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      Howdy, folks. I know this is way overdue, and the damage is probably already done, but after weeks of working with the database I've finally wiped out all of the spam posts and topics. This was no easy task, considering there were three-quarters of a million bogus posts and nearly three hundred thousand bogus topics. Once a hacker/spammer network finds a vulnerability, they send out automated programs that basically destroy a database like this. Over the past couple weeks I've migrated all of the good data into a more current, secure platform with the hopes that we can somehow rebuild. New member registration is tightened way up, and a third-party spam monitoring service is in place. I've also invested in an awesome new gallery extension,  allowing members to create, manage, and share image galleries. Please give it a try, and let me know if there are any issues. I'm still testing and working out the bugs. Surfcaster's forums were once an amazing resource for everyone to enjoy, and we're hoping it can once again build back up. The main site (non-forums) is pretty banged up, but once the forums are complete my next task is to re-invent that as well. Spread the word. Hope to see a lot of you back! Cheers, Andrew


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  1. OK guys... I'll look into it! Thanks for the heads up!
  2. OK guys.... Let me get on this. The new website will be launched in about 2 weeks (I hope) so watch out for some major changes, then we can do an auction and other things. Thanks!!!
  3. Bill, It's not asking to change the email address, your email address being left as it is - perfectly fine! Basically, in order to stop the spam posts and stuff the new security feature is making sure there is 1 email account used per username, so if you would like I can either delete the other two names or I can just make no email account on record for the other two names. If I understand you correctly you wish to use the name Bill Hubbard and the fishinthecape@aol.com email address as your Surfcaster.com account. Please advise and I will correct it promptly!~ Zebrina
  4. Happy BDAY Bro! Go Get A Keeper in your dreams, since it's almost too cold out - with this temperate weather....
  5. Tee heee... Need to show off! That's my Little KeepHer at 11 months - on a cruise ship so we can fish Mexico!
  6. Good eyes guys... All is looking better, my "Keep Her" is growing and getting into everything. Not yet a year old and she's tried to take apart one of my computers. Of course it's my main computer with all my info. She didn't go for a bum computer... Auction, still on the "To Do" and need to get done list. Probably soon tho. Catch up with you guys really soon! Gotta fix my computer and get my info saved - again! :lol:
  7. Hi there all you wonderful supporters of Surfcaster.com and fishermen and women who love this site as much as we do! Yeah, we want something.... understanding~! :wub: Now we know in November we had an issue with a hacker, we have not seen any kind of issues since we upgraded our server and the security that goes with it. Now we are upgrading the Surfcaster.com Forum to add another layer of security. What does this mean? - You guys may see some interruptions this weekend with the forum and the website. How will this change your forum? - There will be an added sponsor posting in random forums, this will be advertisement directed and be non intrusive, if all goes as planned it will be topic specific, so only dealing with the topic it's posted in. This means no silly banners or things to get in the way on the outside of the forum, but it does mean you will see the post, just ignore it and pass by it unless it's of interest. Why advertisers - even if they are small insignificant things? - Because the site needs a little help and the sponsors keep it free for everyone else - specifically you guys - so the information can keep coming when season opens (or continues as the weather is staying warm). :fish: I thought I would let everyone know that this site may see a little down time, it's expected. You will also see a little less in the issue department with the newest upgrades! Maybe even some additions! Whopeeee... Keep posting and we will try and keep it up to date!~ :lol: Later Guys! ~~ Your Mistress of the Water :bluefish:
  8. Well, it looks like we have solved a great deal of the spam posts. They don't seem to be popping up anymore, or at least not as often, if you see them, report them to us at once please. thanks!
  9. Yup... Microsoft has many many security holes, it kinda comes with the whole - release the project even if not 100% done ideas so they can get more stuff out to buy. Very few people take time with MAC virus stuff becuase they used to do a lot more testing before each release. It might change now that they are competing but generally, macs are less prone to security and virus issues. They are better at graphics when printing and user friendly. I use both machines since most businesses run on pc computers. So I work with what I need for the client end. For graphics the preperation doesn't matter on each computer but MAC is so much better at the screen to print visual. What you see is really what you get for graphics. I love cross platform work!
  10. averagejoe... let me guess, your a mac guy! I have both, so it depends on the work and the client which I use....
  11. I am already working on the upgrade, we have so much information here that it's a harder move than I thought. BUT, it's getting moved. Some things may change a little and I will warn everyone when I close the site to upgrade. Thanks guys.. it's such a pain. I had the whole second server I use hacked and have spent the last 3 weeks working on restoring everything... The hackers are starting to get taught in class how to do this ######. Most of it's from Turkey, India and other mid-eastern countries where, wouldn't you know it, all the service centers for the god damn computers are and you can't understand a word they are saying... oops... my temper flared. can you tell I've been on the phone with people who don't speak english well.... :fish:
  12. Please email me if there are any issues with the new sign up system. I know that email validation is an extra step so if you miss the email or it doesn't come through properly I need to know. Thanks! Surfcaster Mistress
  13. No average joe... you talk a lot so your cool! Everyone who talkes a lot stayed...
  14. We have and will have another auction. Onshore helped out immesly with his ideas and information. I need to finish somethings up to get ready for an auction, but I think we can pull one together for.. let's shoot for the first week in December so that there will be enough time to get things setup for holiday gift giving. I have some ideas on things I can get together for the women fishers out there. Maybe convince Seawitch to do some flies as well as some of the guys here who always have the flies that work... Give me some wish list items... who would want to see what. End of the month we will get things going. Thanks guys... :fish:
  15. I added an email verification etup and will try and add an image setup. This is an old program now and needs some upgrades but they all cost money. I have an acct saving up and will be doing that shortly. I will continue to try and make it so it's harder for non-people to sign in.