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  1. i have a 10 ft Lami gsb1201-l, penn 704z soon to be bailess, with 30# fireline. awesome rod
  2. i just bought the fentress rod holders. nice set up not expensive. only bought em for the longer poles,shorter poles will go in the truck if im not using them.cabelas has these.
  3. Yep...... definately going saturday. :(
  4. custom r/s 1087 and tica camry4500- 20# big game.
  5. Ived use the egg dowel and the chain link sinkers with great results. for flies and small jigs. especially off the beaches. sand eels and deceivers are best.
  6. i have 8 rods all together. all custom. but only use four. 1 - 10 ft lami 1201-l graphite 2 - rainshadow 1087 "built by me' 3 - 9 ft lami honey glass 4 - 71/2 steelhead graphite reels 3 704z 1 - tica 4000 and 3 assorted cheapos.
  7. congrats spence. :D boy or girl?
  8. oh, sorry spence, rainshadow.
  9. thanks for the update spence,i was thinking of a 1209 r/s but i may check the allstars.still undecided,as i have a few rods that is capable of most evrything i use,though a bit on the old glass style rods and a little heavy.i want to update to graphite if i can,and $$$ permiting.
  10. WOW,10- 20$ thats not bad at all. i went to a rod building class last year and l did one of my own, rainshadow 1087.this rod has been my go to rod all yr.its composite but more graphite than glass very lite.rated 3/4 to 3. its 8ft 10in. i also have a lami custom 1201-l.rated 2 to 6.but likes 3 a lot.its a 10fter.has a striper logo and name on it. im using a tica reel on both of them though i may move up to a nautil for the lami.hope you cacth a big one with it. :blink: HEY MAS MONEY,i use electrical tape to but i have some 1/4 in. sports tape that i use first and i criss cross the stem.
  11. thanks for the heads up, i havent been down there since april or may for schoolies.been getting the skunk for awhile now.oh well might be heading down there tom. afternoon. my friend wants to hit the bay area though.maybe i can change his mind. i like quonie. :blink:
  12. i hear ya spence ,ived done the same thing.but now im more finicky. :blink: hey, err, whats the lure range and blank no#. just being nosey.
  13. Theres a lesson to be learned here. when bying a custom rod know what you want before you bye. do you want a reel seat? yes or no. lenght of rod. lures to be used with said rod. 1-3... 2-4 oz spin or cast. fast tip,moderate fast,moderate slow.there are a lot factors when bying a rod. just informing ,not trying to be a wise a$$. ived made mistakes when bying my custom rods but i learned from my mistakes. oh i like no reel seats. tape it on , move it if you have to. just my opinion.
  14. The other side"west' of that breachway is where rhode island mobile sportfishermen campsite, a beach sticker will not do for that side. either you belong or take the long walk. ;)
  15. rainshadow sw1087 8ft 10in spin,made by myself. love the the rod,been my go to stick all yr. and a tica with 20lb big game. ;) handles 3/4 to 2 1/2 oz.