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  1. Hey Mike, I had a hand held and it was ok, but I couldn't really talk to anyone with it. It was like line of sight. And I had a really good one which ran me around 200. This year I went out and got a west marine vhf radio and a 3ft whip annt. and I can talk to people miles away with it. for the money your going to spend I would just do this. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Ok, Yeah I think I saw you out there. were you in a yak? At least someone got a keeper.
  3. Nice fish lefty! Yeah that was a great night. Hit Joppa last night at 215am fished till 530 and got skunked! I was kinda hoping for the same results as last week but nada... Not many other people catching fish either so I didn't feel to bad.
  4. I have like 2 or three of those lures togue put you on, actually i think i told togue about those lures hahaha..
  5. I haven't posted in awhile but here's my first post of 08 i think. So, Togue and I fished Joppa last week on july 31 it was a mid night high tide. slinging eels we got into a huge school of huge sripers many 40inch fish. Most of them we just weighed with the boga as we pulled them out of the water with it. Most of the fish weighed in the high 20pound range. with Togue getting the biggest one at 32lbs. Some other pics from the night. This guy weighed in at 26lbs and was 40inches The action only lasted for about an hour. And then we lost the school of big fish and got into schoolies. We then headed to the mouth of the mack and picked up some mackerel and drifted the mouth around first light but only picked up some schoolies there and a few blues. Can't wait till drive on! hope things pickup on PI
  6. Well, I went out today and fished up some macks infront of breaking rocks and there are still tons of macks around. I then went down to the mouth of the merrimack and made several drifts with no hits. Nothin! I went out about 3/4 of a mile looking for some fish holding in deep water but still nothin...I heard alot of people on the radio talking about no stripers to be had..Maybe we have to travel up north to maine? I ended putting back another 2 dozen macks to swim another day..Lets hope the fall run is good.
  7. I was out there on friday as well, The weather was the only thing that was good. I got some macks infront of the salibury water tower in 50ft of water. I drifted the mouth for several hours and only got one keeper at about 32inches. And probably 4-6 schoolies in the mid 20inch range. Over all it was slow for using live bait I thought. I also released about a dozen live macks back into the ocean. A first for me. LOL I'm planning on heading out tomorrow morning and up things will change for the better..
  8. Nice report and congrates on the fish DS, I was out there yesterday as well. I launched out of cashmans at 430am and fished the flats, boy has that changed. Mostly schoolies and not alot of action. Then I moved to the mouth and used chunk mack and started hooking up on every drift. My best drift was 4 fish in one drift. But they were all schoolies. I left at 1030am, weather wise it was a nice day to be out on the water..
  9. I'm planning on heading out tomorrow morning does anyone know if the Macks are still out side the north jetty or do I have to go up the salibury beach and get them at breaking rock? Thanks
  10. My buddy Martin and I headed out yesterday hoping to get on some mackeral before heading into joppa so we headed down early around 5pm but we weren't able to find any macks. Good thing we had plenty of EELS. We got onto the Flats around 9pm and were on fish by 930ish. The action for us was steady, We chased a school of big stripers all night but were unable to get that big cow. (Meaning 40-50lbs) We did pretty well though, the smallest fish was 6-lbs about 24-26inches. Most of the fish were in the high teens and mid 20pound range,or 32-38inches. We had lots of Donkies for the boat which was killa...I ended up with 13 fish for the night and martin with about 8 or 9. Only about 4 fish were smaller than 28inches. The weather for the night was just awesome. the wind was about 10knts until about 12am and then died down and you could see and hear the stripers busting on the bait on the flats, with the Full moon making the vis. good. We stayed through the night and watched the sunrise on the flats. At first light the top water action started and Martin hooked up with his fav. 2-1/2oz plug. The secret plug! On the way in around 7am stripers were busting on the pogies in the river around can 13. We tried to get into them but only got some short strikes. Over all an awesome night out on the flats. Hit the bed at 9am and got 6hrs of sleep. Now it's time to start the day..LOL....This was this mornings sunrise.
  11. I was going to do it in the merrimack off my buddies dock. is there a good time or tide for this? Thanks for the info
  12. Hey all, I was wondering if any of you have ever caught eels using a minnow trap. And how you set up the minnow trap, can't the eels swim out? Just thinking of trying it out to save some money.
  13. Nice fish tattoobob and wow 48inches from lot 3. Well that's better than togue and I did, fished all morning and nothin. And to end the day I lost one of my plugs on my last cast today. :lol: Well not sure if i'm going to be back out again but you never know. Dan
  14. PI

    Hey Martin, thanks for posting my pics and sending them to me. Hey Tattoobob nice meeting you as well. Maybe I'll see you guys out there again this year you never know. :lol:
  15. PI

    Went out this morning and WOW what a day! Fished with Togue today, Fished the south end this morning and found a pod of pogies 12 ft from shore and big stripers and blues busting on them. We casted everything we had but no takers so, we snagged some pogies and live lined them. 20mins later My pogie was jumping out of the water and I watched a huge striper eat my pogie! That's when I hooked up with a huge striper! 30lbs! :banana: Then another at 18lbs! Pogies are the way to go! I'd post a pick but not sure how? Had a great day on the beach and even managed a sun burn. It'll be next year till I get back down there. What a way to end the season... :lol: Dan