates opening later just as we're allowed on the beaches. How much is suks to sit at the gate as you see the sun start to rise knowing that you're missing the few select moments that the bite is going on. Anyway - first at the gate, it now opens around 5:30 - all the parking lots are open - hit the far end of the refuge. Plenty of fish around - they were jumping, rolling right at my feet - amazing to watch - not sure what they were after but they were tagging the white Rap X floater I was throwing. Caught two - lost many, spent 10+ plus minutes removing a tangle - once the sun was up it was virtually over. If interested in the particulars and you plan on being out there early this week shoot me a PM.